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Doctors Accused of Child Sexual Abuse

Posted by shadmia on October 12, 2009

Mark BlankenburgThe Blankenburg TwinsScott Blankenburg

Ordinarily parents would have no hesitation in taking their child to see a pediatrician. However, in the case of Dr. Mark Blankenburg, 53,  prosecutors have raised serious doubts as to whether he was practicing medicine or was using his medical license to practice pedophilia.

Dr. Mark Blankenburg of Hamilton, Ohio has been charged with 54 offenses, ranging from gross sexual imposition to bribery to drug trafficking and various other offenses. His bail was set at $1 million. He is accused of abusing four young boys all between the ages of 8 and 15. Most of the offenses occurred in his office while conducting medical examinations.

Dr. Mark Blankenburg’s twin brother, Scott – who is also a pediatrician – with whom he shares a house, was also charged with a total of 22 counts, including multiple counts of child abuse. His bail was set at $500,00. Both brothers are charged with possession of child pornography also found inside their home.

Prosecutors allege that the brothers engaged in a long term pattern of sexual abuse of young boys stretching back as far of 1990. The victims would be offered money and drugs to keep the abuse quiet. They each face separate trials. The trial of Dr. Mark Blankenburg is ongoing. His brother Scott’s trial is scheduled for April of next year.

One patient says Blankenburg, who was also his Little League coach, began molesting him when he was 13 and gave him $200.

Another patient was 14 or 15 when Blankenburg molested him and stuck $200 in his hand as he left an examining room. A third was about 14 when he was assaulted and also given money, he said.

A fourth has said he was around 8 years old when Blankenburg first fondled him.

The father of one of the victims talks about how the encounters with Dr. Mark Blankenburg affected his son. See video clip below.

Click link for background and full coverage of this trial.

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One Response to “Doctors Accused of Child Sexual Abuse”

  1. Ted said

    There’s another similar child molestation case in California which involves child psychiatrist Dr. William Ayres. Ayres was arrested in 2007 for molesting young boys sent to him for therapy. 45 victims have come forward. Ayres also had “child erotica” in his home. Perhaps he is pals with the Blankenburg twins.

    Good source of info for the ongoing Ayres case is

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