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Elisabeth Fritzl Kicks Mom Out

Posted by shadmia on August 1, 2008

Elisabeth Fritzl, 42, has had a terrible life. Raped by her father, Josef Fritzl, 73, since age 11 and incarcerated by him for 24 years. She bore her father 7 children, six of whom are still alive, while being held captive in a dungeon cellar. For a detailed look at the abuse Elisabeth suffered at the hands of her father click here for The Josef Fritzl story.

It now appears that a rift has opened up between her mother, Rosemarie Fritzl, 69, and herself. According to reports, Elisabeth has asked her mother to leave their home. She, Elisabeth, appears to have mixed feelings about her mother:

She is said to find it hard to understand why her mother stayed with her father even though he was a convicted rapist who spent time in jail in the 1960’s.

She also has a hard time understanding why her mother did not stand up to her father, who began raping her when she was only 11 years old. She finds it hard to believe that her mother knew nothing at all about the abuse. Also, when Josef told his wife that Elisabeth had run away from home, she wonders why her mother did not do more to try and find her, especially when Josef produced three of her children who were supposedly left on her doorstep.

Elisabeth is also upset that the three children who grew up with her mother are still calling Rosemarie “Mom” and not “Grandmother”. The children: Lisa, 16, Monika, 14, and Alexander, 12, were all raised by Josef and Rosemarie in their home, while the other children: Kerstin, 19, Stefan, 18, and Felix, 5, were forced to live in the cellar with Elisabeth.

In the meantime, Rosemarie Fritzl was seen collecting some personal items from her old house. Christoph Herbst, the lawyer for the Fritzl family, said: “No-one from that family will ever want to live in that house again.” It is believed that she has moved in with one of her relatives, possibly one of her own sons. Rosemarie is said to be “shattered” that she had to leave her family. Doctors fear she could be the most severely disturbed member of the family. Christoph Herbst, the family’s lawyer, said after Elisabeth was freed in April:

“Rosemarie has lost the centre of her world. Her life was never that good but she always had the children and she had to be strong and be there for them no matter how bad things were at home.

“Now she is no longer the key figure in the children’s lives because their mother has returned and she also has to deal with the awful revelations of what had happened to her daughter Elisabeth over all these years.”

After being asked to leave her family, Rosemarie announced that she would be divorcing her husband Josef. She had married him at age 17 and had spent the next 52 years of her life as his wife. She is reportedly doing all she can to distance herself from her husband. She will take back her maiden name after the divorce. Not having worked since her early youth, Mrs Fritzl is only entitled to meager benefits payments.

In other developments Elisabeth Fritzl has finished giving testimony against her father. She spent 4 days talking to prosecutors. While details of her testimony have not been made public, it is believed that she accused her father of rape and psychological torment, as well as for the death of her child, who is thought to have died three days after birth because of conditions in the cellar.

However there seems to be some reluctance on the part of the adult children to give testimony against their father. Prosecutors want to use the testimonies of Kerstin,19, and Stefan,18, to reinforce the charges against their father.The prosecution spokesman, Gerhard Sedlacek, said:

“We still have not fixed a date for the questioning of the two adult children but it has now emerged that they could make use of their right not to speak to the authorities and refuse to give evidence against their father.

“The matter will be discussed between their lawyer and the judge in charge, but it has been suggested that they decline to give any statement.”

Josef Fritzl, a retired engineer, has made a partial confession and is facing charges of manslaughter for the death in 1996 of Michael, who was the twin brother of 12-year-old Alexander, as well as rape, coercion, deprivation of freedom and incest. However, prosecutors said that the first two charges would be very difficult to prove because of the lack of scientific evidence and because they were relying to a large extent on the testimonies of the children to strengthen their case.

“There is no direct forensic evidence due to the time elapsed and there is no body, since he allegedly burnt the baby in an oven. The charges could therefore only be based on the testimony of his daughter. In addition, in order to stand up the charges of manslaughter, one would need to attain evidence that there was premeditation, as well as evidence that the child would have survived had it received medical attention.”

The allegations of rape, which carry a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison, would also be difficult to prove because of lack of corroborating evidence, and the charges would only be based on the testimony of Elisabeth.

If his adult children refuse to give evidence, Mr Fritzl could be facing a ten-year prison term as Austrian law does not allow for multiple convictions. This means that even if he is found guilty of several crimes, he will only serve one punishment, for the offense that carries the longest prison sentence, which in this case is likely to be deprivation of freedom.

