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“Pinky” Won’t Face Murder Charges in Levi Flores’ Death

Posted by shadmia on January 26, 2010

The 13-year-old boy known as “Pinky” will not face murder charges in the stabbing death of 17-year-old Levi King Flores. Instead a grand jury, finding there was not enough evidence to support a second-degree murder charge, opted instead to charge him with:

  • 1 Count Second-Degree Manslaughter (felony)
  • 3 Counts of Second-Degree Assault (felonies)
  • 1 Count of Fourth-Degree Misdemeanor Criminal Possession of a Weapon.

Also, he will no longer be charged as an adult. According to state law, his age and the reduction in charges require that he be tried in Family Court. He was arraigned on Wednesday Jan. 20.

A trial date of Feb 3 at 1:30 pm has been set. Family Court judge Andrew Bivona will preside. Orange county attorney David Darwin said he would appoint a senior assistant in the Family Law division to prosecute the case. There has been no word on who the defense lawyer will be.

According to the Times Herald Record, supporters of Levi King Flores attacked the 13-year-old while he was in detention at a youth facility in Westchester County. He has since been moved to another facility further away in Western New York. Although there has been no outbreak of violence, the police have been closely monitoring the situation on the streets of Newburgh and have placed extra patrols near the schools.

For more information on the stabbing death and funeral of Levi Flores click on the following articles: RIP Levi King Flores and Vaya Con Dios Levi King Flores

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