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Elisabeth Fritzl Talks About Her Dad

Posted by shadmia on September 12, 2008

Elisabeth Fritzl, 42, imprisoned and repeatedly raped for 24 years has begun to describe her life as a sex slave, kept alive only to serve the depraved sexual desires of her own father, Josef Fritzl. She bore him 7 children (6 of whom survived) while she was his captive in a dungeon built under his house. She and 4 of her 7 children had no contact with the outside world; they had no friends; they never once were allowed outside; they never even saw the sun; in fact nobody but Josef Fritzl even knew that they were alive.

On the 28 August, 1984, Josef Fritzl locked his daughter Elisabeth in the cellar of the family home in Amstetten, Austria. Her indescribable pain, suffering, humiliation and degradation would last 8,516 days until her release on the 26th April, 2008. See the complete story of their captivity and rescue in a 5 part video documentary entitled The Josef Fritzl Story.

As prosecutors prepare the case against Josef Fritzl, which will hopefully go to trial before the end of the year, his enslaved daughter, Elisabeth Fritzl, has given her testimony to Austria’s top female judge, Andrea Humer, excerpts of which were published in the Sun. In her interview with Ms Humer, Elisabeth said that her father threatened to leave them to rot in the cellar, which had no windows and was sealed by an electronically-locked door.

“He said he could close the door whenever he wanted and then we would soon see how we survived,” she said.

The judge asked: “Did you take these threats as real?” Elisabeth replied: “Yes.”

Elisabeth told the judge that she was raped up to three times a week by her father. She said that it was useless to resist because if she refused him, he would take it out on herself and the kids. He also threatened to leave her and the children to die in the cellar if they did not follow his commands.

“He was very brutal against me, and when I did not agree to have sex, then the kids would suffer. We knew he would kick us or be bad to us.”

Elisabeth said she tried to give her children as normal a life as possible in their captivity, locked away in the dungeon. Whenever her father was not around, she would entertain them by singing to them and telling them stories. But when her father came to visit, the entire atmosphere dramatically changed.

“When he went away we led our own lives. When he was down here it was all silence. When he came down to the cellar we just tried to survive. He was just all-powerful.

She said her father regularly bullied them into subdued silence, punishing them if they dared to answer back.

“He wouldn’t let the kids develop their own personalities. He didn’t like them to talk back. At the beginning, when they were small, it wasn’t such a problem. But as they got bigger and started developing a personality it was more of a problem. He did not like it and he tried to stop it. He would not allow the kids to have their own will.”

It has been reported that the children are unwilling to testify against their father, but with the detailed description provided by Elisabeth of her experiences, their testimony may not add anything of value to the prosecutor’s case.

Josef Fritzl himself gave an interview earlier to try and defend his actions. Fritzl maintains he acted out of love in imprisoning Elisabeth when she was 18 and keeping her in his cellar dungeon, where she was tortured and raped, giving birth to seven children.

“I grew up in the Nazi times, and that meant the need to be controlled and respect authority. Yet, despite that, I am not the monster that I am portrayed as in the media.”

Josef Fritzl would be hard pressed to find anyone who agrees with him. Along with his own admission of having sex with his daughter and her testimony to judge Andrea Humer, prosecutors are hoping to bring as many as 3,000 counts of rape against the 73-year-old Josef Fritzl. In fact they are also looking into adding manslaughter charges for Fritzl’s role in the death of one of his children, Michael, who died shortly after birth in 1997 and whose body Fritzl burned in an incinerator.

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48 Responses to “Elisabeth Fritzl Talks About Her Dad”

  1. hena said

    kill him pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

    • werko said

      Killing him would be the easy way out for him, they have to let the prisioners rape him every ten minutes in his cell and don´t leave him out for 34 years.

  2. hena said

    kill him

  3. Saba said

    This case doesn’t need court, trail or testimony time. Put the monster in captivity and send someone who rapes him three time per week for the rest of his life. Also give him duty in the cellar: Purchase 7 little puppies that he must take care of round the clock. After the puppies become dogs and those dogs produce puppies: still it is monster Fritzl’s duty to take care of the whole gang. Let the place be a zoo.

    regadless; He will never suffer as much as his daughter and her children had suffered.

  4. K said

    I totally agree with Saba except on one thing which is the “zoo”. He should be locked up somewhere where there’s no sun or air just like where her daughter had to live and as about killing him ……… no way .Why should he have it easy. It should be a real slow,painful death.

  5. Vasu said

    God keeps those kids safe. Our sympathies go to Elizabeth.

  6. BQ said

    He should be locked in the cellar and never allowed to see daylight again and should be raped at least three times a week by another man.

  7. BQ said

    P.S. One more thing….make sure the men sent to rape him assure him that it is all in his best interest.