A jury of eight will decide whether Mr Fritzl is guilty. If he is convicted they will confer with a panel of three judges to determine his sentence. The trial is set to start sometime in the fall.

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28 Responses to “Elisabeth Fritzl Kicks Mom Out”

  1. Reader said

    Here is a comment that I would like to make
    about Josef Fritzl and his wife Rosemarie …

    Clearly that “person” (and one has to stretch the
    definition of the word “person” in order to apply
    it to that creature) known to the world as Josef
    Fritzl was / is the DEVIL-INCARNATE —- AND
    he should burn in h*ll for all of eternity for his evil.

    In addition, it also needs to be stated that no person
    on earth should allow themselves be fooled for
    even one moment by the lies of “I didn’t know”
    that are currently being claimed by that lying
    and equally evil wife of this evil DEVIL!!!

    That vile, evil, perverted, disgusting, devil
    b**tch of a wife of that MONSTER KNEW!!


    She KNEW the whole time (or at least had
    literally no excuse whatsoever to have not
    at least ‘suspected’ something was amiss!!!)

    She is a LIAR and she must think the entire world is
    as perverted as both she and her husband are and
    that by coming up with that ridiculous and flimsy
    excuse that she can then convince the rest of
    the world to then respond to her own complicity
    the same way she chose to respond to that of
    her husband’s evil — by ‘turning a blind eye’.

    BOTH of them are utter DEVILS and one
    cannot help but to hope that they both burn
    in h*ll for all of eternity for their evil acts!!!!

    She expects anyone on this planet who has even
    half-a-brain-stem to believe for even one fraction
    of a moment that she didn’t know anything at all?!?!

    Give me a break!!!

    For crying out loud–unless this woman is Helen
    Keller –she has NO EXCUSE at all to not have
    known (or at least ’suspected’) something strange
    and conspiratorial was going on regarding her
    daughter’s whereabouts and situation and that the
    husband’s stories were just far too incredulous
    and absolutely made no sense in the least bit!!!

    After all — think about it — daughter runs away as a
    very young teen; daughter mysteriously disappears
    at the age of 18 (an age when she can both make
    her own decisions and choose to get away from
    her father and even bring charges against him); the
    (convicted-rapist/arsonist) father gets a letter from
    daughter 1 month after her disappearance which
    ridiculously claims she has joined a cult and does
    not want to have any contact with the family – yet
    amazingly then later chooses (for 3 years in a row)
    to simply leave 3 of her newborn babies on the
    doorstep of very home that she tried to run away
    from at least 2 X’s before and is “allegedly thought”
    to have finally left in order to join some sort of
    “phantom” cult (a “cult” which, unlike every other
    cult, just somehow, seemingly has no desire to try
    to indoctrinate the youth from birth, but rather it
    simply allows it’s members to select a home –one
    which in fact, is both not a part of the cult AND is
    the very home from which the member ran in order
    to join the cult —to raise their babies and kids of
    the cult members) –ALL THE WHILE – the father
    forbids ANYONE to ever for ANY REASON dare to
    go ANYWHERE NEAR the mysterious basement
    (which he always keeps locked, disappears to for
    hours and days on end; has ‘unseen’ bathroom
    equipment installed; and has a cement-barricaded
    door installed which both has a security-code and
    which was so complicated it needed inspection
    by local government authorities in order to install).

    Just 2 years before the “discovery” of what this
    monster (and his devil wife via her complicity of
    silence) did to their poor child – another young girl,
    and former kidnap victim, was also found in Austria.

    It was discovered that the other young kidnap /
    rape victim had disappeared 8 years earlier and
    had been held in a basement / dungeon where
    she had been repeatedly raped the entire time
    by the individual who had also kidnapped her.

    Now —- even if the public was expected to
    simply throw all common sense to the wind
    and accept this monster’s devil-wife’s excuse
    that she “didn’t know”, say, in the beginning …
    it still stands to reason that after hearing about
    the case of the other young girl 2 years earlier
    —– this creep’s equally creepy wife would
    have said something to herself like, say …

    ”””Hmmm … a young girl who disappeared 8 years
    ago, out of no where, has been discovered
    to have been held in a basement the entire
    time and while there she was repeatedly
    raped by the person who trapped her there.

