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I Thought That Lady Was Dead

Posted by shadmia on July 2, 2011

Melvin L Jackson, 49, of Kansas City, certainly raises depravity to new heights. There are two quotes from this story that stand out and give a horrifying insight into the mind of Melvin L Jackson. Read more here

Melvin L. Jackson was arrested Wednesday for allegedly sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in broad daylight — then telling police, “I thought that lady was dead.”


When police tried to interview Jackson, 49, he allegedly blurted, “Did that lady say I did something to her?”

If Jackson was just trying to make himself bad, he did an excellent job. How can anyone try to morph a sexual assault charge into a case of necrophilia. His defense/excuse was that he thought it was okay to have a forced sexual encounter with this woman because he thought she was dead. This happened in broad daylight in a public place. I hope his lawyer tried to bring an insanity defense before the court. 

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60-Year-Old Man Sexually Abused

Posted by shadmia on August 25, 2009

Somers Manor Nursing Home

People who work with the mentally disabled, children and other vulnerable members of society are placed in a position of special trust. To violate that position in any way is something that should be dealt with swiftly and unequivocally.

Carolyn M. Wheeler, 29, of Cortlandt is one such person who appears to have broken that special trust. She was charged with felony second-degree endangering the welfare of a vulnerable elderly person and misdemeanor second-degree sex abuse.

Wheeler was employed at the Somers Manor Nursing Home located at 189 Route 100, Somers, N.Y. as a recreational leader. On the day in question (Aug. 17) she was off duty and had returned to her workplace. At about 6pm she was caught by a staff member having sexual relations with a 60-year-old male patient, a resident of the home, who suffers from severe mental defects.

The police were called in and Wheeler was arrested. Investigators are not sure whether this was a one-time occurrence or if there has been a history of sexual contact with this patient or any others.

“Our investigation so far is only revealing this incident,” state police Investigator Jennifer Hahl said. “The only reason we know about this incident was because a staff member walked in on it.”

Investigation is difficult because many of the patients in the home suffer from dementia and other mental conditions. Wheeler has been fired from her job. She was arraigned before the Honorable Michael McDermot and was subsequently remanded to Westchester County Jail and later released on $3,000 bail. She is scheduled to reappear in the Town of Somers Court on 08/24/09 at 5:30 pm.

Any further questions in relation to this arrest should be directed to Investigator J. Hahl of the New York State Police Somers Bureau of Criminal Investigation Office.

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Black Widow Accused of Raping 10 Men

Posted by shadmia on June 22, 2009

Cathedral in TambovClonidine pillsNo More Rape

Rape – no matter how one tries to justify it – is Rape. It is a brutal, forced violation of one’s body. It is wrong and there is no excuse for it. That being said, the following story does have a certain comedic value to it, which nevertheless does not detract from its seriousness.

32-year-old Valeria K. is described as a quiet, good-looking woman from the Russian city of Tambov, about 300 miles south-east of Moscow. She had two well-known hobbies. She was a devoted collector of horror movies and spiders. She was known as the Black Widow.

Valeria K. also had another pastime that was her own little secret. She liked to rape men but in order to assure their “complete cooperation” with her plans, she would make sure to drug them first. Her drug of choiceclonidine – a powerful medication used to treat high blood pressure, ADHD and can ease withdrawal symptoms associated with narcotic use. One side effect of clonidine is drowsiness.

Valeria K. was arrested by the police and accused of drugging 10 different men and then raping them. She is now on trial.

She would meet men and, after getting acquainted with them, would lure them back to her apartment and offer them drinks – drinks laced with clonidine – that would knock them out for about 24 hours. After the men were asleep Valeria K. would go to work:

She would strip them naked, stimulate their penises and when they were sufficiently erect, she would tie a rope around the base of their organs so that they would remain erect and then proceed to rape them while they slept.

The men would eventually wake up in hospital (unsure of how they got there)  being treated for clonidine poisoning and penis trauma. However, they would all remember the friendly brunette who gave them drinks, which helped police identify the woman. Of the 10 men who fell victim to Valeria K., one refused to file a complaint against her:

One of her victim’s said he wished she hadn’t sedated him. “It was great,” the man said. “I like hot women. I only wish she hadn’t used the clonidine on me.”

