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Christopher “Dudus” Coke Wanted

Posted by shadmia on October 31, 2009

Christopher Dudus Coke

Christopher “Dudus” Coke, 40, a Jamaican national, is wanted by the US authorities on a number of drug and weapon offenses. See the story here.

The U.S. has officially asked the Jamaican government to hand him over to face those charges and has complained about the tardiness on the part of Jamaican government to do so. See the extradition request here.

“The U.S. government is looking forward to the Jamaican government respecting their obligations under the treaty,” Patricia Attkisson, spokeswoman for the U.S. Embassy in Kingston, said.

Acknowledging the request for Christopher Dudus Coke’s extradition, a Jamaican official responded:

“The Government has been notified and discussions are taking place. It is principally the prerogative of the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General’s office”, Foreign Affairs Minister Kenneth Baugh said.

Coke’s lawyer, Tom Tavares-Finson, said he had not seen any paperwork and did not know why the U.S. was interested in his client. He claimed that Coke had no connections with the United States and was also not sure if his client would turn himself in voluntarily.

“We’re waiting to hear what the decision is,” said Tavares-Finson, who has dismissed the U.S. charges as “hype.”

According to reports, Coke is the alleged leader of the “Shower Posse” gang. He is charged in the U.S. Southern District of New York with conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana and conspiracy to illegally traffic in firearms. Coke faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted. Under the Extradition Treaty, accused persons do not have to sell illicit drugs in the United States to be convicted in that country. See a report in the Jamaican newspaper the Jamaica Gleaner concerning the U.S.- Jamaican Extradition Treaty.

Christopher Coke is not only politically well-connected to the governing party in Jamaica, the JLP (Jamaica Labour Party), he is also the recognized leader of his community of Tivoli Gardens in downtown Kingston. His influence stretches across the entire island of Jamaica and overseas to the U.S. and England. His extradition to the U.S. would likely have huge ramifications among his followers and his community.

Another Jamaican newspaper, the Jamaica Observer gives this perspective on Coke, as well as some background information. His aliases include Dudus, President and Shortman:

“He is the leading figure among JLP garrisons and many leaders in those communities report to him. He is tremendously powerful and is feared by friends and foes alike”

According to an article in, there could be social unrest if Coke was to be extradited. He has the legitimacy that the government can only envy among the urban poor. A Caribbean scholar with knowledge of the workings of inner-city communities across the region put it this way:

“For the people, legitimacy in the Government stops at Carib 5 cinema (in Cross Roads). From that point down, he (Dudus) is more legitimate than the Government. He has a monopoly of force and consensual power because he has legitimacy that the Government of Jamaica cannot even dream to have where the urban poor is concerned.”

What does a government do when they have created a government within a government? What do they now do when they have to hand up this government to another government?” he asked. “He (Dudus) can get kids to be off the street at 8:30 pm. The Government does not even have the power to scratch anybody’s hair much more to do something like that. People feel safer in Tivoli Gardens than anywhere else. It is the safest garrison. This is touchy. In a country that barely understands order, you have found somebody to provide order in the midst of chaos because downtown is chaos. What do you do with him?”

The government in Jamaica is under pressure to respond to the U.S. request for extradition from the opposition party the PNP (People’s National Party). Peter Bunting, Opposition spokesman on national security, claims that the Government’s failure to extradite Tivoli Gardens strongman, Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, has caused a stand-off between Washington and Kingston.

Peter Bunting, said in a press statement that the longer the Government took to honor the US request to send Coke to stand trial, the country’s national interests and international reputation was being jeopardized.

“It is completely untrue,” said Minister of Justice and Attorney General Dorothy Lightbourne:

“The Jamaican Government has, indeed, responded through the channels laid down in the Extradition Treaty between Jamaica and the United States and there is ongoing communication between the authorities of both states,” she said in a press statement.

There has also been criticism of Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Bruce Golding. Tivoli Gardens is his constituency and he has mostly been silent on the requested extradition of Christopher Coke. An editorial asked a question that Prime Minister Golding needs to answer clearly and unequivocally:

That question is “whether the Government’s loyalties lie with those who hold that the end justifies the means or the citizens of this country who are committed to order and the rule of law”.

