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Alfie – A Father at 13-Years-Old?

Posted by shadmia on February 26, 2009

Dad Feeds BabyMaisie Alfie and ChantelleMaisie and Parents

13-Year-Old Alfie Patten of Eastbourne, East Sussex is father to a 7lb 3oz baby girl named Maisie Roxanne. The mother, 15-Year-Old Chantelle Steadman, says: There has been no one else in response to claims by a least two other boys who say the baby could be theirs.

14tyler-barkerRichard Goodsell-Year-Old Tyler Barker who claims that he is the father said: “It was routine for boys to stay over with Chantelle in her bed. But I only slept with her the once.”

16-Year-Old Richard Goodsell, a trainee chef says he and Chantelle have had sex at least three times and insists he is the father: “My friends tell me the baby has my eyes — even my mum thinks so.”

Chantelle’s mom, Penny, 38, says that reports of her daughter sleeping around are horrible: “I have never seen her so upset. To know that people are saying things like that about her is destroying her.”

AlfieAlfie Patten, who was 12-years-old when Chantelle conceived, insists that he is the father even though there have been as many as six boys claiming to be the father. Social Services had previously refused to pay for a DNA test but have since changed their position. According to Penny, Chantelle’s mom: “Social services agreed to do it for the sake of the children. The sooner it’s done the sooner Chantelle and Alfie can get on with being parents.”

The controversy has caused the temporary separation of Chantelle and Alfie. Penny insisted that until the DNA results came through she and 15-year-old Chantelle would remain with Maisie at the hideaway where they have fled to escape the cruel gossip. She said: “We don’t want to go back until Chantelle feels she can take the baby out in its pram without people shouting things at her.”

Interviews with both Chantelle and Alfie recorded by the Sun:

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5 Responses to “Alfie – A Father at 13-Years-Old?”

  1. Kendra said

    This is some Bull S**t guys do ya really this this poor baby face kid is the dad just look at his face his expression says”am a 13 year old kid that had sex with this chick don’t know what happen I wanna play some Xbox and go to sleep oh ya and the whole world wants to know if am reappoint dad bloody great day!!!! ” this chick is a normal teen that has sex with a lot I guys u get it teens now it days do that but she dose bit have to lie jst tell who the father is no ones Hanna kill u they already think your a slut wat di y have to loss??? Your virginity nope. Oh and I would consider going for that Richards guy his a chief B***t he’ll make ya food and he can drive …………………………….. Angry randome american hear.

  2. salah aljasmi said

    This is a very expected result of sociaties where the religon is no more respected by its people.

  3. salah aljasmi said

    Learn what the religon means to us

  4. Amanda said

    I believe richard is the father i mean look at that babys face and tell me hes not the daddy she looks just like him.

  5. brook said

    i respectt young love and i to want i child and i am onley 13 my bofriend 14 you should not care what peaple say family is family and will always be my mom had me at 15 so whats the big dael with you having a child with the one you love you inspire me to not even give a damned piece of shit about what peaple think i and many others should be free to do what we want with who we love even sex if we want becuose you will still be family no matter the age.

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