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Alexandre Robert’s Rapists Found Guilty

Posted by shadmia on December 13, 2007


Guilty! – was the verdict that a Dubai court handed down in the rape case of Alexandre Robert, a 15-year-old French citizen. Two Emirati men, identified only by their initials (18-year-old I.M. and 35-year-old A.K.), were each sentenced to 15 years in prison by Presiding Judge Fahmi Mounir of the Dubai Court of First Instance, on Wednesday, December 12, 2007. They were found guilty of forcefully undressing the 15-year old, threatening him with a knife, before having sex with him against his will. The judge also referred the victim’s compensation claim of Dh15 million to a civil court. The other person involved in the rape, 17-year-old I.S., has been charged as a juvenile and his case will be decided later this month. Click here for the background on this story.

After the verdicts were handed down, Dubai Government spokesperson, Dr Habib al Mulla said “This judgement proves the position that we have continuously been making which is that we should leave the system to take its course.” and added:

“We hope that this judgement brings an end to this ordeal and proves to everyone that our judicial system is fair, efficient and works in protecting the interests of all UAE residents.”

Veronique Robert, Alex’s mother, was not happy with the verdict. She was visibly upset after the sentence was read and promised to appeal. She said Wednesday’s sentence was too lenient for a crime that she believes is tantamount to attempted murder because one of her son’s attackers was knowingly HIV-positive at the time of the rape. She refrained from asking the death penalty for her son’s attackers, but said she hoped the sentence would be much longer.

See her TV interview here

“(My son) is going to be really disappointed believe me because he wants a big justice,” Robert said, adding that he had not been informed yet about the trial’s outcome.

“We will be very lucky if turns out he does not have AIDS… but we will appeal regardless of the medical results,” she said.

“We are content that they are declared guilty, but 15 years for (the man with HIV) is nothing,” mother Veronique Robert, a Swiss national, told Reuters after the trial.

“I will fight, even for the rest of my life, to ensure (he) gets what he deserves… he should never get out of jail, at least to ensure the safety of other boys and girls.”

Veronique Roberts has also filed a number of civil suits in courts in Paris and Geneva seeking compensation from Sheikh Khalifa, president of the United Arab Emirates, and the prime minister and vice president of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum. She is also suing others, including the Dubai police chief.

“We are here because I just would like first justice for my son; and second for every girl and boy who was raped and even had no chance to speak.”

Robert said she will drop all her pending cases if the government sets up rape clinics, recognizes the status of rape victims, and takes precautions after rape against sexually-transmitted diseases. In the wake of Wednesday’s verdict, Robert said a Dubai government official told her the emirate plans to open its first rape clinic, which she said was a small victory.

The ABC news program 20/20 will be doing a piece on the Alexandre Robert case, click on the promo below:

Véronique Robert has set up a website for those who wish to express support for her son.


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8 Responses to “Alexandre Robert’s Rapists Found Guilty”

  1. These filthy rapists deserve a far worse punishment!

  2. Blight said

    I decided to bring this case to the attention of the swedish population as well, since the last few years incidents with men of arabic, kurdish, iranian and turkish racial origin commiting rape against other men/boys have increased drastically in Sweden.

    I also wrote an article about what is the difference between the european tradition of civilized homosexuality and the barbaric, sodomitic rape-culture of the middle eastern people.

    Hopefully, Europe will one day be purified and will once again enslave the arabs with colonialism. It seems to be the only way to keep them under control.

    Another idea is, maybe the middle-easterners tendencies towards man-rape is genetical. Maybe it would be an idea to start experimenting on arab teenage boys, injecting them with substances that halt the production of testosterone and androgene in their bodies, and makes them unable to complete puberty.
    It might make them less vicious.

    Those are my thoughts, as a swedish/austrian european.

  3. shadmia said

    Blight, As the author of this blog I am going to let your comments stay. But it is clear to me that you are a racist with a chip on your shoulder against people of Arabic descent or is it just non-Europeans?

    I personally think that your “ideas” are reprehensible but for the sake of discussion I will allow others to see this and make any comments they care to.

    Shaun Dawson

  4. Squirt said

    Blight, I can understand your anger at having one of your “own” being violated but you don’t seem to be any more sane than the men who were sick enough to commit the crime against Alexandre Robert.

  5. Gayturkishandproud said

    Blight, i dont know what your problem is but i rather think you need a councellour……………………………………………………………….

    Me as a gay man ,with Meditarenian/Muslim descent,has it hard enough to handle the hate against gays from one site and the prejudice from so called “civilized europeans” against muslims from the other side!

    But cases like this are making the situation even harder.
    I feel sorry for this boy, but i also feel sorry for all unknown rape victims there and for all the gay ppl who are gettin any kinda repressions possible.
    Alexandre was happy enough to have rich parents with a lot of influence,the majority of these victims in the emirates havent got the same luck as he do.

  6. Michael said

    In Malaysia you go to prison for rape and they cane you, ripping your flesh off, then when it heals after about 3 months they do it again. And they repeat that for the 10 years. Low recidivism rate in Malaysia.

  7. Roxanne said

    Wow, I like Malaysia’s thinking. It is even better than castration.
    As for you Blight, boy you are scary (Nazi scary) but I have to agree that there is something to the culture of Arabs that makes them express sexual violence. If they want to be homosexual why all the violence, just be gay, like gayturkishandproud. There is no way that a man who is not gay or incarcerated is going to put his member in another man if he is not homo or bisexual. All 3 criminals are closeted homosexuals and I think the Arab culture tries to stifle homosexuality and so it is expressed through violence.

  8. Badr027 said

    what a sentencing!!! But I’m thankful at least that they are found guilty and given a sentence of 15 years. I was expecting death penalty as homosexuality in Shari’ah is a crime punishable by death. These people are willing to put to death people who willingly consent to sex outside or without marriage. I guess the sentencing is lenient because the perpetrators involved are men!!!

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