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The Josef Fritzl Page

Elisabeth Fritzl 15-years-oldJosef Fritzlrosemarie-fritzl

This page is an attempt to chronicle the Josef Fritzl Story; from the discovery of the secret dungeon where he imprisoned and raped his own daughter who bore him 7 children – six of whom survived – through his trial and sentencing.

For those who have not followed the entire story or would like to be reminded of the events, this is the place to find everything. See a 5 part video presentation here. Links to the various posts will be listed here as they become available:

1. Austrian “Horror House” Discovered


This story is where it all began. It deals with the discovery of the secret dungeon where daughter Elisabeth had to live for 24 years. Find out about her children and the conditions that they all had to live under here.

2. Elisabeth Fritzl and Family say Thanks


After being rescued from her underground prison, Elisabeth and her children express their gratitude to the world with handwritten letters and posters.

3. The Wounds of Elisabeth Fritzl and Family


Doctors and mental health experts treat Elisabeth and her kids. This is the kids’ first experience with the outside world and they all have a myriad of mental and physical problems. One of Elisabeth’s daughters, Kerstin, is still in a medically induced coma brought on by years of neglect.

4. Kerstin Fritzl Reunited with her Family


Kerstin recovers and is well enough to be reunited with her mother and siblings. This story deals with the family reunion and issues surrounding Kerstin’s recovery.

5. Elisabeth Fritzl Begins Testimony


Elisabeth prepares to give testimony in the upcoming trial of her father. This story also discusses the conditions that Josef Fritzl faces being locked up in jail.

6. Elisabeth Fritzl Kicks Mom Out


Rosemarie Fritzl, Elisabeth’s mother had joined her daughter and her grandchildren. Problems began to develop between them. Questions arise about Rosemarie’s role in the whole affair and as tensions mount Elisabeth finally asks her mother to leave.

7. Elisabeth Fritzl Talks About Her Dad


Elisabeth talks about the abuse she suffered while being imprisoned by her father. She gives a graphic description of her daily life and talks about the rapes and how she was able to raise her kids in the dungeon.

8. Josef Fritzl says “I was Born to Rape”


In preparation for the upcoming trial, Josef Fritzl talks to a court-appointed psychiatrist. We learn about his mother and the conditions under which he grew up. He talks about other rapes and why he decided to kidnap and imprison his daughter.

9. The Fritzl Drama Continues


As the trial date of March 16, 2009, approaches, Josef Fritzl converts to Buddhism and invites the medical profession to examine him in the hopes of understanding what made him the monster he turned out to be.

10. The Fritzls and The Money

Rosemarie Fritzl Josef Fritzl and wife RosemarieJosef Fritzl

Josef Fritzl has been declared bankrupt and is trying to sell his house. Rosemarie Fritzl, Josef Fritzl’s wife,  has successfully sued two publications for invasion of privacy and plans more lawsuits.

11. Elisabeth Fritzl to Receive Interview Money


With the trial about to start security is tight. Josef Fritzl is expected to plead guilty to many of the charges. He also agrees to give an interview, after the trial, with all the money going to Elisabeth and the kids.

12. The Josef Fritzl Trial – Day One

Fritzl in CourtCourtElisabeth Fritzl

Day one of the trial, March 16 2009, is over. Josef Fritzl has pleaded guilty to 4 of the 6 charges against him. Both the prosecution and the defense have made their opening arguments and the jury has started watching the video-taped testimony of Elisabeth Fritzl.

13. The Josef Fritzl Trial – Day Two

Fritzl's FaceFritzl at CourtFritzl and the Police

On the second day of his trial, March 17 2009, Josef Fritzl was confronted with the testimony of the daughter he held captive for 24 years. Elisabeth, in a pre-recorded tape, gave an explicit account of her life in the dungeon that her father had built for her.

14. The Josef Fritzl Trial – Day 3 – Guilty!

Rudolf MayerFritzl at CourtJudge Andrea Humer

At the start of day 3, March 18 2009, Josef Fritzl stops the proceedings to enter a guilty plea – on all counts including the murder of his infant son Michael.

15. Josef Fritzl Gets Life Sentence

Fritzl with Eyes ClosedFritzl EyesEyes Up

On the 4th and final day of the trial, March 19, 2009, the jury returns with a “guilty on all counts” verdict and Josef Fritzl is sentenced to life in prison.

12 Responses to “The Josef Fritzl Page”

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  2. agatha dhara said

    fritzl.. a dunno what the hell you think when you thouched your own daughter’s body….you like an evil! i cried when i readed this case. i cannot say anyword at all about you, i just hope that GOD and elisabeth will forgive you…

  3. […] The Josef Fritzl Page […]

    • meirian said

      This is something unthinkable, shocking what this father has done to his own daughter for 24 long endless years !!! And what to say about his grandchildren who are, at the same time, his own children ??? What does such a man deserves??? Human Justice is not enough!!! ETERNITY IN HELL, that’s what he deserves!!! The Devil Father!!!
      PEACE for Elizabeth and her children.

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  5. […] The Josef Fritzl Page […]

  6. […] The Josef Fritzl Page […]

  7. […] The Josef Fritzl Page […]

  8. […] The Josef Fritzl Page […]

  9. […] The Josef Fritzl Page […]

  10. unexplained things in the world are to be untouched by trial or judgment for my opinion.
    how do we know God ! even my ancestors were Buddhists in their last hours of life !
    I salute the kids of Elisabeth and I wish to them all the best in their future families !

  11. Anonymous said

    Josef Frizel (sp?) is pure evil! Let him rot for what he did (my opinion).

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