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I Thought That Lady Was Dead

Posted by shadmia on July 2, 2011

Melvin L Jackson, 49, of Kansas City, certainly raises depravity to new heights. There are two quotes from this story that stand out and give a horrifying insight into the mind of Melvin L Jackson. Read more here

Melvin L. Jackson was arrested Wednesday for allegedly sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in broad daylight — then telling police, “I thought that lady was dead.”


When police tried to interview Jackson, 49, he allegedly blurted, “Did that lady say I did something to her?”

If Jackson was just trying to make himself bad, he did an excellent job. How can anyone try to morph a sexual assault charge into a case of necrophilia. His defense/excuse was that he thought it was okay to have a forced sexual encounter with this woman because he thought she was dead. This happened in broad daylight in a public place. I hope his lawyer tried to bring an insanity defense before the court. 

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Father Rapes His Infant Daughter

Posted by shadmia on September 4, 2008

Reginald Davis, 18, of Forrest City, AR, has been accused of raping his 8-day-old baby daughter. Police also charged him with second-degree battery, because the baby also suffered a fractured skull in the attack, which occurred on Labor Day, Sept. 1, 2008. He was sent to St. Francis County Jail. At his first court appearance, the following Wednesday, the judge, citing the severity of the crime, raised his bail from $50,000 to $100,000.

According to police Davis was visiting with the 15-year-old mother of his daughter. The mother went into the bathroom to take a shower before going to bed. When she came out she found blood on her newborn baby. The girl and her family, accompanied by Davis, took the baby to Forrest City Medical Center where she was treated for rape and a fractured skull. The hospital also notified the police. It turned out that the little girl’s injuries were so bad she was transferred to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. The police arrested Davis.

Investigators say that at the time of the attack, there were other people in the house. The case is still under investigation and it is unknown if any other arrests will be made. Reginald Davis, according to the police, has had no criminal record since turning 18. They could not comment on whether he had a juvenile record because that information could not be released under Arkansas state law.

Reginald Davis’ mother said in a telephone interview that “he suffers from mental health issues.” According to Dr. Allen Battle, a psychologist with the UT Medical group:

“Seeking a baby is extremely rare.” He says “so many of the patience have been exposed to this behavior themselves. When they were kids in their formative stages.”

According to the Children’s Advocacy Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, recent reports of child sexual abuse is staggering:

  • 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys have been abused, with the average age being 3-years-old
  • 96% of the abusers are someone the child knows, loves and trusts
  • 75 cases were reported in 2000, 471 cases were reported in 2007

Davis is being held on a $100,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in circuit court on September 17.

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Doctor Accepts Oral Sex from Patient

Posted by shadmia on August 27, 2008

Australian doctor Martyn Mendelsohn, 49, from Sydney was accused of having non-consensual sexual intercourse with a woman during a consultation at his surgery in May 2005. The 49-year-old woman had claimed Dr Mendelsohn took advantage of her at his Hunters Hill practice. On the very day of the trial, the charge against the ear, nose and throat surgeon was dismissed. The Director of Public Prosecutions confirmed that this, and another charge dating back to 1999, would not be prosecuted:

“The DPP says that on the available evidence there was no reasonable prospect of a conviction,” the spokesman said.

That was not the end of Dr. Martyn Mendelsohn’s troubles. He is now facing a disciplinary hearing in front of the NSW Medical Board. The Healthcare Complaints Commission has launched an investigation into the matter. The board said Dr Mendelsohn would be free to practice but had certain conditions placed on him, including that he obtain the approval of the board before changing the nature or place of his practice, and that he have a third party, in this case a registered nurse, present while treating or interviewing patients.

The doctor has admitted to having oral sex with the 49-year-old woman in question. He however claims that she was the aggressor and was only showing him her gratitude for performing surgery on her nose after being hit by her boyfriend.

According to the woman, after the incident took place she asked her boyfriend to take her to the police where she accused the doctor of sexually assaulting her. She told police that Dr. Mendelsohn was kissing her, touching her breasts and ejaculating in her mouth.