  8. lisa said

    i know we are all really affected by this story and it stirs up rage and compassion and hope and joy for this family but i would just ask anyone who cares to leave a comment, be sensitive to any family members who may be reading and to them i would say. i can’t fathom, in my whole life, but never despise your exsistance. I hope the rest of the life of this family is powerful and full of healing. They really are thought of in the most positive way, no person should have to endure what they’ve endured.

  9. Gary said

    Death would be merciful for this sub-human beast masquerading as a man. Websters Dictionary should now create a new name for that level of evilness.

  10. Gary said

    I feel so much for Elisabeth, even more than the hatred I feel for the monster that imprisoned her. Being the same age as her I know how much she has missed over the last 24 years. To say that I admire her strength and determination is an understatement of massive proportion. She is the heroine that one can only read about in biblical texts.

  11. Ana Lúcia said

    Meu Deus! Como fiquei sensibilizada com tudo que li sobre esta tragédia.
    Elizabeth o mundo todo torce para que você consiga dar a volta por cima e ser verdadeiramente feliz.
    Realmente é um caso que não precisa de tribunal!!!!!!!
    Acho que o ser humano que se prontificar,a testemunhar a favor deste monstro, também é um criminoso.
    Como você é muito equilibrada tenho certeza da sua vitória juntamente com seus queridos filhos.
    A vontade que temos é de te dar um abraço bem apertado e dizer: -Acabou, daqui pra frente é só vitória!

  12. Me said

    I am afraid there are another Elizabeth still being prisoned right now by an evil while I write this statement in my 3X4 dark comfortable bedroom. It drive me crazy to think about it. How we could do to stop this madness?

  13. ange avedon said

    this devil must be kept in the worst section of hell for even more than ever. Elizabeth has had an unbelievable strength to survive the condition . only GOD can heal their pain , but unfortunately there are lots of girls being abused by their fathers or brothers right now and I always wonder how we can help them out …

  14. Ajmain Adib said

    Kill that son of a……mother

  15. usha said

    the cursed man should be kept in his own cellar and let rot in there….in his own sinful ways..he should be stripped of all clothes and one feed everyother day just to keep him alive…the evil junk head should be displayed to others through a glass..and every other man doing the same sin should know the consequence …he should never be called with a Mr. but as slug.fritzl….his lie ridden wife ‘rose’ should watch him and rot in her own hell

  16. mutedmajority said

    Rabbi Fritzl should be stuffed into a portable toilet and lit on fire.


  18. Houston said

    Torture him. Then kill him.

    Let a gang of prisoners have their way with him.

  19. hena said

    kill himmmmmmmmm hit him or let pl somebody kill him

  20. Jackie said

    Oh yes..and Pleassssseee…take Fritl’s wife and lock her away with him!!! And don’t tell me that she didn’t know ANYTHING…including his mother locked away for 20 years ! Puhleeaseee..she’s just as guilty as him. I hope Elizabeth tells her to go away…and just leave them alone !

  21. karen aliotta said

    elisabeth will go to heaven because she has already been to hell. i admire this lady so much and i pray that God will keep her in his arms forevermore and that she will find the peace she deserves

    as for josef…

    he should be kept in a cellar with no natural light and very little fresh air. 3 times a week, a homosexual prisoner should be left for the night in the cellar with fritzl. let the dirty bastard know how it feels!

  22. Maya said

    He might enjoy the ‘rape’ very much.Be carefull in sending the men there.
    A better thing is to mince his penis and make him eat it raw

  23. Emma said

    He should be locked in a very same cellar that he built for his own daughter, with no light and minimal food. I believe he wouldn’t last long.

    As for Elizabeth….

    All I can say about her, God bless her and her children. She didn’t do anything wrong, she was a victim of a devil. I hope that her life will be filled with love, joy and healing and I also hope that she will encounter nice and decent people in her life, that she can trust again.

  24. Melody said

    Sadly, there has and will allways be men with disfigured minds who walk this earth and there will allways be children who have and will fall prey to them.

    I too had a dysfunctional start to my life, with an authoritarian abusive father and a mother that lived in complete denial of his actions, rejecting me emotionally as she denied.

    Early childhood experiences coupled with maternal and fraternal love are in my eyes the biggest precursor to the mental health of people and to this end I have researched the early life of my parents and believe they endured a dysfunctional beginning to their lives. I now have total freedom from their humiliating grip and know that what they did not take from, me was my ability to love and be loved, that stayed with me all through my abuse and I feel this was with Elizabeth too. There always was another day, there always seemed to be a force far greater working to help me get through it.

