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Jean Pierre Orlewicz Guilty of Murder

Posted by shadmia on April 25, 2008

Jean Pierre Orlewicz, 18, of Canton, Michigan, was found guilty of: First-degree murder, Felony murder and Mutilation of a corpse. The jury of eight men and four women deliberated for more than 10 hours over two days before coming to a unanimous verdict. He will be sentenced by Judge Annette J. Berry on May 16, 2008.

He had been charged along with his friend, Alexander Letkemann, in the killing of Daniel Sorensen, 26 on November, 7, 2007 in what had been called a “Thrill Kill”. Letkemann pleaded guilty to second-degree murder April 1. He was sentenced to 20 to 30 years in prison in exchange for his testimony against Orlewicz.

Jean Pierre Orlewicz took the stand and admitted that he killed Sorenson but insisted that it was in self-defense. He admitted stabbing Sorenson 13 times after an extortion plan went awry and Sorenson threatened his life. “There was not a murder,” Orlewicz testified. During his testimony Orlewicz also admitted that after Sorenson died, he used a hacksaw to decapitate him. He said he threw Sorenson’s torso into a field and set it on fire. He also said he took a blowtorch to Sorenson’s hands to cover up fingerprints. For more details on the murder, click here.

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59 Responses to “Jean Pierre Orlewicz Guilty of Murder”

  1. Rosa said

    I just feel that this is a very harsh ponisment for this young man. I hope and pray he will set free on his life time.

  2. islace said

    I have followed the lineages from where people are from in murders like this and have found very interesting results with the BTK killer being German, and Sorensen, the victim is German; Orlewicz I could not find. Anyway, the Judge is German and the lawyer Thomas, is right in demanding a mistrial. I just read another case of a rapper musician getting only 8 years for firing at probably a poorer women trying to steal thousands from the guilty’s purse. All people involved do seem to have bad thoughts to begin with, it is hard to have sympathy for anyone involved here including the victim since he was the oldest, and with the sources I have read, the most manipulative. The murderer comes off as kind at first for lending hundreds of dollars and then reaches a breaking point and could not control himself any longer. The sources say that Sorensen had a blank gun, but he intended to use it on another victim to withdraw 3,000 dollars? And the vicious murderer was in self-defense of a friend? but did not call the police for reasons of fear? It is hard to know exactly what is going on here and the judge has zero tolerance for anyone involved. This case to me is an act of vengeance– this is not the first case in history where money is lent and the person who does not pay up ends up dead.

    • Mark Johnson said

      You are an A**. #1 Sorensen is Danish. You don’t know a d**n thing about Daniel and you have no credible sources. You must not have even watched the case because the defense presented NO witnesses to substantiate any of their crap.

  3. NYer said

    This is not an act of vengeance. It is an act of sadistic amusement. If you look enough into the case, you will see that the story surrounding this is that JP had wanted to kill someone and get away with it for a while, and that he reveled in comtemplating murder (his myspace website is “skulls make me smile”) beforehand and reveled in desecrating the dead man’s body after the murder.

    The “victim” was no angel (convicted sex offender, sort of, and drug dealer), but the teens were not doing this as an act of vigilante justice…JP did this for the thrill of the kill. I think it sets a terrible precedent to let our teens know that they can do (or knowingly go along with, in whatever capacity, something like this). I think Izzy, Alex Mullins and Adam who got away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist should also have been punished…not a 20/30 year sentence like the other Alex, but at the least a 20-30 year probationary period. It is not OK to condone murder or not act on it (e.g. Izzy helped dump the body and then went home and played video games…his punishment…for his testimony against JP, he got away with no punishment). I think a stronger message needed to be sent in this case about how it is not ok to engage in a conspiracy with your friends about murder (or any other serious crime).

    • Mark Johnson said

      Daniel would fall under present Romeo and Juliet Laws, if you had read anything about Dan you would know this. Dan was not a drug dealer, not even sort of. Although it came out in court that JP Orlewicz was selling drugs.

  4. Pat said

    I believe it was self defense. That being said end if it wasn’t self defense I can’t ever agree with sending a teenager to jail for the rest of his life. At 17 his brain isn’t wired as an adult. He has to be able to be rehabiltated and to give a teenager no chance of ever getting out of jail is horrible.