    Hmmm … my daughter, who repeatedly tried
    to run away from my convicted-rapist husband
    as a child has also mysteriously disappeared
    – and – my convicted-rapist husband is
    always coming across both ‘letters’ and
    ‘grandchildren’ that were allegedly left
    by my daughter (who has vanished
    without a trace) — and – meanwhile
    my convicted-rapist husband also
    has a mysterious basement that he
    keeps under lock and key and never
    allows anyone to come near — ever.

    Hmmm … now I cannot help but to wonder
    if that convicted-rapist husband I married
    just may have had something to do with
    the disappearance of our daughter – and
    — the appearance of all these grandkids
    and letters – and I also can’t help but to
    wonder if that mystery-basement room
    of his would, in some way / in any way,
    be connected somehow to our child’s
    disappearance and / or the mysterious
    appearance of all of these grandchildren.”””

    Yes – one would think that – even if this woman
    could have claimed ‘ignorance’ earlier – (a lie
    which, again, no one with any common sense
    should ever consider buying into) – once the
    discovery was made of a similar situation 2
    years earlier – she then had NO excuse to not
    have at least been suspicious of something
    about her convicted-rapist husband and his
    ever-so-mysterious hidden basement room.

    That vicious devil simply did not care at all about
    her own daughter – or — she simply cared more
    about her own creature-comforts and keeping up
    with her middle-class appearances than she did
    about the torture being done to her own child.



    She is clearly as much of a
    pervert and devil as is he!!

    Would anyone even be remotely surprised
    if further investigation later revealed that
    ‘Rosemarie Fritzl’ (who is actually trying to
    get the world to see her as a co-victim of
    her daughter’s horrific nightmare of a life)
    was actually just another ‘Rosemary West’
    (a woman whose husband also originally –
    and falsely – claimed that she had nothing
    to do with his unbelievably evil sex crimes)?

    What kind of a woman, after all, chooses to marry
    (or remained married to) a man who had already
    committed and also been convicted of previously
    raping another woman and has shown absolutely
    no remorse about any of it whatsoever in the least.


    • Holly Cusick said

      This reply is fabulous. You are as angry as I am. Thank you for expressing your thoughts so clearly. After reading your reply I must concur that the mother knew and/or chose not to help her daughter.

    • Antus said


      Absolutely agree in every and each word you have said. I think the same as well everyone does. Rosemarie doesn’t deserve to be called “mom” ’cause real mothers never are a cowards. Real mothers are capable of dealing with an abusive husband for defending her child, even if that man is stronger and bigger than her. If one of my children suddenly dissapear, i could not sleep, i could not eat, i could no breath peace, i would do anything in power and more to find my child.

      Obviously that Rosemarie turned blind her eyes, just to not see what she had to see. When your kid runaway from home it’s a sign that something bad is happening. She should have had to do much more in order to rescue Elisabeth. I read that Rosemarie and two of her daughters spent vacations in Italy while poor Elisabeth had to stay in Amstetten. What kind of mother enjoys vacations abroad leaving one of her children alone at home with a convicted rapist husband who used to hit Elisabeth in front of the visits since she was small? She is GUILTY and if she doesn’t pay with the men’s law, she will do it in hell, i hope. In the meanwhile am pretty sure that Rosemarie’s conscience is driving her crazy.

      Dear Elisabeth, you are always in my thoughts, you are a survivor with an extraordinary mind force to have been capable to resist such torment. The entire world is with you, and will be forever along the centuries when new people read your biography.

  2. wanddnaw said

    When this story first was discovered and it was declared that the wife did not know, I said she should be jailed for f****** stupidity then.

  3. craig said

    I was so hurt when I first heard this story that I had a hard time even working. My God! Poor Elizabeth will by forever damaged by this. She will probably live the rest of her life as an introverted severely damaged individual. I only wish I had the opportunity to personally crucify this man on a sturdy oak cross but be careful to keep him alive for a good two weeks. We all hope the best for you Elizabeth and wish our love could reach your heart and somehow brighten you day. My thoughts will always be with you my child.

  4. Fu said

    The allegations of rape would also be difficult to prove? I think not dumb ass…

  5. JOJO said

    I was speachless when I heard this story. Elizabeth you have millions of people praying for you. I just want to say that I am so sorry to hear that anyone has gone through such a horrible experience. My heart goes out to you and you will always be in my prayers; that’s a promise.