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The Fritzl Drama Continues

Posted by shadmia on January 30, 2009

Elisabeth Fritzl 15-years-oldJosef Fritzl and WifeJosef Fritzl

Josef Fritzl, 74, is in jail. He belongs there. He is the monster that kidnapped his own daughter, Elisabeth, imprisoned her for 24 years and raped her continuously resulting in 7 children — six of whom are still alive. The five part video documentary –  “The Josef Fritzl Story” – shines a light on the dark side of human nature and gives us a peek into the world of a truly evil person. For more about Josef Fritzl and family find all the posts here: The Josef Fritzl Page.

His trial date has been set for March 16, 2009 in St. Poelten, Austria where he is currently being held in jail. According to Franz Cutka, deputy head of Sankt Poelten criminal court, the initial proceedings will be open to the public and media but later access will depend on further developments in the case, he added. Fritzl has been charged with murder, rape, sequestration, incest, grievous assault and slavery. If convicted, he could face life in prison.

Previous problems in getting a jury together seem to have been overcome. According to Austrian law, the jury consists of eight members, with two substitutes. Thirty police officers and prison warders will be on duty to keep order in what is regarded as the most shocking crime in modern Austrian history. Over 250 media representatives have requested permission to attend the trial.

Meanwhile, Josef Fritzl has been making some news for himself. He has announced that he has converted to Buddhism. According to reports he spends most of the 23 hours a day in his cell studying the peaceful Far Eastern philosophy.

Speaking through his lawyer Rudolf Mayer, Fritzl said that he has found a lot of comfort in reading Buddhist literature and finds the religion “fascinating”. Fritzl first discovered Buddhism on a family holiday in Thailand but has only started studying the religion in depth while behind bars.

He hopes to be reincarnated as a decent person in his next life if he can help stop other weirdos copying his crimes. As if to reinforce that notion, Fritzl has invited criminal psychologists to study his warped mind. He wants experts to quiz him to work out the root of his evil. Fritzl told his lawyer: “They should look at what makes me tick and learn from it to stop anything like this happening again. “

Fritzl said: “I realize now that I am not normal, and I see that somebody who did what I did cannot be regarded as normal.  With the help of therapists I want to know what the real reasons are for why I behaved like I did and I want to get treatment, I want to be healthy again at some point.”

‘I am aware I will spend a very long time in prison. I would like to be examined by as many profilers, psychologists and psychiatrists as possible, preferably the most renowned in the world. They should look into the deepest depths of my soul and learn from it for future cases.’

Professor Reinhardt Haller, an Austrian forensic psychiatrist mentioned by Fritzl, said:

‘It would be in the service of science to examine this unique case as thoroughly as possible. From the point of view of both medicine and criminology his personality is most certainly worth examining.’

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Lesbian’s Attackers Caught

Posted by shadmia on January 5, 2009

Josue GonzalezHumberto Hernandez

An unidentified 28-year-old woman was brutally raped and beaten for 45 mins by a gang of 4 men. She was then thrown out of her own car and left naked on the street. During the attack the men told her she was targeted because she was a lesbian. See the initial report here.

It was announced that all four suspects are now in custody. Three of them had been arrested following tips from local residents and the fourth turned himself in. Charged in this brutal gang rape case are:

  • Humberto Hernandez Salvador arrested at his Richmond home. The 31-year-old was being held without bail on gang rape, kidnapping for a sex crime, carjacking and probation violation charges.
  • Josue Gonzalez, 21, known as “Pato” arrested on a $1 million arrest warrant for gang rape, kidnapping for a sex crime and carjacking.
  • A 15-year-old Richmond boy and
  • A 16-year-old Hercules boy going by the nickname “Blue“.

The 15 and 16 year old boys were being held on a no-bail status at the juvenile detention center in Martinez on similar charges as the adults. Their names were not released because of their juvenile status.

According to Lt. Mark Gagan of the Richmond police, Josue Gonzalez’ mother saw the announcement of the arrests of  Humberto Salvador and the two teen aged boys on TV and the family received numerous calls from inquiring relatives. It was around noon when Gonzalez walked into the Richmond police headquarters with his mother, stepfather and girlfriend and surrendered.

Humberto Salvador “had the most involvement and gave orders and directions to the other individuals,” Gagan said. “But they’re all responsible for the crimes that were committed against the victim.”