    • Mark Johnson said

      You are about the stupidest one posting here. Do you not understand that Alex Letkemann pled guilty to 2nd degree murder? He made a statement to the police BEFORE JP was arrested and NEVER ONCE mentioned that JP killed Dan in self defense. Do you honestly think Alex would go to prison for 20-30 years if JP had killed Dan in self-defense and they both could have gone free? Alex was in the garage when it happened.

  5. Shirley said

    where is jean pierre orlewicz jailed?

  6. Scott said

    Look Pat, this kid killed and beheaded another human being. As a deterent don’t you think he SHOULD be locked up for life? Really? I do. If not in prison then in a hospital that will keep him on something to take the edge off. But permanently.

  7. Pat said

    Can’t a teenager be rehabbed? People aren’t born evil. Jails aren’t for rehabiltaion, we all know that.

    • Mark Johnson said

      No, not JP. He sat in back of a police van with Alex and another prisoner when they where being transported to court and stated “When I’m found innocent of this crime I’ll know how to do it so I don’t get caught next time”. JP may not have been born evil but as Judge Barry stated “You sir are evil and I’ve no doubt you would kill again”. Hey Pat, Should we let JP out so he can move next door to you?

  8. Nick Gibbins said

    As a personal friend of Dan anyone saying that these “boys” are getting a harsh punishment is a bleeding heart for the wrong cause. This was a sadistic planned out murder. My friend was a good man and he will be missed. If the victim were your friend I doubt you’d be ranting harsh punishment nonsense about the killers. As far as I am concerned they can both rot in hell. Think before you post some content sympathetic to some cold blooded murderous son’s of bitches, there’s people out there that know Dan, like me, that take offense to your unwarranted empathy.

    • Mark Johnson said

      Thanks Nick. I agree with you 100%. I am so sick and tired of people who never knew Dan shooting off their stupid mouths when all they know is the lies that JP’s lawyers have spread. Dan was a good man and the world is a sadder place without him.

    • Mark Johnson said

      Thanks for your comment. And your freindship with Daniel.

  9. lisa said

    As a personal friend of Alex i can honestly say I know in my heart Alex would have never been involved in anything like this, it was a horrible case of Wrong Place Wrong Time!!! Alex is a very Peace Loving Kid he got entangled in a hideous web spun by JP and could not escape. Shock and Horror and I’m sure disbelief played a key role in not reporting it to the police right away and the fact he was threatened. I know most of you want to believe the worst when in comes to my friend Alex, but know this Alex always looked for the good in everybody, so before you judge him just know he would not judge you. He would all want you to know that!!! Remember he was the one in that police tape that commented “Dan semed like a real nice guy he didn’t deserve to die that way”!!!

    • Mark Johnson said

      Alex has shown much remorse for his involvement. Amd is working hard to make something positive come of what he was involved in.

  10. Rachel said

    What prison is Jean Pierre Orlewicz in?

  11. max attacks said

    to rachel, he’s in st. louis. here is the following link

  12. RoBo said

    Pat asked: “Can’t a teenager be rehabbed?”

    I ask: Can Dan Sorenson be rehabbed?

  13. melissa said

    Where was J.P. released to court? What does that mean?

  14. Cassie said

    I ask: Can Dan Sorenson be rehabbed?

    Can drug-dealing thugs who relish the fact that they do various “jobs” for people and post pictures of themselves with firearms on their MySpaces be rehabbed? I suppose we’ll never know . . .

    • Mark Johnson said

      Yes we do know, you obviously don’t know or even want to know the truth about Dan. He was none of what the JP defense attorneys have stated, But then they(Jim Thomas and Joseph Niskar)are just shills for JP’s lies.

  15. Kim said

    I am horrified at the lack of information many of you have about this case, and about the character of Dan Sorensen in particular. Dan was NOT a drug dealer, did NOT have pics of himself with weapons on his MySpace page, and was NOT a thug. He also was NOT a sex offender. As confirmed by many, many sources, Jean Pierre Orlewicz was an individual who was manipulative, odd, and cunning. He would have killed, again, had he not been convicted. Would you like him to live in YOUR neighborhood?

  16. Kim said

    As a post script to my above message: I am sorry you lost such a good friend, Nick. All of us who knew and loved Dan will never forget him. He was, indeed, a very good man.