  6. amy said

    christ. things like this piss me off when it comes down to “need of proof”, lack of evidence bullshit… as said above.. allegation of rape difficult to prove. give me a f*cking break!!!!!!
    this world is getting worse by the second. and its likely he will probably recieve the same treatment as ROSE WEST. b*tch in her comfy prison cell. jesus. i mean what the hell is happening these days. i cannot even go another hearing of this wife of satan that she knew NOTHING. that my dear makes you a totall dumbass..someone that stupid would also deserve to die even without having done anything/known anything apparently.. snjqwkd argh. Clearly she knew. its just impossible that she couldnt have even THOUGHT about her daughters disappearance. If i was elisabeth i sure as hell would want NOTHING to do with her. my heart really does go out for Elisabeth and her kids for having these f*ckers still on the same earth as her.

  7. K said

    Her mother should be put in jail too as she participated in the crime as well for doing nothing. Good that she has been kicked out of the house. May be she can use that dungeon where this poor girl had to live 24 years of her life .I bet she wouldn’t be able to live there for even 24 days. I couldn’t sleep for days after hearing about this case. I am not even related to her. She definetly had monsters as her parents. I truely hope that they experience the same pain and ordeal which she went through before they die and go to hell and rot there forever.

  8. bernardi said

    i really feel sorry for elizabeth. i want to personally kill his dad who did such a terrible, traumatic and devious act to his daughter. grr.. i want him to suffer the same thing as what her daughter went through!!!

  9. Paul Dellapepa Jr. said

    No proof of ‘rape’? try DNA!
    As for the mother, all most ALL such cases the mom KNOWS! she keeps quiet out of fear
    “better the devil we know… than the one we do not.”

    Has anyone considered this man to be ill instead of evil? he was a litle boy during WW2 and the ordeals he had to go through the occupation would have scarred him for life, especially the likely abuse of his beloved mother be allied soldiers which lassted for at least a decade, longer in the Soviet Zone which I think his village was in.

    As for what he did to his daughter, it was likely desperation.
    He was an only child, who barely survived the War, so the pressure on him to propogate the ‘Aryan’ line would have consumed him. He had 14 children! most ethnic germans don’t have any children, or just one. ETC. Hitler’s 2 secretaries, the pope, the pope’s brother, all let their bloodlines, centuries old, die out. So seeing his people dwindle w/ each generation & remembering his Nazi Patriotic duty, he probably felt compelled to do this. The Austria government is most responsile for this ‘situation’ for having an insane statute of limitations. try Megan’s Law you dumbkoffs!

    A question must be asked, if she could go back, would she choose not to have these children would she prefer if they didn’t exist. In the bible Lot had 2 sons w/ his daughters, maybe more, it isn’t elaborated upon. but this appears to be surprisingly common.

    Tears dwell in secrecy & darkness, so let us all shine light on the world.

    Is he REALLY REALLY evil? what is evil. forcing a woman to bear ones children or standing by & watching people die as they plea for your help. Rwanda, Srebenicia, Bosnian Serb Rape Camps (those women suffered far worse than Elizabeth, hundreds of ‘men’ raped each , motivated by hate insteadd of a twisted love), Kosovo, Chechnya, East Timor, Sierra Lieone, Ivory coast, liberia, Hati ,Darfur, and others in the future. Our leaders still do nothing. We even let rapists & pedophiles out in the streets knowing full well what they will do.

    Technically, Herr Fritzl isn’t a pedophile, he is a Hebephile and statistics state that 10% of girls exxperience incest so he is really the tip of the iceberg, something must be causing all this!

    I don’t think he should go to jail. Counseling, maybe medcation, definetly a monitoring bracelet. And he can’t know where they are. If THEY ever want to talk to him, then they can contact him, untill then, he’ll have to wait & wait & wait, etc. The government should pay the families expences for years, all medical & college & find them work. Elizabeth can get through this women have survived far worse. (losing one’s whole family for one) And the paperazzi must be kept away. long jail terms should work somewhat.

    Finally, how can one call sexual devviance evil w/out calling the nuking of hiroshima evil. Do you knoiw how many children died? We could have starved the japanese into surrendering like the Germans in WW1. If some die, it’s not their blood on our hands like the bomb was. Plus we killed Korean slaves who could’ve gone free, & our own soldiers fried as well.

    So think before you call someone evil, will you please. The Nazi’s would call him a hero.