Dr. Mendelsohn’s story is a lot different. He admitted that he allowed his patient to perform oral sex on him. He told the commission that she had arrived late at his surgery after the staff had gone home for the day and was demonstrably grateful that he had agreed to see her. He said she started to get flirtatious with him commenting on his looks and hugging him saying, “You look after me, I’ll look after you”.

“He says she then leaned down and unzipped his trousers and performed oral sex on him. He says she swallowed his semen and did not spit.” Mr Phillip Strickland, the commission’s barrister, said.

The doctor explained to the tribunal that he felt “devastated” after the incident. He performed surgery on her nose, but refused to continue the treatment after what happened. The NSW Medical Board has the power to remove the doctor from the medical registry if it feels that his behavior warrants it. The case continues….

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Doctor Charged with Molesting Patients

Posted by shadmia on July 24, 2008

Dr. Kevin Antario Brown, 37, was charged with a total of 19 counts, including rape, performing a lewd act on a 15-year-old child, sexual battery by fraud and sexual exploitation. All his victims were former patients including an undercover officer who was investigating the case. If convicted he could spend more than 25 years behind bars. See TV news coverage here.

Dr. Brown is a general practitioner medical doctor formerly practicing medicine at the Crenshaw Expo Medical Center, 3631 Crenshaw Boulevard, Los Angeles.

His problems all began when an unidentified 18-year-old girl complained to the police, in June 2007, that Dr. Brown had touched her inappropriately during a medical examination. The police launched a year-long investigation, using an undercover officer to pose as one of his patients. She was also molested.

Dr Kevin Antario Brown was arrested July 8 at his Los Angeles home and was initially charged with sexually molesting a female patient and a female undercover police officer. He was subsequently freed on $50,000 bail.

However, after his arrest more people came forward, claiming he also sexually molested them. Dr Brown was arrested again, this time on 19 felony counts including: performing a lewd act on a 15-year-old child, rape, sexual battery by fraud and sexual exploitation. The alleged crimes occurred between Nov. 6, 2006, and this May 31 2008. Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Ann Marie Wise, of the sex crimes division, said:

“Since we filed the charges, we have been flooded with phone calls, both from other alleged victims and from other agencies, saying: ‘By the way, we are looking at him for this.'”

Ann Marie Wise also said that there were more people involved than anticipated and that the investigation was not yet over and more charges were likely.

“We were certainly expecting additional women to come forward, but the number has been probably higher than we would usually expect in this sort of investigation. We didn’t want to rush and file all of them [alleged victims] all at once. We have finished interviewing some of the women, and others have come forward in the past two days and we haven’t spoken to them yet.”

Bail was set at $4 million as requested by the prosecution. They considered Dr Brown to be a flight risk. His father, Ewart Brown, is the premier of the island of Bermuda and they feared that he might try to flee there to avoid prosecution.

According to reports, an affidavit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court says that Dr. Brown is being investigated for allegedly over-prescribing the opiate painkiller Oxycontin. No charges have yet been filed in that case. Investigators are also probing Dr. Brown’s alleged role in a multi-million dollar medical fraud, the affidavit says. In recent years, doctors have been convicted of making fraudulent claims to Medi-Cal and Medi-Care – two bodies set up to provide medical aid to the poor.

Special Agent J. Timothy Fives,
of the Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse unit in the California Attorney General’s Office, said that during a raid on another doctor’s home in October, investigators obtained a list of those allegedly involved in the fraud. Dr. Brown’s name was on the list, Mr. Fives said. He says that doctors already convicted of fraud have told him that Dr. Brown recruited them into the scheme adding:

“Physicians have stated during interviews that they paid Dr. Brown a percentage of their income from fraudulent Medi-Cal and Medi-Care claims in payment for him setting them up in business.”

On top of his work as a doctor, Dr. Brown runs the Urban Health Institute, a charity set up to provide disaster relief in the U.S., Africa and elsewhere. The charity attracted controversy earlier this year when it was revealed Premier Ewart Brown used taxpayers’ funds to help sponsor a party thrown to benefit the charity. The Premier was a guest of his son at the charity poker event, held at the Playboy Mansion in L.A.