  17. Rick said

    JP is a god and I praise him

    • Mark Johnson said

      You must worship Satan then because that is the only god JP worships. So I hope you get your implied wish and get to spend time with JP in the next life.

  18. C.O. said

    We crashed our boat one night and JP was the first person running down the beach to make sure we were okay.

  19. Sue said

    I don’t care if JP saved your puppy!! What he did to Dan Sorensen was TOTALLY a planned out murder!!

  20. Rico said

    Scumbag should get the same treatment he did in the murder.He should be Bubbas b**ch in jail for life. He does not deserve to live even in jail, only in hell. What a piece of garbage. The fact that he was a teenager does not matter. Evil is evil.

  21. erik said

    Yowza !!!! JP is a hotty ! My only regret is he might be locked-up for life pending appeal. He and his blond friend are soooooooo sexy !!!!!!

  22. Brittanie said

    i watched this intire case and to me it is sad that jp is losing his life. Every one of those kids went up there and said what they were told to say. you tell a 17 and 18 year old kid “say this or go to jail for the rest of your life” they are going to say what they are told. And in my opinion that is exactly what they did. They were coached! not a one of their breathing even became indifferent. Except mullens. Could he quit biting his lip or looking down or looking up or umm ummm.. Please. Daniel sorenson shouldn’t have been hanging out with young kids and supplying them with drugs and alcohol! He put himself in that position, bullying and ppo’s that weren’t admissable… please this is a young man’s ENTIRE life. anything that could bring more light to this crime would hae helped. I believe this was a crime of self defense and after the fact they were scared of what would happen so just get rid of it and forget about it. In a teens mind that works! I feel terrible. Everone forgets how the father says the tools were there he didn’t have to search they were readily available. And the freaking tarp was already there! don’t call him a monster and this a thrill kill unless you have watched the entire case. The beauty of america is there are two stories but we automatically think people are guilty automatically! Give the defense a chance they were never given a chance because of the nature of this crime. I hope he isn’t confined to st louis corrections forever. That would be even sader to have lost 3 young men instead of just one!

  23. Maureen said

    WOW! How did JP have enough strength to do what the Muslim radicals do? Learn it on a CD or Video game? We know he certainly had the idle time, His best defense would have been insanity. Seem’s to me he is insane.

  24. Kathy said

    I have been watching this case on Tru TV. Tru TV has been showing tapes from the trial in our area on cable tv (after the actual trial and sentencing). Fascinating case. I love how the defense team (or was it the defendant himself) recreated Jean Pierre as an “altar boy” who had no idea what he was doing. Disregarding the actual facts in the case, and with the intent to cause distraction, he may have been credible if we didn’t get to see what he looked like when the event took place (total disconnect with what we see in court). The extremely damaging audio tapes of conversations with his father didn’t help matters either. Above all, his body language betrays him on the stand. Enough said. Guilty, and he deserves to pay for his crime. Law is law. This teen is particularly bright. He can not now rely on the fact that a jury may treat him differently because he is a teen.

  25. MIMI said

    There is a lot more to this story than any these boys are telling.
    Also Sorenson was a known bully, I admit it was a gruesome murder.
    Considering the movies kids see in this day and age, this is really no surprise. I do believe this man was threatening this kid and that he truely was fearfull for his life. Why was a man Sorensons’ age hanging around with 17 and 18 year old kids? He had some kind of problem and I believe he was forcing these kids to partipate in activites that were unsavory or illegal or both. Orlewicz was not right in has actions, but I bet he had a reason.
    This was not a “THRILL KILL”

  26. Mito said

    He deserves what hes getting. Somebody was going to die around these guys. Lucky for the truly innocent the killing was in there circle.

  27. Lashawn said

    I caught most of the trial on true TV. It saddens me to hear people defend the murder of this young man. In order for a person to carry out an act of this magnitude gives me pause. I have a son, and thinking a young man would come up with the act of disposing of someone (dead or alive) in this matter is truly frightening. Crazy or not crazy my heart does not bleed for him, but for the loved ones left in the wake of this evil.

  28. Tony said

    I hope everybody that touches this case, espically that young man, reads scripture and finds God.