  10. Paul Dellapepa Jr. said

    I almost forgot…If he was truly evil, he would have ignored his daughters plea to see her daughter/sister in the hospital (UGH!!! THIS is why society bans incest, it’s so awkward!) And he would still be a free man. He chose jail for love (twisted though it is)

    Oh, did you know 2 german sisters (post WW 2, so it was coerced sex) had children by Charlie Lindburg? the siblings are also cousins! that is why the Bible forbids marriage to ones sister-in-law of course He didn’t marry them but that isn’t the point, the kids must feel pretty messed up.
    Sibling/cousins, Hmmmm……

    Devil’s Advocate out

    • Antus said

      ARE YOU MENTALLY INSANE??!! I’ve studied History and The Bible as well. I have a vast knowledge of them. You can not defend what is indefensible. Josef Fritzl is evil from the moment he chose to be. Do not forget the “free will”. He could have had a horrible childhood (in event of his version were true) but even so he could change that for their own children, is what a father does. Elisabeth could choose not to love her cellar children (justified by the torment she lived) or even worse, to kill them, but she chose to love, educate and care for them while they were sick.

      I can see what kind of person you are, Paul. In fact, you really know about a part of the History but is alarming your interpretation of concepts.
      So please, make us a favour, to society wishing to live in harmony, to everyone who hates the unfair infamy and cruelty…please take a rope around your neck and leave this world. Wicked minds like yours are a sign of alarm. Your History lessons are ok but your Nazi comments are rubbish.

  11. Faye Kane said

    This case is the funniest thing that ever happened! This guy is the hats-off, world-champion Nobel prize winner in “perv”!

    CNN: “The case against Josef Fritzl, who imprisoned his daughter in a basement for 24 years, suffered a further blow yesterday as it emerged that some of his children have apparently refused to testify against him. He could now be facing as little as ten years in jail.”

    OMG, what a RIOT! He’ll be walking the streets a free man, autographing his bestselling book and speaking at BDSM conventions!

    Wow, I hope the unrepentant motherfucker is interviewed by Natascha Kampusch on her talk show!

    Kampusch: “Mr. Fritzl, as you may know, I myself was imprisoned as a sex slave in a basement for many years.”

    Fritzl: “GOOD! I hear you’re still in love with that guy, too. You even bought his house!”

    Kampusch: “Mister Fritzl, do you ever think about what you’ve done, imprisoning, torturing and raping your teenage daughter for 24 years? Or have you conveniently forgotten the disgusting things you DID to her?”

    Fritzl: No, in fact, I think about her several times a day. And every time, I achieve orgasm.”

    Kampusch: “I…”

    Fritzl: ” Very quickly, I might add!”

    Kampuch: “Kampusch: “Mister Fritzl…”

    Fritzl: “YOU can call me MASTER Fritzl!”

    Kampusch: “Mister Fritzl!”

    Fritzl: “So… after the show, how about you and me going out for a DRINK?”

    Kampusch: “You’re a HORRIBLE man! You’re an AWFUL man!”
    Fritzl: “Y’know, now we BOTH own fuck dungeons. I’ll show you MINE if you show me YOURS!” (winks)

    Mr Fritzl, 73, is accused of raping and incarcerating his daughter Elisabeth, 42, in a purpose-built concrete bunker in the cellar of his home in the town of Amstetten, where he fathered seven children with her.

    Elisabeth Fritzl has finished giving evidence to the court authorities

    …who said how TERRIBLE it was before taking frequent breaks to yank off in the MEN’S ROOM!

    and while details of her testimony have not been made public, it is believed that she accused her father of rape and psychological torment, as well as for the death of her child, who is thought to have died three days after birth because of conditions in the cellar.

    Prosecutors told The Times that Ms Fritzl’s two other adult children, who were supposed to provide key testimonies against their father and support their mother’s allegations, were likely to refuse to give evidence.

    The prosecution spokesman, Gerhard Sedlacek, said: “We still have not fixed a date for the questioning of the two adult children but it has now emerged that they could make use of their right not to speak to the authorities and refuse to give evidence against their father.

    “The matter will be discussed between their lawyer and the judge in charge, but it has been suggested that they .. decline to give any statement.”

    Mr Fritzl, a retired engineer (YES!), has made a partial confession and is facing charges of manslaughter, rape, coercion, deprivation of freedom, and incest.

    That’s why the Nobel prize, see…

    Prosecutors said that manslaughter would be very difficult to prove because of the lack of scientific evidence and because they were relying to a large extent on the testimonies of the children to strengthen their case.