    I have some advice for the kind people who want to see harm done to these disfigured men and women, don’t raise your blood pressure conjuring all dreadful deads that can befall them, it really serves no purpose! It will only work like a cancer in you if you harbour bad thoughts, just always remember one verse, for fun I will say it in Latin… it sounds better;


  25. Eva said

    I agree with everybody, but I don’t think anyone would want to rape the old dirtbag. Someone would have to use a boomstick on him. First I was thinking of a huge gorilla, but gorillas have tastes, too.

    My heart goes out to this poor girl. She had the bad luck of having been born to sadist father and an idifferent, selfish mother.

  26. SADDEN said

    My heart goes out to Elizabeth, and her children. I hope that one day you can live your lives as normal as possible.

    For that man, thats called a father, may you rot in hell..

  27. andi said

    Kill Mr Fritzl, no I don’t think so! Make this devil suffer & suffer & suffer till he explodes!

  28. Cherie said

    Everyone wants to see this horrible dirty man punished in the same way but i personally dont think he should be raped that wont help the children nothing anyone does to their dad will help them, I am just glad that the children are all out of the cell even though life will never be totally normal for them 😦 My heart goes out to them all xx

  29. Lisa said

    This horrible story is a reminder that, sadly, true evil exists in this world and that we must always be aware of it in order to fight it. My heart goes out to his victims, and I pray that they can find happiness and peace in the remainder of their lives. It is logical that his wife was aware, but she was no doubt also terrorized by this evil man. He should never see the light of day again and be given very little contact with others in order to somewhat understand what he put his daughter and children through, but don’t hold your breath. He is obviously incapable of empathy. There is no way to reach such a monster.

  30. JEFF said


  31. Darling One said

    It is a sad reflection on society that there are so many evil people who are prepared to do horrible things to their children. Some even stoop low enough to call their children racist names. Some stomp on their childrens feet as punishment. Some strangle their children. Some throw their children across the room. Some people shouldn’t be parents full stop.

  32. Jeanie said

    The outrage at J. Fritzl’s actions is understandable and warrented, but what about Rosemarie? I read that Josef Fritzl confessed to imprisoning his mother in the attic without any windows till she died. I’m not sure of the exact timeline, but he was married to Rosemarie and so even if she claims she wasn’t aware of what he was doing with Elizabeth, she had to know his mother was locking in upstairs and she never went to the authorities about that. I don’t know why nobody has made something of that.

    Rosemarie was complicit in the incarceration of his mother and (I’m positive) knew he was molesting Elizabeth, if not the dungeon enslavement. She took him back after his release from prison for one rape. There was another rape reported but the woman backed down. I’m sure Rosemarie knew about that as he was questioned by the police. I very much doubt she knew he went to the brothels, maybe she didn’t know it was so often. She was probably relieved. Undoubtedly she was afraid of him, but there are plent of women with abusive husbands who finally manage to get a bit of a backbone and leave, when the husband starts hurting the children. So we know she at least knew he was super harsh with the kids and sexually abused Elizabeth starting when she was 11. And we now also know she knew Josef’s mother was in prison in the attic and she did nothing. What more do they need, to prosecute Rosemarie for her part in concealing at least that crime?

    She was such a limp wrist! Doormat, yeck ! ..I can’t stand her! She is presumably a relatively sane person with a conscience and didn’t do anything for his mother, her beaten children, or her sexually molested daughter. I’m not surprised by the horrific monsters, but I’m continually shocked by their complicit, codependent followers/partners.

  33. Renu A. said

    he doesnt belong in the jail, because hes having a good time there…….. do not give him death sentence. hes a rare animal a famous one too now and he belongs in a famous zoo with other animals where the whole world can come and visit him.
    he needs to be kept in a cage in the zoo well locked because hes a dangerous animal about the size where he cant move freely, can only sit down. he can feed on his own shit and piss there!

  34. KL said

    Darling One said
    January 23, 2009 at 4:29 am

    Just pointing out that this person is not concerned about the Fritzl’s. Darling One is commenting about someone who posted a comment here. Darling One’s comment is based on hearsay and its about a court case which is still current in Australia. The comment from Darling One should be removed so that the person they are attacking does not see it and suffer more stress than she has had already. I know all of the details of the case as I am a close relative of the parties involved. Don’t believe everything you hear as the people you are getting your information from have been shunned by the majority of their family who are disgusted at the way they have treated the accused. The child in question is an attention seeking liar and the two women who are manipulating her are the worst kind of evil. Again, I am a close relative and I have seen and heard with my own eyes and ears what is going on. Darling One don’t comment on issues you know about and I must say that for you to google the accused’s name and follow her around the internet, you are the one with problems.

    In relation to Fritzl, it is my opinion that he should be put to death. Rid the world of a scumbag for the price of a bullet.

