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Boys, Booze, Bongs and Beth

Posted by shadmia on January 21, 2008


Beth Modica, 44, mother of four, married to the Spring Valley Police Chief, Paul Modica, is accused of providing alcohol and marijuana to, and having sexual relations with, four of her 16-year-old son’s friends on the Suffern Mounties ice hockey team. Beth worked as an assistant village attorney in Sloatsburg, where she lives, and as deputy town attorney in nearby Ramapo, will be arraigned Tuesday when an indictment is unsealed.

“I’m not going to talk to you,” Paul Modica told a Post reporter last night at the family’s large, two-story house in Sloatsburg, about 45 miles from New York City.

Beth Modica allegedly threw wild pool parties in her Sloatsburg backyard, offering high-school students beer and marijuana, looked away and refused to answer questions outside a relative’s home yesterday. Sources said she also engaged in sexual activity with teens as young as 16.

Beth Modica, who went to law school at St. Johns University, was dismissed from her Sloatsburg job last month – which her boss, Joel Grossbarth, said was due to “budget concerns.” Carl Wright, the mayor of Sloatsburg, said Beth Modica “is a very capable person who served the community well.

“We’re very disappointed and saddened if these charges are indeed true,” he said.

It is reported that Beth and her husband Paul Modica, the police chief have separated. Neighbors also question how much he knew about what was going on. One neighbor, who requested anonymity, said there were at least three pool parties over the summer. He said that when the revelers cleared out, beer cans covered the street and even turned up in his mailbox.

“I knew there was alcohol,” he said. “Over the summer she just changed. She wasn’t the same old Beth anymore. I just feel bad for the kids.”


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