According to Claude Robinson, a journalist with the Jamaica Observer:

All that can be expected of the Prime Minister is a simple and clear statement acknowledging the request and affirming that it will be dealt with in accordance with our democracy and our constitution without regard to the political affiliation of the target of the request. Once that due process is complete, the country will be told the full outcome. That’s all that was expected from the prime minister. He should have delivered.

So the question remains, as it has for over two months now:

Will the Jamaican government hand over Christopher “Dudus” Coke to the U.S. authorities to answer the criminal charges against him?

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10 Responses to “Christopher “Dudus” Coke Wanted”

  1. alvia said

    bruce should go with him they are one of a kind

  2. beyonce said

    american dont have strong evidence on him.and also they believe that all jamaicans deal drugs.america have a lot of drug dealer do they go out to find them i dont think bruce should let the american gov fuck off excused my language am very mad because of what the american gov is doing to the other people out there. taking away visas. that dont have anything to do with the people of jamaica.

  3. petagaye said

    We as a country need to identify a common standard that applies equally to all our citizens. Whether you are a “Don” or just a man, regardless of your political affiliation or the size of your bank account. The Law should apply to all people equally. I think when you have a government that wagers the freedom of one well connected individual for the prosperity and safety of an entire nation you find yourself in an impossible situation. This is a very dangerous and unbalanced position to be in . This is a very dangerous game being played and the odds are not in the favour of the Jamaican people or its Government. I want to believe Prime Minister Goulding is an intelligent man. I want to believe he really cares about the Jamaican people regardless of their political affiliation or their economic status. The truth is based solely on what the Prime Minister does it is quite obvious who matters to him. Jamaican citizens the enemy here is not the American Government; It is in fact the gangsters of our society that continue to terrorize us and put our future, and our childeren’s future at risk. These Gangsters are not always obvious, they may come in the form of politicians, king pings, Dons, or common criminals, the result is still the same. We are held hostage. Wake up! your very lives depends on it. Our biggest enemy in Jamaica is firstly our ignorance at it relates to our political leaders. We need to stop writing these folks a blank check, we do it over and over again they wine and dine us during the elections they talk a good game and in reality the politicians and the gangsters are on the same team. Why is it the crime rate is so high; why is it that drug traffiking is so rampant? Is it possible that Mr. Golding’s fear is if he doesn’t protect Mr. Christopher Coke with all his might his political career and whatever credibility he has left will go up in smoke. Let us really analyze this situation if it was not in Mr. Golding’s best interest to stall this extradition he would not take the position he has taken.. Now the the real question, Is the Prime Minister of Jamaica really worthy of the title he holds and what are we the Jamaican people’s answer to this pickle we find ourselves in? We need to clean house completely I firmly believe there is not one politician in Jamaica that is deserving of the privilege to serve our people. We need a whole new breed of leaders by the people and for the people. This is not about PNP or JLP this is about being Jamaican and the legacy we pass on to our childeren… the answers to our prayers lies in us not in a DON and certainly not any politician Jamaica’s greatest resource is her people this has always been and will always be the case.. Arise from your sleepy slumber and see things for what they really are! Peace and love to all !

  4. shotta2k3 said

    rightly said petagaye. Let justice prevail

  5. Devante said


  6. manhattan said

    Bruce Golding is selling out Jamaica. There is no reason why this criminal should not be subject to the law just like anybody else.