  29. Nicole said

    What is wrong with people? Do any of you have any common sense. This was clearly not a “THRILL KILL”! This case was just given that name because it rhymes, it sounds good for the media, and therefore it works for them. That is the dumbest thing I have heard! Sorenson was killed in self-defense. What idiot plans to kill a guy who is twice his size and carries a gun, using only a knife? Hello common sense! The knife was a weapon of opportunity already at the scene, which the kid grabbed in a desperate attempt to defend himself and his friend. Why 13 times? Well, if you stab a person twice your size who has a gun within reach, and you do it only once, that person will be injured and really pissed off! One stab to the back will not paralyze or even slow down a man of Sorenson’s size. It will only get him good and pissed off. Then he is sure to want to get that gun and kill those kids even more. That is why JP stabbed him so many times. As for mutilating a corpse, there is no excuse! These kids panicked, and they feared that the authorities would not believe them. But he did not need to mutilate a corpse, and for that he should do some time. First-degree murder, though, that is ridiculous. It was not premeditated! The incident started as a crude, sick joke to get money out of another kid. It should never have happened. As for the “THRILL KILL,” this was not that at all. Cops, prosecuters, they are all crooked! They want another prosecuted and solved case marked on their belts! They will manipulate anyone into saying what they want to hear. They will fill one’s head full of lies if they believe the person will “crack” and help them build their case. They told Alex, ‘If you say this, this, and this, then we will get you a deal. You will get out of prison some day. But if you don’t, then you will go to prison forever because your friend will bring you down with him. He will turn it all around on you.’ That is how cops, prosecuters, F.B.I. operate. I know from my husband’s past experience. He got into some stupid trouble. He had possession of a stolen gun, and they wanted to give him a felony even though he did not steal the gun or steal anything. He even had a foid card. They really didn’t have any evidence and they knew it. They sent F.B.I. agents to his parent’s house, as he was still in high school at the time. They camped out in his back yard for months and tranquilized his 250 pound dog who would have barked at anyone in his yard who did not belong there. What they did was not legal, but they would deny it in court, and who wouldn’t believe a bunch of F.B.I. agents? They ended up telling my husband that if he set up these other guys (who had nothing to do with the gun issue)who are selling cocaine, then they would not send in his paperwork to the state’s attourney. They wanted a nark! He said no, took a deal for 60 days, day for day good time, no felony on his record. He did his time 5 years ago and now life is normal. But that is a prime example of how the criminal justice system operates. You are NOT innocent until proven guilty! They tell you that, but you are really guilty until proven innocent! JP’s case is a sad one. He was not right or justified in what happened, but he does not deserve life. It was NOT a “THRILL KILL”! The first big red flag to everyone should be that a 30 year old guy was hanging around 17 year old kids, minors! Who does that? Huge red flag! The guy was a bully. That was proven! And how does anyone know that Sorenson wouldn’t have killed one of those kids that day if they hadn’t killed him? JP could have been the dead victim, but no one sees it that way. People automatically feel sorry for the dead guy. Although, it is not for us to judge. God will make the final judgement some day. That is the one that really counts.

    • Mark Johnson said

      I’m wrong Nicole. I said someone earlier was the stupidest poster here but you top that person by far. WHAT PART OF ALEX LETKEMANN’S TESTIMONY DID YOU FAIL TO HEAR? He was in the garage when the MURDER was commited by JP and NOT ONCE did he tell the police that JP acted in self defense. I know, the police forced Alex to lie so he(Alex) could be sent to prison for 20-30 years.I want you to try something, have someone stand behind you and then have them cut your throat which is what JP did to Dan BEFORE he stabbed Dan 13 more times. I’m sure you’ll be able to fight them off. Know the facts before you make yourself stupid again next time you comment on something.

  30. NYBuffalo said

    rehibitated? whats wrong with you people..those people like “little boy Orlewicz” should be eliminated at the same day, AND do NOT waste our tax money

  31. Mike said

    He sure is pretty lookin boi….. I hope he has a lot of KY on hand at the buttfarm he currently resides at….. LOLOLOLOLOL

    Scream little boy…. ooooooo ohohohoho

  32. Mike said

    They are going to sodomize his ass BAD.

