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The Josef Fritzl Story

Josef Frizl imprisoned his own daughter, Elisabeth Fritzl, in a basement cellar for 24 years. He had a total of 7 children with her. When one of the children, 19-year-old Kerstin, fell seriously ill she was taken to hospital. The doctor who examined Kerstin became suspicious and called the police. An investigation was launched culminating in the discovery of Josef Fritzl’s secret dungeon. Below is a 5 part video documentary that tells….The Josef Fritzl Story.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Part 4 Part 5

The Larry Davis Story

The following 9 part video documentary is the story of Larry Davis, infamous for a shootout with NYPD officers in 1986 and a massive manhunt that ensued.

Part Ilarry-davis-1.jpgPart IIlarry-davis-2.jpgPart IIIlarry-davis-3.jpg

Part IVlarry-davis-4.jpgPart Vlarry-davis-5.jpgPart VIlarry-davis-6.jpg

Part VIIlarry-davis-7.jpgPart VIIIlarry-davis-8.jpgPart IXlarry-davis-9.jpg

Larry Davis was killed in prison Feb. 20th 2008 by Luis Rosado.

Gang Related

The following videos attempt to expose what gang life is really all about. There is a little history and interviews with actual gang members.


History of the Bloods and Crips: Part 1 bloodz.jpgPart 2cripz1.jpg

Crips Documentary:Part 1 crips-dont-die.jpg Part 2 crips-dont-die.jpg Part 3 crips-dont-die.jpg

Bloods Documentary: Part 1bloods-wear.jpg Part 2bloods-wear.jpg

MS-13 Documentary: Part 1 the-ms-13.jpg Part 2 the-ms-13.jpgPart 3the-ms-13.jpg

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