Authorities had offered $10,000 for tips leading to the attackers’ arrest. So far the police have not distributed any money, Gagan said, but the community did provide helpful information in the case.

“The crime had an immediate effect on our community,” Gagan said. “Locally people were very afraid to know that these people were out there.”

Gagan said the woman is recovering. Community Violence Solutions, a nonprofit rape crisis center, has opened a fund in the name of Richmond Jane Doe to help the woman pay for relocation expenses, police said.

“We know that being the victim of this crime has changed her for life. I can only imagine that knowing these people are in custody is a relief.”

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Lesbian Rape Considered a Hate Crime

Posted by shadmia on December 21, 2008

An unidentified 28-year-old woman was brutally raped and beaten for 45 mins by a gang of 4 men. She was then thrown out of her own car and left naked on the street. During the attack the men told her she was targeted because she was a lesbian. Authorities are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to arrests and prosecution in the case.

“I’ve lost sleep over this. I am sickened,” said police Chief Chris Magnus. “While every sexual assault is a terrible crime, this particular case is especially horrific because multiple individuals acted together in the commission of this assault, and because of the hate-crime aspect.”

The victim, who police describe as openly gay, parked her car on the 1500 block of Visalia Avenue, Richmond, Ca., at about 9:30pm. While walking away from the car she was approached by four men on foot. “One of the suspects struck the victim with a (blunt) object,” Lt. Mark Gagan said. “There was very little interaction between the victim and the suspects. From that point, the physical assault turned into a sexual assault.”

She was beaten, she was robbed and she was sexually assaulted,” Gagan said. A few minutes into the sexual assault, one of the men told the group that someone was approaching and they forced the victim into her car. They took her to a desolate area near the Bay Area Rapid Transit tracks, about seven blocks away, to the 1300 block of Burbeck Avenue where they continued to rape her, both inside and outside the vehicle.

During the attack, which lasted for about 45 minutes, the suspects made several statements about the victim’s sexual orientation. She also had a rainbow sticker on her license plate that identified her as being supportive of the gay community. After the attack, the suspects fled in the victim’s car, leaving her there naked in the street, Gagan said.

After the men left she was able to get help from a nearby resident, who called for the police and an ambulance. She was treated for her injuries at a hospital and released.

Although the four men participated in the attack to varying degrees, they are all being sought on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, carjacking, kidnapping and rape in concert with an enhancement for committing a hate crime.

“It’s rare to find four adults willing to condone behavior this extreme and violent. It’s clear that some of them behaved as followers, but all of them are responsible for what happened,” Gagan said. “They should know that their best chance (for leniency) would be to turn themselves in and cooperate with our investigation before we identify them and apprehend them on our own.”

The police have descriptions of the four suspects:

  • The first suspect, the leader of the group, was described as a Hispanic man in his 30s. He was about 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighed 180 pounds and had black hair, brown eyes and a mustache.
  • The second suspect was a black man in his early 20s. He was about 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighed about 170 pounds and had black hair and brown eyes. He goes by the nickname “Blue.”
  • The third suspect was described as a Hispanic man about 18 to 20 years old. He goes by the nickname “Pato.”
  • The fourth suspect was described only as a Hispanic man about 18 to 20 years old.

“The Richmond Police Department is pleading for the community to come forward and help us find the people responsible for committing this vicious crime,” Gagan said. “We are hoping that residents know who these people are. People need to pick up the phone.”

Anyone with information about any of the suspects is asked to call Detective Ysenia Rogers at (510) 672-1717.

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Michael Mineo Raped by Cops

Posted by shadmia on December 11, 2008

Michael MineoMichael MineoMichael Mineo

Michael Mineo, 24, was spotted allegedly smoking pot by 3 police officers. They tried to approach him. He ran. He fled into the Prospect Park subway station and jumped a turnstile. The cops chased him and caught him. He was handcuffed and pinned down. The cops then proceeded to remove his pants. Two of them held down Mineo while the other one, using his baton, sodomized Mineo as he screamed out in pain.

They ignored Mineo’s complaints, even after he showed them his hand covered with blood from the sodomy attack. He was given a ticket for disorderly conduct and released, but not before being warned by the cops that if he ever reported the rape he would be charged with a felony.