  35. Felix said

    I agree that he should be locked up and not allowed to see sunlight ever again but I do not agree that rape would be a punishment, C’mon the guy loves sex else he would not have been banging his daughter for 24years I think his dick should be connected to a ceiling fan and then allowed to spin till he ejaculates to death………..hahahahaha. What a BASTARD”””””!!!

  36. SomeMan said

    Please bring this bastardo to me, I am male,
    and I will burn his ass with real fire 10 times a day
    until he jumps.

  37. mamoon said

    Imagine if this man were muslim… What would the world media say about islam….
    While now in the news they forget to say a word about his religion..
    Here, media is deaf and dumb and do not concentrate on this man being a jewis rabbi.

  38. Vignesh said

    Dear Ms Elisabeth Fritzl,

    I am a Hindu. Even in Hindu mythology, respect is a very important thing & it’s said that no matter what a father does, kids should forgive him due to his age. I have tried to follow that but even I can’t DESPITE having an excellent father who cares for me & loves me. I get angry with him for small little things like “he scolds me for driving just 10km/h above the speed limit!” I have NO WORDS to describe how you are feeling. I AM SINNING EVEN IF I ASK YOU TO FORGIVE YOUR FATHER! May all the Gods in the entire universe be with you for the rest of your life! I just have a small advice which would hopefully keep you happy for the rest of your beautiful life.. Concentrate less on thinking how your father would be punished (GOD exists & he will take care of that!) & concentrate more on how to make yourself happy forever! Think about it! You still have so much more to live for…. Seeing your kids grow up & become big people in society, touring round the world, eating all your fav. food, perhaps, EVEN helping others with probs.! I admire your courage & DETERMINATION to live ON! My best wishes to your beautiful life, hereafter!

    • Cherie Aliotta said

      this is the best responce so far.

      31.Darling One said
      January 23, 2009 at 4:29 am

      please dont do this anymore. the police are taking her complaints serius now and if we keep harasing her we will all be charged 😦 take care xx

  39. Nhu said

    I really feel painful for Elisabeth and her children. I cannot believe that there is a Dad like him, who can treat her like a monster. He even cannot compare to animal because animal still love its children. I really do not understand and believe that her mother did not know anything about the abuse. My heart really have broken for her. At the bottom of my heart, I am very sorry that can happen to a girl 18 when she was imprisoned by her father. I know that Elisabeth will never forget how painful her father did gave her in 24 years. But I wish Elisabeth can overcome these difficulties to rebuild a beautiful life for her and her children from now and FOREVER.
    I really want to sent her a letter. Has anyone know how?

  40. wilma said

    He should be given lethal injection slowly. But death is painles so he should be placed in the cellar where he put his daughter and be given dog food.

  41. Kalpana said

    I don’t have words to express my hatred towards Josef. He is a symbol of destruction, and evil…
    Even Satan is not so evil as he was….

    He should not be given medical help in the mental clinic. However I will recmommend that they set up his nerves well in the clinic, that he feels every inch of the pain of imprisonment… and slavery…!!!

    However, one doubt keeps rising in my mind… everytime I read this case. I know that Elisabeth and her children were mentally broken and ocmpletely resigned to their fate. However wouldnt they have felt one urge… atleast once in their captivity, to over power this asshole, when he attempts to leave the cellar after opening the door to leave…. atleast when Stefan had grown up into an adult.. he Kerstin and Elisabeth together could have knocked this fucking bastard… and tried to escape… ?? If not, then I can imagine the levels of pain this man has inflictedn on them that had numbed their minds so much that they didnt get the urge to escape at all!??

    OH MY GOD!!!

  42. Htoo said

    There’s no words that can express what kind of person Josef is. And there’s no way to revenge him coz what he did was beyond human’s revange. Must be he is the greatest teacher of Satan. Or Satan is incurnated into human being.

  43. rachel said

    Monster Fritzl should have been beaten to a bloody pulp. Then left to die a slow and painful death. Shameless bastard.


  45. valyncia said

    i hope that fuck****r die, if i ever see him i will kill him myself ……………. im sorry god but his wrong wrong wrong…………im never having kid because of people like him…………. i wish the best for Elisabeth and her children, i will pray for you and your children….GOD LOVE YOU , I LOVE YOU

  46. Yarina Mustaphavich said

    Why have Darling One and Cherie Aliotta made this topic about themselves?
    I came to see if there may be an update on Ms Fritzl and her children and how they are coping and I find that two people are using this thread to troll someone. They are as disgusting as Josef Fritzl for taking advantage of something dedicated to Elisabeth.

    Does anyone have an update on this case? Has Elisabeth found peace? Are they coping okay? I have heard that Elisabeth has found a nice boyfriend and if it is true then I am very happy for her.

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