Premier Ewart Brown of Bermuda continues to have faith in his son saying: “I have been in touch with him and he denies the charges and we trust that he will be exonerated.”

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Austrian “Horror House” Discovered

Posted by shadmia on April 29, 2008

Josef Fritzl, 73, of Amstetten, Austria had 14 children, seven by his wife, Rosemarie, 69, and seven by his daughter, Elisabeth, 42. Josef is now behind bars in what the Austrian press describe as the case of the house of horrors.

It all began 24 years ago in 1984 when Josef, an electrical engineer, kidnapped, drugged and imprisoned his 18-year-old daughter in the basement of their home in Amstetten, an industrial town 75 miles west of Vienna. He then told his wife that their daughter had run away from home. He kept her locked in a 540-square-foot prison of underground rooms, which he had previously built, some barely large enough to stand upright in. He had planned the dungeon meticulously and it was well soundproofed. The door to the prison was concealed behind shelves and secured with an electronic lock to which only Fritzl had the code.

While in captivity, Elisabeth Fritzl gave birth to the seven children by her father, one of whom died shortly after birth, which Josef disposed of in a furnace. Each time Elisabeth became pregnant, Fritzl delivered the children himself. Of the six remaining children he took three of them – Lisa, now 16, Monika, 14, and Alexander, 11 – out of the cellar after birth and came up with an elaborate charade to explain their sudden appearance to his wife. The other three children – Kerstin, 19, Stefan, 18, and Felix, 5 – were left to be raised by Elisabeth in his home-made dungeon.

Josef’s 18-year imprisonment of his daughter came to an end when Kerstin became seriously ill and had to be taken to hospital. Medical authorities at the hospital became suspicious and called the police. Josef was picked up, and later under questioning, revealed the existence of the basement prison. Police freed Elisabeth Fritzl and the two other children, all of whom were quickly put in the care of medical and mental health experts. Elisabeth, although “greatly disturbed“, agreed to give them a full statement – on condition that they made sure she would never have to see her father again. She claimed that she had been sexually abused by him since age 11. Fritzl appeared briefly in court and was sent to jail to await trial. He faces a15-year sentence if convicted of rape.

Senior police officer, Dr Franz Prucher, says the criminal case has shaken the force.

“We’re being confronted with an unfathomable crime,” Austria’s interior minister, Günther Platter, said as the details began to unfold. “This case is one of incomprehensible brutality and horror, the most shattering and serious case of its kind that has ever come to light in Austria.”

Questions were being asked by everyone from commentators and parents to psychologists and politicians, as to how what the Austrian press has dubbed the “house of horrors” case had come to happen in the small town of Amstetten.

“There are pressing questions raised by this monstrous crime which need to be put to a rich, self-satisfied society in which during a quarter of a century what was happening in the immediate vicinity went apparently unnoticed,” Petra Stuiber wrote in a commentary in the Austrian liberal daily Der Standard.

“How is it possible that no one ever heard or saw anything, how can it be that no one ever asked questions?” she wrote. “What does it say about neighbors, relations, acquaintances and not least about authorities who had anything to do with the family, that the perpetrator succeeded in ‘deceiving’ everybody?”

Local social services told the Austrian Press Agency that there appeared to be nothing suspicious about the family and that Mr Fritzl managed to explain “very plausibly” how three of his infant grandchildren had turned up on his doorstep. Even his wife, Rosemarie Fritzl, “had no idea” what was going on, according to the police, and was devastated to hear of her husband’s alleged crimes. She apparently accepted her husband’s explanation that Elisabeth had run off to join a religious cult at the age of 18 – and that over the intervening years dumped three babies on their doorstep with notes saying she could not cope.