Michael Mineo, a tattoo artist from Brooklyn, did report the rape. His case was taken to a grand jury which interviewed more than 20 witnesses and examined physical evidence of injuries to Mineo’s rectal area.

“I was violated by police, and I feel like they’re going to be brought to justice,” Mineo said after he testified. “I’m not the same. I’m not the same me. I was violated by police.”

Mineo was hospitalized two times with what sources described as “rectal tears” as a result of the assault.

Andrew MoralesRichard KernAlex Cruz

One cop – Kevin Maloney –  who had knowledge of the rape came forward and identified Officer Richard Kern, 25, as the cop who used his baton to sodomize Mineo. He also identified Officers Alex Cruz, 26 and Andrew Morales, 26, as the cops who helped restrain Mineo. Another officer, Noel Jugraj, 30, who was also on the scene gave testimony. Kern, Cruz, Morales and Jugraj are all from Brooklyn’s 71st Precinct. Kevin Maloney is a transit officer.

After hearing all the evidence the grand jury concluded that Officer Richard Kern should be tried for sexual assault and other felonies in the Oct. 15 attack on Mineo. Officers Alex Cruz and Andrew Morales were also indicted for allegedly participating in a cover up.

Michael Mineo expressed gratitude to the transit cop, Kevin Maloney, for breaking the so-called Blue Wall of silence and telling the grand jury what happened.

“I do appreciate him coming forward,” he said. “I’d like to thank him.”

Michael Mineo was at the arraignment for the three indicted cops and was taunted by other cops, who had come to show their support. He got into a standoff with some plainclothes officers who called him a faggot. Mineo’s response – He clapped sarcastically and blew them kisses.

Alex Cruz, Andrew Morales, Richard Kern

Richard Kern faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted of aggravated sexual abuse and assault. He was freed on $15,000 bail. Officers Alex Cruz and Andrew Morales were charged with hindering prosecution and obstructing justice. They face four years in prison if convicted and were freed without bond.

Police union chief Patrick Lynch urged the public to withhold judgment until all the facts are in.

“We have earned the benefit of a doubt with our blood and sacrifice,” Lynch said.

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13-Year-Old Somali Girl Stoned to Death

Posted by shadmia on November 6, 2008

Somali militants of al ShabaabSomali refugeesSOMALIA ISLAMISTS

This is the story of a 13-year-old Somali girl named Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow. She was raped by three men. She reported the rape, even naming the perpetrators. Instead of receiving at least a sympathetic hearing she was accused of adultery and sentenced to death……by stoning.

Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was stoned to death on October 27, 2008 by 50 men in a stadium packed with 1,000 spectators in the southern port city of Chisimaio (Kismayo), Somalia. She died pleading for her life, buried up to her neck in a hole in the ground. She was shown no mercy; not by the 50 men who stoned her to death nor the 1000+ people who gathered to witness the execution.

This is a story about things that should never have happened. It reminds all of us that in some parts of the world justice is a foreign concept. Brutality rules supreme and those that hold power can and will make life and death decisions with impunity, regardless of the truth and without investigating the facts.

Amnesty International logounicef logo

Both Amnesty International and UNICEF have issued statements strongly condemning the stoning death of Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow – a victim of rape.

“This is a tragic and deplorable incident,” said Christian Balslev-Olesen, UNICEF Representative for Somalia. “A child was victimized twice, first by the perpetrators of the rape and then by those responsible for administering justice.”

“Authorities and institutions of civil society have a role to play in supporting and protecting the rights of every child,” Balslev-Olesen said, noting that this killing reflects the great effort that must be undertaken to protect the rights of Somali girls and women.

There was some confusion over Aisha’s age. Initial reports claimed that she was 23 years old, based solely on her physical appearance. Her actual age, 13, was confirmed to Amnesty International by other sources including her father.

“This was not justice, nor was it an execution. This child suffered a horrendous death at the behest of the armed opposition groups who currently control Kismayo,” said David Copeman, Amnesty International’s Somalia Campaigner.

“This killing is yet another human rights abuse committed by the combatants to the conflict in Somalia, and again demonstrates the importance of international action to investigate and document such abuses, through an International Commission of Inquiry.”