  33. Mike said

    Some big nigger will plow his ass day in and day out. He certainly won’t make a peep when he farts from now on…… just a a lot of air cumming out LOLOLOL

  34. Ginger said

    This was clearly a “Thrill Kill”, JP wanted to be the cool, bulldogish, badass, like he considered his “friend” Sorensen to be. The self-defense excuse is bullshit. He is like any other prep wanna be thug, when the shit hits the fan you tuck in your tail and start trying to back track. JP is not as innocent as he tried to look. JP just wanted to see what it was like to kill maliciously. He masterminded this crime, and like he admitted, he committed every act in this crime. Furthermore, if JP was such a caring, peaceful, loving guy, why did he not once apologize or show any type of remorse. Because he was full of shit and tried to weasel and cun his way out of it.

  35. Shayna said

    Ugh! This makes me so sick to read the comments of all that feel sorry for JP! Its absolutely discusting. The things he did to the victim…what if that was your son, your brother,friend? Then you would change your mind. JP is pure evil. If you paid attention to the case and especially his testimony none of it makes sense. How could this be revenge over money? His best friend stole more money from him and he wasn’t after his head. Remember he loaned the money to Dan. No matter what the situation… he decapitated the guy and mutilated his body. Who does that? Then goes on to a friends house like nothings wrong. Thats sick no matter how you spin it. Gives me chills to think about it. Im glad he wont be walking the streets ever again. Now if we could just lock away the rest of them who never thought twice about the evil act and would do anything to help a friend in need (disposal of a body and evidence). This is horrible.

  36. Mary said

    I totally agree with nicole about what happened in the case of J.P but it’s outrageous to send him away for life. It seems as of these kids were tired of Dan bulling them and when they were faced with a gun to there head that day they freaked out and J.P just did what anyone would do to defend him self and friend.As for the decapitation and burns to the corpse theres no excuse.All i could tell you is we wouldn’t know in what state of mind J.P was in when he realized he had killed Dan cause i imagine I would go crazy and do the stupid things he did.I hate the facts that they didn’t take his physicalogocal past records in consideration.But he is guilty he admitted to doing so he admitted not like others that denie it. But doesn’t mean he’s a cold blooded killer he’s only a kid.As for Dans parents i’m sorry for your lost.O yea this goes for the stupid kids that get on line and talk out of the question with out analizing what the whole purpose of conversation is.Talking about what is gonna happen in jail grow up would u! I really hope if u ever go to jail this same thing won’t happen to you nybaffalo & mike!

    • Mark Johnson said

      Read my comment to Nicole and maybe you’ll get it.

      • Muhammad al sayid said

        Shame on you sir you use bullshit sensationalism to try to silence people Dan was a sex offender a bully and he was planning on robbing a friend of jp who just received large sum of money dan is in hell the world is better off with out him and assholes like you that lie and distort facts using emotion and sensationalism to paint Jp the worst kind you sir are the worst kind and our criminal justice system is a failure as are you

  37. Joanne said

    Why do people assume this kid will be victimized in prison altho, it isn’t a pretty place-i just have a hard time believing JP would allow himself to be a victim. If you walk and talk like one than you will be one. I do think he should have been placed in a youth facility before going to an adult tho. I have 2 opinions on this no one deserves to die and have there remains desecreted but, at the same time what the heck was a 26 yr old man doing hanging w/teens?? If this was so well ochestrated why would JP use a paring knive to take on a man twice his size?? We will never know but, i do not want to give up on the kid…several teen killers in the past have gone on to be productive in society..Leopold, Mary (10-12yr old from England) i’m sure there’s more. Making an effort to see if the possiblity is within him would be nice instead of writing him off. So many times i hear where are the parents…but, think back to your childhood..or teenage years, bet you hid things for a bit before you were found out…I’m not forgetting the victim and punishment is deserved i just want to believe people can be rehabbed. i spent a great deal of time behind bars and all it did for me was open more doors and place ideas in my head. As well as teach me to hate, if there is any chance he can be helped, the longer he’s there the more remote the possiblity becomes. It’s hard to put into words what its like but, one thing is certain any goodness or positive aspects of your being you must cling on to for the sake of not allowing “them” to take all you are.

