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High Teens Crash into Police Car

Posted by shadmia on September 3, 2009

Cameron Marchiori, 17, and Nicholas Evanoff, 18, are in a lot of trouble. The two teens from Fraser, Mi. face felony charges of theft, alcohol possession, resisting arrest and destruction of police property after crashing into a police cruiser with a lawnmower.

See video clip below:

According to the Fraser police, an officer was investigating a number of 911 calls from concerned citizens about two teens on a lawnmower. He ran into them, or rather they ran into him, near the intersection of 15 Mile and Utica roads.

Cameron Marchiori, 17, who was high after inhaling from aerosol cans he and his friend, Nicholas Evanoff, 18, had bought at the local Meijer, was driving a stolen lawnmower. He was so intent on controlling the lawnmower that he did not notice the police car until it was too late to stop. The collision between the lawnmower and police cruiser was caught on the police car dashcam video.

Nicholas Evanoff attempted to run after the accident occured but was quickly caught. Both teens were charged with receiving and concealing stolen property and possession of alcohol. Marchiori also was charged with malicious destruction of property. Evanoff was charged with resisting and obstructing police. Both were arraigned in 39B District Court in Fraser. Marchiori was ordered held on 10% of a $10,000 bond. Evanoff was ordered held on 10% of a $5,000 bond, said Lt. Dan Kolke of the Fraser Police Department.

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4 Responses to “High Teens Crash into Police Car”

  1. CC said

    The Marchioris always have been bad eggs, not a big surprise there. On the other hand, plenty of once decent kids have turned drug addicted loser in Fraser, many die soon after. Get your shit together people! You need to do drugs SO badly that you take a tractor in order to go by shit to huff? Can’t afford anymore Heroin? I hope they both realize the facts of reality–that they are both losers, losers that have made nation news–and go to rehab.

    Something is rotten in Fraser; that’s for certain.

  2. Yahhhhhh said

    he couldnt stop it cause he didnt kno how to fuckin use it ……. soo keep makin everything into fuckin exaggeration

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