According to reports Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was walking on the road, traveling to see her grandmother in the capital Mogadishu, when she was attacked and raped by three men. She attempted to report the rape to the al-Shabab militia who control Kismayo. It was this act that inexplicably resulted in her being accused of adultery and detained. None of men she accused of rape were arrested.

In their defense court authorities said the woman came to them admitting her guilt. She was asked several times to review her confession but she stressed that she wanted Sharia law and the deserved punishment to apply, they said.

Eyewitnesses said Aisha was taken to a football stadium to be stoned. She was crying. She had to be forced into the hole that had been prepared for her. She was buried up to her neck.

She asked them “What do you want from me?” They said: “We will do what Allah has instructed us”. She said: “I’m not going, I’m not going. Don’t kill me, don’t kill me.”

That was when 50 men began to stone her. There were more than 1000 people on hand to witness it. According to Amnesty International, nurses were sent to check during the stoning whether the victim was still alive. They removed her from the hole and reported back that she was still alive. Aisha was then placed back in the hole and the stoning resumed until she was finally dead.

Somalia is among the world’s most violent and impoverished countries. The nation of some 8 million people has not had a functioning government since warlords overthrew a dictator in 1991 then turned on each other. A quarter of Somali children die before age 5; nearly every public institution has collapsed. Fighting is a daily occurrence, with violent deaths reported nearly every day.

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Joseph Fritzl says “I was Born to Rape”

Posted by shadmia on October 23, 2008

Joseph Fritzl, 73, is truly a living monster: After incarcerating his own daughter and brutally raping her for 24 years – fathering 7 children in the process – he now claims in interviews with a psychiatrist that he was born to rape. He is also under the delusion that what he did was not so bad and he should be commended for his restraint:

“Bearing that in mind I controlled myself for quite a long time.” He added: “I could have behaved a lot worse than locking up my daughter.”

Learn how this monster was finally caught and his daughter freed from captivity in a series of videotapes entitled: The Joseph Fritzl Story.

A court in St Poelten, Austria, which will be handling his eventual trial, commissioned Dr Adelheid Kastner, 46, of the Wagner-Jauregg psychiatric clinic in Linz to provide a psychiatric examination of Josef Fritzl, 73. Her report, conducted over six interviews, was compiled in a 130-page document. She concluded that although he was fit to stand trial, he would be “highly” likely to re-offend if he had the opportunity.

“He was not only incredibly able to lead a double life but also managed to maintain a triple life without any problems,” Dr Kastner wrote, indicating that Fritzl played down the gravity of his crimes in his mind.

“Mr Fritzl resembles a volcano; under the surface that appears almost banal there is an evil streak. He is torn apart by his desires that he cannot master,” Dr Kastner wrote.

The report declared Fritzl clinically sane and fit for trial, but also diagnosed a “severe combined personality disorder and a sexual disorder”.

“It is to be expected that Mr Fritzl would perpetrate deeds with severe consequences also in the future,” Dr Kastner concluded.

On the basis of her report the prosecution has demanded from the court that Fritzl be tried and sentenced, then committed to an institution for the criminally insane, where he would receive psychiatric care and therapy including, if deemed necessary, medication.

The psychiatric report also shed some light on the life of Fritzl and some of the factors that may have influenced him from childhood. His mother, who was strict, neglectful and abusive, beat him and isolated him from other children until he started school. He said he was an “alibi child,” and his mother only had him to prove to her partner, who was apparently cheating on her, that she was not sterile. He explains:

“I grew up in a poor family. My father was a no-good scoundrel who always cheated on her and my mother threw him out of the house when I was four – and she was quite right to do so. After that, it was only the two of us.”

However, according to the report, he was ignored by his mother, sadistically mistreated and constantly left neglected. Dr Adelheid Kastner said:

“As a child he suffered from a condition that sometimes affects boys and left him in incredible pain every time he urinated. His mother only bothered to take him to a doctor when a neighbour discovered how much the child was suffering and forced her to take him for treatment.”

It also seems as if he had an Oedipus Complex with regards to his mother. In a previous interview he said:

“My mama was a strong woman. She taught me discipline, order and diligence. She enabled me good education and job training and she constantly worked hard and would take difficult jobs only to support the both of us. She was as strict as it was necessary. She was the best woman in the world. And I was her husband, in some way. She was the boss at home, but I was the only man in the house.”

