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Virginity For Sale at Auction

Posted by shadmia on July 24, 2009

Evelyn Duenas 3Evelyn Duenas

Evelyn Duenas, 28, is from Ecuador but lives in Valencia, Spain. Evelyn needs money, not just for herself (she wants to go to Med. school) but also for her mother in Ecuador who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. That is why she has decided to sell, to the highest bidder, her most precious possession – her virginity – on a Latin American website.

“It’s a great sacrifice, but I’m doing it for my mother. I don’t think it will solve all my problems, but it will give me some financial stability,” Ms Duenas said. “I don’t care what people think.”

However Evelyn does not come cheap and she has many conditions. She recently turned down an offer of 2,350,000 euros (about $US 3.3 million) because her conditions were not acceptable to the “purchaser”. So what are her conditions? See the list below.

  • Must have a medical certificate proving good health
  • Must use a condom
  • One night only
  • No kisses or caresses
  • She picks the venue (and may bring a trusted friend)

Below is a brief interview with Evelyn which can also be found here.

Evelyn also did a more in depth radio interview in Spain where she explains her motives and talks about her plans, her parents and why she was still a virgin at 28 years old (very strict, religious upbringing.) Listen below (in Spanish only)

However if you are thinking that Evelyn had a unique idea… way! Its been done before! At least three times before!

Natalie Dylan

American Natalie Dylan sold hers for US$3.7 million but the deal was never ‘consummated’ after the winning bidder’s wife objected (bitch!). She did burn his $250,000 deposit, though. See more of Natalie here

Raffaella Fico

Raffella Fico, an Italian swimsuit model, had a price of $1.5 million on hers but there is no evidence that she followed through. Currently not a virgin thanks to Ronaldo!!

Alina Percea

Romanian, Alina Percea, let hers go (relatively) cheaply; for $13,000 she did follow through and supposedly enjoyed it. Interesting to note here is that going bareback was part of the deal!

Getting back to Evelyn Duenas, there may be some hope for her from an unexpected source – EcuadorThe government of Ecuador may offer to help Evelyn and her family if she can be persuaded to cancel the auction. They are trying to get in touch with her before making a firm commitment. They may also offer Evelyn a scholarship so she can pursue a medical degree.

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One Response to “Virginity For Sale at Auction”

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