  38. Jennifer said

    they have been showing this trial on tru tv lately and i have been grossly addicted to it, i’m sad to say. i think jp is a cold blooded killer, he wanted to kill someone and get away with it, he thought he was going to, that’s why he cut dudes head off and tried to burn his fingerprints off, cuz he’s a sicko twisted little fucker, his parents should’ve beat his ass a few hundred more times and maybe dan would still be alive. it makes me want to vomit reading these posts about how jp’s innocent, & dan was the big mean guy trying to take advantage, BULLSHIT. I think that jp and the other kid killed him for the thrill of it, to see what would happen, and that they also knew if they did get caught they could just say well this a 26 year old convicted sex offender who deals drugs and blah blah was trying to hurt me, it was self defense. i’m glad the jury didn’t buy his altar boy act, he deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison. i don’t care that he’s a teenager, and to whoever said his brain isn’t wired like an adults, i think u might be a physco too bc 17 is DEFINITELY old enough to know the difference btwn right and wrong. And another thing, if it was all self defense and jp was totally innocent, why the fuck didn’t he go to the police, we watch these movies nowadays that show dumb asses killing someone on accident and then they freak out and try to get rid of the body, all the while we’re screaming at the tv u morons!! DO THE RIGHT THING!! no innocent person would cut someones head off and try to burn his fingerprints off, it’s common sense people, i hope he does get his ass reamed out in prison, and that he burns in hell forever, and to dan’s family and friends, don’t let these fucks try to taint his name, calling him a sex offender bc he was a normal 17 year old boy trying to get some, who cares if he sold drugs, it was marijuana and i don’t even call that a drug, he didn’t deserve what happened to him no matter what his lifestyle was. oh,i also think that there might be something going on with the michigan police bc the kid that helped him hide the body for sure should’ve got something, like 10 years atleast, i went to prison for almost 3 years bc i helped my boyfriend rob a bar after it was closed, it was my first time being in trouble ever and the s.a. didn’t give a fuck, it’s sad to know that i would’ve got nothing if only i had helped a friend hide a body…

  39. Jennifer said

    The jurors were probably biased due the news coverage unless maybe only the eastern United States heard the details and other parts of the country didn’t. The press is important, but the news should broadcast objective facts and not immediately use terminology such as “thrill kill.”

    The judge made mistakes; she wouldn’t allow evidence from professionals who would state that the defendant is a caring individual who wouldn’t kill again. She should have allowed witnesses to testify regarding Orlewicz’s character. For example, opinions from former girlfriends and about his caring personality such as when he helped people having trouble with their boat should have been permitted. Regardless of the fact that Sorensen’s character isn’t on trial, both Orlewicz’s and Sorensen’s personality is relevant to the case. I think that he was a minor who was genuinely afraid of Sorensen who made prior threats against Orlewicz and his friends and family. I don’t think Sorensen is a sex offender though; my friends who lived near me back when I was a kid/teen went out with 17 year old guys when they were 14 or 15. I think Jean Pierre Orlewicz was fearful of Sorensen’s possible organized crime connections, so he panicked and tried to cover up the traces. Sorensen repeatedly pointed a gun at the heads of Orlewicz and his friends. Video games such as Hitman could perhaps desensitize minors and adolescents, especially male ones. Sending this minor with no prior offenses to prison would be a waste. I believe Jean Orlewicz has potential to go to college and lead a productive life and is someone who would never kill anyone unless it was in is self defense.

  40. Jennifer said

    I agree with Pat, “[c]an’t a teenager be rehabbed? People [usually] aren’t born evil. Jails aren’t for rehabiltaion, we all know that.”

    Jean Orlewicz is definitely a candidate for rehabilitation.