When asked whether he was sexually abused by his mother, he said: “No, never. My mother was decent, most decent. I loved her over everything. I have admired her. I admired her very much. But I have naturally not done anything. There was nothing there.”

When asked whether there were any fantasies about her mother, he said: “Yes, probably, but I was strong, almost as strong as my mother, and I have therefore managed to suppress my urges.”

Dr Kastner says Fritzl spoke of humiliating and unprovoked attacks by his mother in childhood.

“His childhood made him susceptible to an emotional handicap,” she writes, creating the need for him “to possess an entire human being”.

Fritzl said that he had tried to escape from the horror of his childhood by burying himself in books. As an adult he said he had thrown himself into his work as a way of suppressing his sexual desires. He described himself as a “volcano” who felt “torn” and had come to the conclusion that he possessed a “mean streak“, and a “flood of destructive lava that was barely controllable“.

Shortly after puberty Fritzl began sexually attacking girls and at the age of 32 in 1967 he broke into the flat of a 24-year-old nurse and brutally raped her at knifepoint. He spent 18 months in prison for that crime.

The report says Mr Fritzl believed incarcerating his daughter, Elisabeth, meant he would have someone “just for me”. He said he had deliberately never looked his daughter in the face while he was raping her. Kastner said it had been his way of distancing himself from the situation. He said he stopped having sex with his wife, Rosemarie, on the day he allegedly sedated his daughter and took her into the cellar. “Finally I had someone who was just for me,” he said. He also believed having children with her would mean she would have to stay with him as she would “no longer hold any attraction for other men“.

“I only had so many children with her so that she would always stay with me, because as a mother of six she would no longer hold any attraction for other men.”

He was said to have a thin grasp of the gravity of his crime, after expressing a belief that he would spend his final days with his wife and pleading for a short prison sentence so that he could continue running his property business to enable him to provide for his family.

In the report, Dr Adelheid Kastner writes: “Mr Fritzl was born as a disadvantaged child, which will have consequences for his entire life. His domestic situation was uncertain and he had to suffer a mother who demotivated him, denigrated him and was prone to violence – a home situation which was absolutely devoid of security and lacking in understanding of the basic needs of a child. It was a childhood that left him emotionally crippled. The degradation left his personality “severely deformed” and he has almost no ability to empathise with others.

Because of his anger at his mother, he developed a permanent need to dominate women. Because of this loneliness that he felt, he developed a need to “own a person” and to “have that person totally for myself” and create a “totally inseparable and irremovable connection“.

His daughter Elisabeth was the terrible victim of the crippled person that he grew up to be.

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Would-Be Rapist Loses His Head

Posted by shadmia on October 19, 2008

Sometimes No just means No. This is what a man who had been stalking a woman for three months had to find out the hard way… literally losing his head. This incident occurred in Makkapurva village, 170 miles south east of the Indian city of Lucknow.

A 35-year-old Indian woman had been refusing the unwanted advances of an unnamed man for three months when he found her alone in the field cutting grass, with a sickle, to feed her cows. Police officer Ram Bharose describes what happened next:

‘She was getting grass for her cattle when the man came up from behind her and tried to sexually assault her,’ said Mr Bharose. ‘In a bid to save her dignity, she turned on him and during a struggle managed to chop off his head with the sickle. ‘ He continued ‘We have no doubts about her story because she had bite marks on her neck and cheek when the man tried to take advantage of her sexually.’

Having decapitated the unfortunate man, the woman decided to take his head to the local market in the village. She was determined to show the others how she had successfully defended herself against the man who had been stalking her for three months.

‘She put the head on parade,’ said Mr Bharose. ‘She walked right through all the crowds who were buying their vegetables, holding the head up high.

‘All her clothes were covered in blood, but as far as she was concerned that didn’t matter. She just wanted to make a point and she definitely succeeded in doing that.

‘Everybody scattered. It was a very terrifying sight.’ Mr Bharose said the woman had no regrets about her actions.

The crowd in the busy market fled in terror as a woman walked among them holding aloft the severed head of a man who had attacked her. Covered in blood, she held the head high like a trophy, her way of showing that she had delivered her own kind of justice to her attacker. She was promptly arrested.

‘We have to follow the letter of the law and although she says she acted in self defense she will probably be charged with culpable homicide,’ said police officer Ram Bharose.

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