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Was Baby Yair Carrillo For Sale?

Posted by shadmia on October 7, 2009

Maria GurrollaYair Anthony CarilloTammy Silas

30-year-old Maria Gurrolla was not only devastated at the loss of her 4-day-old son, Yair Anthony Carrillo, she was also a bloody mess. A woman, later identified as Tammy Renee Silas,39, approached Maria at home at 3816 East Ridge Dr., Nashville, Tn., claiming to be an immigration officer who had come to arrest her.

The “immigration officer” proceeded to attack Maria, stabbing her multiple times. Maria managed to escape and ran to one of her neighbors for help. When she returned to her home she discovered that the “immigration officer” had left, taking Maria’s 4-day-old son with her. An amber alert was also issued.

The police were able to locate and arrest Tammy Renee Silas, at her home in Ardmore, Alabama about 80 away. Silas is charged with the federal offense of kidnapping. She is also accused of attacking Maria Gurrolla with a knife and stealing her then 4-day-old baby. The FBI is holding Silas in the Morgan County Jail in Alabama. She’ll appear in federal court when U.S. Marshals bring her back to Nashville.

Maria Gurrolla was notified that her baby was found. She went with her other 3 children, aged 3, 9, and 11 to get her infant son. After allowing her a brief visit with him, state welfare officials took him and the other three children and placed them in foster care, without much explanation except to say that it was for the safety of the children.

It was later learned that Department of Children’s Services received credible reports that Maria was trying to sell her baby.

A statement released by DCS had said, in part, that “the Department of Children’s Services still had concerns about the well-being and safety of (her other) children, based on credible and serious information that we are currently receiving.”

See Video Clip Here

However, one day later, Metro police agreed that Yair should be returned to the custody of his parents and a Juvenile Court agreed. Maria Gurrolla has now been reunited with all of her children. A family member said that Gurolla and her family are currently staying with another relative right now because she is afraid to go back to her home where the attack happened.

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