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Lubna Hussein Goes to Jail

Posted by shadmia on September 8, 2009

Lubna Hussein 2

Lubna Ahmed Hussein, was found guilty of “dressing indecently” under article 152 of Sudanese criminal law. She was given a choice: Pay 500 Sudanese pounds ($209) or go to jail for a month. She chose to go to jail.

Lubna was not accused of being scantly or even provocatively dressed. She was accused of wearing pants. The normal penalty for this crime is a fine of 250 Sudanese pounds (about $100) and 40 lashes. For all the details of the Lubna Ahmed Hussein case click here.

“She’s in jail now,” said her lawyer, Nabil Adib.

“She thinks she was unfairly tried and convicted and was not given a proper chance to put her defence case,” Mr Adib said.

According to Mr Adib, she pleaded “not guilty” during her one-day trial. She was not allowed to call defense witnesses or present a defense case, he added. He said Ms Hussein would appeal to both the Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court.

They intend to file an appeal within the next three days, “but we do not know how long it will take the court of appeals to decide on the case,” said Adib. He said Lubna could be in jail for a month unless her verdict is overturned.

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One Response to “Lubna Hussein Goes to Jail”

  1. weayaya said

    Once again, men making rules to exert power over women under a mask of religion and culture. The whole world should be protesting against this harsh sentence and about the fact that the case was ever brought to court in the first place.

    I admire Ms Hussein’s courage in standing up for her rights and her dignity.

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