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The Dating Game

Posted by shadmia on April 26, 2008

Ladies, have you ever been on a first date that you would like to turn into a second date……..but it never happened? Are you confused, upset or just bewildered? Well Lauren Frances, author of Dating, Mating and Manhandling: The Ornithological Guide to Men has some advice that may just well turn that first date into a second or third one….if you want it to!

“What happened? I’m so confused. At first, he seemed to really like me. He made reservations, picked me up, and took me to a fabulous restaurant. But for some reason, over the course of dinner, he became a little cold and distant. By the time he dropped me off, he seemed withdrawn and just sped off into the night. I haven’t heard from him since! And I really liked him. I’m so bummed! What do you think happened?”

There are some simple rules, in fact 8 of them, that may lead to a satisfying first date and prospects for a successful second one. Below are Lauren’s Cardinal First Date rules:

  1. Don’t be negative about dating.
  2. Romance Rule: Be a romantic challenge, not a mental health challenge.

  3. Don’t get tipsy.
  4. Romantic Rule: Always stay sober enough to remember how naughty you were the night before!

  5. Don’t talk badly about your exes.
  6. Romantic Rule: We all have baggage. Keep it in the closet on first dates.

  7. Don’t spook your suitor.
  8. Romantic Rule: Confidence is sexy! Sometimes, thoughts are for the inside.

  9. Don’t talk about your personal pet peeves.
  10. Romantic Rule: You already know all about you. Keep your problems to yourself and get to know him.

  11. Don’t chase your date.
  12. Romantic Rule: When men chase you, they’re much less likely to fly away.

  13. Don’t keep squawking.
  14. Romantic Rule: Remember, sometimes less conversation really is more.

  15. Learn how to leave.
  16. Romantic Rule: If you’re on date number one and aren’t having fun, release your date back into the wild immediately.

All these rules are explained fully by clicking this link. Lauren Frances also hosts “Man Magnet Radio” on Karma Air. She claims to be a celebrity love coach and coaches some of Hollywood’s hottest stars, from Kate Walsh and Amy Brenneman to the steamy Slade Smiley and Jo De La Rosa.

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