    If his adult children refuse to give evidence, Mr Fritzl could be facing a ten-year prison term as Austrian law does not allow for multiple convictions for the same act. This means that even if he is found guilty of several crimes, he will only serve one punishment, for the offence that carries the longest prison sentence, which in this case is likely to be deprivation of freedom.

    The adult children of Mr Fritzl and Elisabeth, a girl aged 19, and a boy, 18

    were not allowed to leave their cellar and were imprisoned for the whole of their lives, with their mother and brother aged 5. They were freed by police on April 26.

    The other three siblings, aged 15, 14, and 12, were allowed to live with Mr Fritzl and his wife, Rosemarie, 68, but as they are under-age they are not allowed to testify under Austrian law. Police believe that Mrs Fritzl knew nothing of her husband’s actions.

    After two months of medical and psychiatric treatment in a clinic, the family have been moved to an apartment at a secret location.

    That’s because if it wasn’t secret, all the OTHER pervs would be peeking in the window and masturbating!

    The allegations of rape, which carry a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison, would also be difficult to prove because of lack of corroborating evidence, and the charges would only be based on the testimony of Elisabeth.

    Yeah! He kept his daughter locked in the basement for 24 years where he tortured her and made her pregnant. She says he raped her, but they can’t prosecute him because, hey, maybe she’s lying and it was CONSENSUAL!


    This gets better and better!

    — faye kane, homeless brain
    Read more of my smartmouth opinions at

  12. Helen said

    According to Paul Dellapepa, the allegation of rape can be proved by DNA??? Pray tell how?
    What a foolish remark, only sexual intercourse taking place can be proved by DNA and Josef has already admitted to that.DNA results have confirmed that he fathered the 6 children which he proudly admitted to also. Unless the ‘cellar children’ can give evidence that they saw their mother struggling with a sexually aroused Josef and attempting to resist sexual intercourse it will be Elizabeth’s word against her fathers. I am not sure if Josef has admitted to raping her but his slimeball of a lawyer has probably advised him to say she was a willing participant…that’s lawyers for you – how anyone could agree to even defend the evil bast*rd is beyond me.
    I genuinely believe that Rosemarie knew nothing about the inhabitants of the cellar, all she is guilty of is being a stupid, unquestioning, frightened, submissive doormat of a wife who remained with a convicted rapist because he systemmatically suppressed and controlled her. She was only 17 when she married the brute and was handpicked because she was weak and impressionable. She like many wives in mentally abusive relationships lacked the confidence and skills to look after herself and was probably worried that she would lose custody of the children if she divorced him. She may well have suspected that he was abusing Elizabeth but was too frightened and cowardly to confront him, she does sound like a despicable woman and I have full empathy for Elizabeth deciding to throw her out of the hospital apartment, for being weak and ineffective at protecting her children from their father.

    I hope that Josef gets the sh*t kicked out of him in prison, the Austrian legal system is a sham if he only gets 10-12 years, he should stay in prison until he dies and be made to live in a tiny cell with no window or t.v. Apparently the old c*nt spends most of his days reading about himself in the papers…he probably gets off on it the disgusting pervert.

  13. Carmela said


    Excellent post. I agree with you completely.

    Using excuses like ‘Nazis made me do it’ (in short) are ridiculous. The guy is a psychopath and sociopath, and they have feelings of guilt whatsoever. I’m sure he knows how to play it now – knows that people expect him to say ‘sorry’ and so on – but in his heart his still wondering, what the hell is the big issue? What do they want from? Come on, nothing big has happened, ok, maybe I did rape her, but hey …

    I knew people like that, they couldn’t understand what’s the problem: although were smart enough to pretend they respond to society’s expectations.

    Elizabeth’s mother must have known – unless she’s completely retarded. She has chosen her illusions and peace of mind instead of the truth. She may have been scared of Josef, but being a coward is not an excuse as well.