  7. JR said

    Hold on just a minute..for a moment let me open your minds on the politics of Jamaica and the United States, but before I do so, I would like to briefly comment on Petagaye’s post. If we were to get rid of all the party’s (JLP, PNP) then the country would only be run by Don’s and crimminal elements, there will be chaos. Now I will get back to Bruce and I am not just posting this in defense of him because he is family, does anyone in their right mind believe that Mr. Coke would not be extradited more sooner than later, simply put one man cannot hold up the progress of a country, I don’t care if it is the Pope, if the Vatican’s feet was held to the fire, they would have eventually given up “papa” just as Bruce as given up Mr. Coke. This is all politics, there is a game being played and folks this is a more advanced game, it is not domino, checkers or chess. Why do you think Bruce held off the US government for so long, come on folks wake up. He wants a meeting with the President of USA, yes Mr. Obama himself, more sooner than later. Do you folks think giving up Mr. Coke easily would have garnered this summit. Mr. Obama and Mr. Golding will soon sit down, not with a group of Caribbean nations, but on a one and one, trust me on this. Holding back Mr. Coke is merely a vehicle to get to that meeting, people sit back and allow Mr. Golding to do his job, the job he was elected to do. Mr. Obama was getting the same fight here, fortunately America has money and lots of it to bail out the nation, so that it can continue as a prosperous nation, Jamaica on the other hand does not have that luxury. Is Mr. Coke guilty, that is not for me or you to decide, the courts will do that, an indictment is nothing, the courts (grand jury) will indite a “ham sandwich” if the evidence is presented properly. Mr. Coke has lawyers, let them do their job. Now I will like to touch on one other point before I go, the sale of Air Jamaica, folks again do not cry and blame the leadership, for too long we as a people keep holding on to things (cars, houses, relationships etc) that are dragging us down, Jamaica sold the airlines because JA needs money to run the government, simply put. Blame the previous party, for during the years of plenty (13)yrs in power, there was nothing put aside for that rainy day. What they didnt believe it would happen. I say good move Bruce, now bring in 10 more air carriers so that they can compete for the tourist dollars and tax the air carriers so that JA can use those revenues to help run the country. Again folks allow your leader to lead, it is difficult times all over the world, not just in JA, folks do not need to be asking for pay raises, and threatening to walk of the job, causing further chaos. This is our country and we should adapt an attitude of what can I do to make it the JA I want it to be.

  8. Gallardo said

    Well, as a Cuban who is not too familiar with Jamaican politics and thus sees things from a wider scope, I must say that I am tired of USA’s myopic international demands on the matter. Since 1959 my neighboring nation has had a Stalinist sect-like tyranny comfortably slaving, dragging, and bounding my nation (one that by 1958 was super ahead of all the Caribbean) into ruin, ignorance, and demoralization 90 miles off of Florida; and rest assure, it has been a regime that has financed, trained, and armed bloody, power hungry, and drug trafficking groups all across Central and South America in the hopes of spreading its tentacles.

    The Colombian guerrilla FARC for example had its communist founders trained in Cuba and aside from their kidnaps, terrorist attacks, extortions, and political murders, they are today one of the main producers of cocaine today working along Castro wanna-be Chavez. Also, Nicaragua’s Sandinistas who provoked a civil war were armed by Cuba, El Salvador’s FMLN which also provoked a civil war (one of 12 years) was also armed by Cuba, plus the fact that Cuba itself has, aside from it all, also trafficked cocaine to the point of Castro killing a couple of his own generals to cover it up (General Ochoa, among others). The thing is that Castro took power after USA betrayed its alley, after Castro robbed billion$ from Cubans and American investors, and did so on a nation that had an American military base on its very soil since the Spanish-American War. A base that was not even able to block Soviet shipments or ever give a single Cuban a pistol . I mean, really? Then they claimed that USSR would commit nuclear suicide over Cuba to cover up. Let’s think about this. Then they send half their youth to waste blood for 11 years half a world away in the jungles of Vietnam, really? It all sounds very stupid because it is.

    So while they prop and leave Castro, a bastion of Stalinist totalitarianism alone for half a century, they do go take Noriega out of Panama in a weekend for trafficking cocaine and demand Jamaica’s democratic government and its police to put their lives in danger to get street thugs for them?

    I am sorry, but it is Jamaican’s decision who it wants to get unless the USA is whiling to pay for the effort. It seems all USA cares about is cutting Hollywood’s cocaine supply, and believe me, there are bigger problems. Plus, for what all those Hollywood liberal punks are worth Jamaica could use the money.

  9. south said

    petagaye:I cannot help but say that ur comment irritates me. Jamaica’s biggest enemy if your explore its history has and will always be the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. Your comment just shows how brainwashed you are.

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