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The Fattest People on Earth

Posted by shadmia on January 5, 2011

It is widely accepted that many Americans are overweight. Lots of processed fatty foods served fast are to blame. However the place where the most overweight people per capita can be found is not in the United States…..and it may surprise you where they can be found.

The tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru (formerly known as Pleasant Island) holds that “honor”. At only 8.1 sq. miles, with a population of less than 10,000 people, it is the smallest independent republic on earth. Nauru lies between Hawaii and Australia. It’s nearest neighbor is over 400 miles away. Ninety-five percent of the island’s adult population is overweight, and 85 percent of the male adult population is obese, according to ABC News.

See an ABC documentary here

Nauru’s population suffers from a diet of mostly imported fat-laden, sugar-enhanced food. Half of the residents suffer from Type II diabetes, the highest prevalence of this disease in the world. The average life expectancy on the island is less than 50 years. They have recently begun health and exercise programs especially for the young people in an effort to combat this disease.

For more on Nauru check this link

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