  14. u r stupid said

    If you really believe that the wife did not know u r stupid. I believe that she had to have known. Maybe she did no tdo anything about it due to fear of him. I know that is a poor excuse but if he was capable of doing what he did to Elisabeth and the children what could and or would he have done to his wife? We do not know if she were abused as well. Many women who are abused deny the abuse to avoid embarrassment and shame as well as further abuse or death by their abuser. This is just a terrible situation. There is no punishment here on earth harsh enough to fit this crime. However, when he gets into prison I assure you the inmates will take care of him in the same way he took care of Elisabeth! This man is evil. Sick? Deserves no punishment? Come on now Paul! Be serious. You can’t honestly believe that he does not deserve to be punished and labeled as evil after al he has done. He destroyed the lives of many people for his own satisfaction. What Elisabeth went through was a living hell. You think there are worse things? I could not imagine. At least if one loses thier family they know they went on to a better place but this woman lived in hell for far too many years and watched her children do the same. She wasn’t even able to see her other children because he chose to take them away from her. How insane for you to say that there are worse things. It is obvious that some people just don’t have a conscience or a heart and no morals and values at all. I hope you are not one of these people.

  15. fabrizio said

    I really don’t understand why Rosemarie Fritzl has not been incarcerated. We all read that she says she didn’t know …but why we must believe her? why? she has to be incarcerated also because she didnt look after her daughter…as a normal mum would have done. elisabeth was just 18 and she had have already been raped by her father since the age of 11…but no one thinks to punish her mother who could help her and protect her. That woman monster abbandoned her child as a dog in a highway.

  16. fabrizio said

    PLEASE! HELP ME TO DISCOVER where Elisabeth fritzl lives now.
    I need to look in her eyes and ask her “WHY?” “WHY YOU WERE SO STUPID”?

  17. Maria said

    Fabrizio, burn in hell with the man who tortured this woman.

    As for Paul Dellapepa Jr, Josef Fritzl’s life is one psychological melt down. His condition had nothing to do with the war, but the fact that he had no superior order in the household (father). He said in an interview “My mother was the boss, but I was the only man in the house”, therefore, he developed a sexual relationship toward his mother because he saw himself as a father figure next to her. He also stated that he had fantasies about his mother but never acted on them because he claimed he was “stronger than that”.

    Josef Fritzl is a very sick man, I’m studying this case for one of my classes in school, and as soon as I read the case I knew his behavior had to come from past psychological issues. He wasn’t born this way, but was so physically and psychologically abused that he literally thought he was born this way, to be evil and to rape. It’s stated in one of the interviews I’ve read that Josef thought of Elisabeth as “someone who was all his”, that’s where the sexual relationship between his mother came to.

    Josef Fritzl is not evil, he’s evil in different aspects, but what they’re dealing with is a psychologically screwed up individual.

    And the fact that they need “more proof” is absolute bull shit. I agree, this world is going to hell, a man gets more time for slavery than for sexually/physically abusing his daughter and children.

  18. Margaret said

    I agree that the monster’s wife DEFINITELY must have known…

    Also it makes me sad, and angry to think that there is no possible Justice in this case. For in order to pay for his atrocities, this monster should spend his remaining days in a windowless rat infested cellar, being sodomized every day, under the same conditions he put her daughter and incest-kids into. And this will definitely (and unfortunately) not happen.

    Moreover, I can foresee that all this Austrian legal bullsh*t will end up putting this monster in a first-class cell with all possibe amenities for a few years and afterwards he will be wandering around the streets like if nothing’s happened.

    I am reading commentaries from reporters on the scene and with knowledge of Austrian laws and I am astonished to see that he can get only 1 year for incest…Manslaughtering charges can be be dismissed for “lack of proof”… Ten to twenty years in prison to the very best for the hideous crimes committed by this animal, and they are even talking about “consensuous sex” after he forcefully imprisoned his daughter for 24 years?
    Can someone on this Earth call this Justice? Or even a trial?

    The only possible justice will come from the Lord above and for that I pray. If this monster gets away with these crimes then Humanity is lost forever and we are doomed to disappear…

  19. virago said

    There is a HUGE difference between being a psychopath and being pshychotic. When a person is psychotic (as in the case of someone with schizophrenia or bi-polar), they hallucinate, hear voices telling them to harm themselves or others, have delusions of persecution or grandeur. These people have poor coping skills, HAVE A BREAK WITH REALITY, DO NOT know what they are doing, and are actually INSANE. Psychopaths, on the other hand, have NO CONCIENCE, KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG, BUT DO NOT CARE, HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO EMPATHY FOR OTHERS BUT THEMSELVES, they are manipulative, charming, controlling, feel little or no remorse, disregard for the safety of others. PSYCHOPATHS ARE NOT INSANE IN THE CONVENTIONAL SENSE, AND THEY HAVE A SENSE OF REALITY. Sometimes, these people are called sociopaths, or anti-personality disorders. People who are psychotic can usually be treated with medications and therapy, but THERE ISN’T ANY EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR PSYCHOPATHS.