Amstetten’s local governor, Hans-Heinz Lenze, told Austria’s public broadcaster ORF that the children had had regular visits from social workers, who never heard any complaints or noticed anything to arouse their suspicions. He said they were well-behaved at school and fitted in well with their classmates. The three were apparently unaware of their mother’s existence, let alone that their siblings Kerstin, Stefan and Felix were living below them. Mr Lenze also told ORF that Mr Fritzl had telephoned him last week and thanked him and the social services for looking after his family during his granddaughter Kerstin’s illness.

Josef Fritzl, who does have a criminal record, is believed to have spent time in prison in the 1960s for the assault and also has at least one other conviction, for arson, according to Austrian police. Prosecutors are understood to be trawling through court records to find details of his previous offences to see if they shed light on what they have described as his “unfathomable” actions to his own family. The revelation he already has a criminal record will increase the anger that his behavior could have gone undetected by social services for almost a quarter of a century. It also indicates his wife Rosemarie must have been aware – at least to some degree – of her husband’s sinister side.

Investigators are also desperate to determine how his victims could have been hidden away for so long from their neighbors and everyone else in the town, which has a population of just 23,000. They are said to be examining the padded walls of the cellar to work out whether the children’s screams could be heard by neighbors.

Meanwhile, residents refuse to believe Fritzl could have acted alone, while others cannot believe that the “normal” family were hiding such a horrendous secret.

Anita Fabian, a teacher in the town, said: “How is it possible that no one knew anything for years? This was not possible without accomplices.”

Guenter Pramreiter, who owns a bakery down the street from the Fritzls’ home said the couple were regular customers.

“They appeared normal, just like any other family,” he said. “I’m totally shocked. This was next door. It’s terrible.”

See More Video News Coverage Here.

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Beth Modica Pleads Guilty

Posted by shadmia on April 13, 2008

Beth Modica, 44, a former prosecutor and mother of four children, admitted in court that she had sex with two teenage boys in her Sloatsburg home during the summer. She now faces a maximum of 2 years in state prison. Modica was indicted in January on five felony sex counts, five misdemeanor counts of third-degree sexual abuse and 25 misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child. The endangering counts involved the providing or sharing of alcohol and marijuana with the two boys and five other minors during July and August. She did not plead to those counts. See more on Beth Modica here.

Based on her guilty plea, Modica also faces 10 years post-release supervision, registering as a sex offender and paying about $1,300 in DNA testing and court fees. She also will be disbarred. The judge ordered Modica held in Rockland County jail until her June 13 sentencing. Jail officials transferred Modica to an upstate facility for her own protection.

Standing with Gerard Damiani of New City, her lawyer, Modica admitted that in July she had intercourse with a 15-year-old boy in her bed and gave oral sex to a 16-year-old boy in the bathroom of her home. Modica admitted she knew that both Suffern High School boys – who were friends with her eldest son who is 16 – were underage when she had sex with them. She had been accused of providing oral sex to the 15-year-old on several other occasions.

Damiani still hopes to persuade acting state Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bartlett to sentence Modica to county jail time or probation. He said Modica suffered what psychiatrists would call “disassociation.” He has cited her civic works and life as a mother and as a prosecutor and municipal lawyer, jobs she lost because of her actions. A presentencing hearing has been scheduled for June 4.

“Her conduct was an aberration,” Damiani said. “She has acknowledged her responsibility since the beginning. She didn’t want to put her family or any of the quote unquote victims through a trial. We hope to convince the judge to give her a more reasonable sentence,” he said.

Rockland District Attorney Thomas Zugibe said that the state prison sentence was the harshest he knew of for such a case. He said he considered Modica a child predator and the teen males victims, even if they and some other people in society don’t. He noted the law doesn’t distinguish between gender.

“The fact that the victims are males as opposed to females is irrelevant,” Zugibe said. “The psychological impact on the male victim is not always known. I am certain there are long-term effects on the kids.”

As she pleaded guilty, Modica’s mother and brother listened in the courtroom. So did her estranged husband, Spring Valley Police Chief Paul Modica, who sat on the other side of the courtroom from Modica’s mother with his hands clenched in his lap. See TV reports of her guilty plea here.

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