  41. Katie said

    I just recently watched this trial on tv & read about it. But I personnaly don’t feel bad for either the victim or the defendent. The victim in this case was obviously a bully, wanna-be gangster, intimidator, criminal, & even if he was 17 when he was with the underage girl,-at that point in a 14 yr old girls life, 17 is pretty old & at a much different level of maturity. The defence went about this case completly wrong, they should have went from an insanity point of view kind of like a battered women syndrome type case but twisted to fit his situation. Jean Pierre was obviously tourtured by the guy, & I think the constant bullying & criminal type behavior, being forced upon him by the victim drove him to want to commit this crime. I too would want revenge on someone who repetitivly scared/pushed me around. I wouldn’t take it to this level by any means… but how many of us are/have been in this exact situation as a teenager? My guess is slim to none. It must have been frightening for a young man to be subjected to that type of person. Anyhow, what kind of 26 year old man hangs out with high school kids? Not a normal one thats for sure. I am around that age and could never see myself or friends hanging around with high school kids (thats weird). I think that shows the so called “victim” in this case wanted people around him that he could take advantage of & dominate. He put on this stupid act pretending to be a mafia/gangster type, which is just in itself ridiculous- he was a “wanna be”. I think if you make yourself out to be something you should be ready to suffer the consequences. He scared those kids into thinking he was a violent, serious individual who pushed them to a breaking point.
    -Yes the defendent is disturbed and deserves to be behind bars for his crime, it was pre-meditated and horrific. Although it was a “thrill kill” I believe that if the victim were a nice normal friend, who didnt bully the two defendents he would still be alive today. It seems as though the victim almost dug his own grave, the lifestyle he so desperatly wanted to have & actually pretened to be a part of played a huge role in his death.
    -Jean Pierre being the smart young man that he is showed the world that his “babyface” is like a mask to cover the evil inside of him. Any person who can stab a human being 13 times, decapitate the head with a hacksaw, blow torch the finger tips and smell burning flesh, go on to move the jaw up and down while mocking the vicitm, & then dispose of the corpse and lite it on fire -is very sick. Needing more than prison, he needs psycological help as well.
    -The prosecution made it a point to play the audio tapes between the father and son from prison to show that he is a heartless/cynical person. Honestly after 6 months in jail & feeling like nobody is working on your case I’d be just as irritable & foul mouthed as Jean Pierre was in those recordings. However he has to be an idiot to not realize that everything he said was being recorded & could be used against him. The outcome of the trial could have been different for him if he’d of just sounded sorry for his actions, & had respect for his father, rather than yelling and swearing at him (even though I realize his aggitation and anger).
    -Jean Pierre could have gotten a much lighter sentence & could someday walk the earth as a free man if he didn’t think of himself as invincible. Showing more remorse, not giving anyone the opportunity to dipict him as disrespectful and self-rightious, & a different defence approach – mixed with his young age could have gotten him out of a life sentence. It seems as though he too dug his own grave.

    • Mark Johnson said

      Read my comments above to Nicole. The only person that testified that Dan was a bully, wanna-be gangster, intimidator, criminal,was JP. The rest stated that JP told them Dan was these things. None of them knew Dan personally. But then JP wouldn’t have a motive to lie about Dan would he? And where are all the “teens” Dan hung out with? The defense failed to call them as witnesses. Why? Because he wasn’t. that’s why. The girl was Dan’s girlfreind. Dan was invited by HER mother to live with them. So NONE of what you are claiming about Dan was ever proven to be true. Just defense attorney lies to try to win a lost case. So like Nicole, know facts before you shoot off your ignorant mouth about someone you didn’t even know.

      • Roxanne said

        What are you talking about? Dan had multiple protective orders against him for harassing, stalking and threating others lives besides jp. They didn’t allow alot of critical info in the trial.

  42. Jason said

    I truly think the people who feel sorry for the kids who received those punishments harsh are in a lack of better words, ignorant. Really, those kids cut off the head of another human being. Regardless if the 26 y/o owed him money I don’t think the act was at all in self defense. What do you think about when you see or hear about the people from the Middle East cutting the heads off Americans? Wrong right? They mutilated the body, tried to hide their actions and still people think thats self defense? Also the whole “bullying” plea, its funny how that was pretty one sided and the person who was dead couldn’t defend himself. Also the word sex offender comes out talking about the him. Bet you didn’t know that he never knew the girl was that young. Parents knew about their relationship but pressed charges after they found out after finding out they had sex then broke up. I personally knew Danny, actually I grew up with him and I would lie if I said he wasn’t a screwed up kid. I was overseas when this murder happened or I would have personally testied on his behalf. He was a kid who never fit in and always wanted to be accepted and unfortunately would have done anything for that acceptance.
    To put it bluntly, Dan did not deserve to die. He truly did not deserve to die in the manner in the way he did. Those kids stabbed, decapitated, burned and through his body in places like he was not even a person. A normal human does not commit those crimes. I’ve seen mutilated bodies, its not pleasant. This was up close and personal, without remorse or regret. Only regret is they got caught.
    But the verdict was spot on, he had motive and pre-medatative.

  43. jogos said


    […]Jean Pierre Orlewicz Guilty of Murder « SHADMIA'S WORLD[…]…

  44. ppppp said

    Hes so handsome
    I love him

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