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Honeymoon in Jail

Posted by shadmia on October 13, 2009

Brian DykesMindy McGhee

I know love can make one do strange things and I would assume that a newly wed couple would want to spend some quality time together. Well, Brian Dykes and Mindy McGhee‘s idea of quality time landed the Tennessee honeymooners in big trouble on their wedding night.

Brian Dykes and Mindy McGhee were married Wednesday at the Angel’s View Wedding Chapel in Sevierville’s Black Bear Ridge Resort where  they also rented one of the resort cabins.

According to a police report, a resort worker  noticed the couple’s car back outside the chapel around 1:00 a.m. After the car left, the worker found the chapel had been burglarized and a lock-box with cash was missing.

Sevier County sheriff’s deputies found Dykes and McGhee at a Pigeon Forge restaurant. The sheriff’s department said the couple confessed and turned over a lock-box with nearly $500.

They are being held in the Sevier County Jail on bonds of $10,000 each. Hopefully they are in different cells, just in case they come up with another crazy scheme – like trying to break out of jail.

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