    Josef Fritzl is a PSYCHOPATH. This guy is sitting in jail whining about how HIS LIFE has been ruined and makes demands for anti-aging cream. He says that he is a VICTIM, but he had absolutely no EMPATHY for Elizabeth and her children. My God, the guy went to Thailand for underage sex, massages, and SUNBATHING while he denied his own daughter and her children SUNLIGHT FOR 24 YEARS. Elizabeth had to beg him to bring them Vitamin D pills and ultraviolet lamps so that they didn’t suffer from lack of sunlight (even these didn’t help them much). WTF? And idiots like Paul Dellapepa, Jr. are trying to make excuses for him? That makes me wonder what Paul Dellapepa, Jr. has hidden in his cellar.

    Also, this idea that there isn’t any proof of rape. What a load of crap! In the United States, a man who holds a woman captive against her will and has sex with her is COMMITTING RAPE. After all, he is putting her in a situation where she is AFRAID TO REFUSE HIM. Elizabeth and her children depended on Fritzl for EVERYTHING. Their very survival depended on him. Do you really think that she could REFUSE HIM? He beat her, and threatened to leave Elizabeth and her children to starve if she didn’t do what he said. OF COURSE, HE RAPED HER. There were DNA tests done on Elizabeth’s children that proved that Fritzl fathered all six of them. This is confirmation that he had sexual intercourse with his own daughter. The circumstances under which he had sex with Elizabeth already prooved that it was a rape. The fact that people are even debating this issue is incredible.

    Like I said earlier, Josef Fritzl is a PSYCHOPATH, and this is a lot different than being PSCHOTIC. Josef Fritzl knew what he was doing, and he didn’t care about his own daughter or her children. Psychiatrists say that psychopaths aren’t insane in the conventional sense, and they categorize this as a DISORDER separate from schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder. However, I think that psychiatrists just don’t want to call it what it really is. JOSEF FRITZL IS EVIL!

    • Paul said

      I don’t have a cellar, wise-guy. And I have a master’s degree in psychology.

      You have no idea what hell it was in Austria, Germany & Eastern Europe after WW 2.

      So, as you say, Fritzl is evil.

      I guess that makes Harry Truman a saint.

      The bastard burned 2 cities to the ground & was GLEEFUL about it! He was quoted thus; “This is the greatest thing in history.”

      & Churchill. upon hearing of the millions dead in the Bengal Famine; “If they’re starving, then why is Ghandi still alive?”

      And we REVERE these killers?!

      At the very least, Truman could’ve showed remorse for the deaths of innocents. He did no such thing.

      Fritzl is a perverse wretch driven by insecurity & misogyny stemming from his upbringing in a fatherless, war-torn household.

      Think before you post your cliched remarks

      • Antus said


        A real psychologist NEVER involve for an unjustified cause. A true professional is arbitrary and doesn’t defend what is indefensible. If you’re really psychologist then you are a danger to patients.

        I even doubt you were in college sometime, because the teachers would have realized at some point in your mental desviation.
        You just are self-taught, someone who enjoys reading History books but mostly by the Internet. You are nothing else but a incomplete someone who feels some power to give History lessons, which is enjoyable to me, but not when these lessons are told by a stupid mind being capable to keep many information about “History” but totally incapable to process “Stories” in order to define what is wrong and what is right. That’s why makes you a stupid mind, a incomplete someone.

        Paul, i can tell you what happens to Elisabeth with drawings, such like a kindergarden teacher explains to their little students.
        Perhaps in this way you can see some light about the Fritzl case and why Josef is a evil monster.

        Have i repeat again to you? Do you need more drawings?

  20. pierre said

    this man was truely evil, he had kept them alive so he could get more and continue his pleasure. it also reveals his weaknes in that he prayed on his own daughter. he even got the daughter pregnant and left three childrens in the secret rooms. he must have scared the hell out of them for the not to react against him….that has been going on for years.

    he is truely evil, doctors have examined him and th econclusion is, he is sane and knew what he was doing was wrong. they are still going to put him for psychiatric treatment because the nature of the crime is just unbelieviable.

  21. yourferna said

    How could he get out of the charge of mudering the baby if the adult children don’t come forward, when he already admitted it himself?

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