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Gates Arrested in His Own Home

Posted by shadmia on July 23, 2009

Henry Louis Gates 2Henry Louis Gates 4Henry Louis Gates 3

Henry Louis “Skip” Gates, Jr. (born September 16, 1950) is an American literary critic, educator, scholar, writer, editor, and public intellectual. Gates currently serves as the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor at Harvard University, where he is Director of the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research.

The above was taken from his Wikipedia biography. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is also Black. Whether this fact played a role in his arrest at his own home or not is as matter of conjecture. Below is one account of what happened when police were summoned to his house, because a neighbor, identified as Lucia Whalen, thought that two Black men were trying to break in. See Video here

The President, Barack Obama, was asked at a news conference what he thought of the incidence. Obama called Gates a friend, and said he doesn’t know all the facts of the case but he said:

“Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof he was in own home,” Obama said.

See Video Here

“What I think we know separate and apart from this incident is that there’s a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately,” Obama said. “That’s just a fact.”

The police sergeant accused of racism after he arrested Gates insisted that he won’t apologize. Police say Gates at first refused to display ID and then accused the officer of racism. Sgt. James Crowley said he followed proper procedures in arresting Gates.

Crowley said he was disappointed by the national debate triggered by the incident and insisted he followed proper procedures in arresting Gates last week in Cambridge on a charge of disorderly conduct.

APTOPIX Harvard Scholar Disorderly

“I’m outraged,” Gates said in extensive comments made to, a Web site he oversees.

“I can’t believe that an individual policeman on the Cambridge police force would treat any African-American male this way, and I am astonished that this happened to me; and more importantly I’m astonished that it could happen to any citizen of the United States, no matter what their race.

There are 1 million black men in the prison system, and on Thursday I became one of them,” he said. “I would sooner have believed the sky was going to fall from the heavens than I would have believed this could happen to me. It shouldn’t have happened to me, and it shouldn’t happen to anyone.”

He spoke of a “terrifying and humiliating” experience at the Cambridge jail, where he was booked, fingerprinted, photographed and questioned, then locked up in a tiny cell that made him claustrophobic. He said he wants an apology from the officer, Sgt. James Crowley. He also said he planned to talk to his legal team about the next step.

Prosecutors dropped a disorderly conduct charge against Henry Louis Gates Jr. The city of Cambridge called the arrest “regrettable and unfortunate,” and police and Gates agreed that dropping the charge was a just resolution.

The city of Cambridge, a Boston suburb, released a statement saying the situation “should not be viewed as one that demeans the character and reputation of professor Gates or the character of the Cambridge Police Department.

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178 Responses to “Gates Arrested in His Own Home”

  1. Gabrielle said

    I think Pres. Obama should not have made a comment. After I read the two police reports it appeared to me that the police officer was trying to do his job. I really feel Prof. Gates “over-reacted” and HE escalated the situation…which began when Prof. Gate’s neighbor called police to investigate a possible break-in. One thing that does not remain clear is if the “reporting neighbor” ever met her neighbor Prof. Gates. It appears she does not know him. It also appears that Prof. Gates is too caught up on the subject of racism. On my block my neighbors and myself would also call the police if we thought a break-in was occuring…regardless of any race.

    • ryan said

      It seems as if you are taking ONLY the story of the Police officers. To be honest i’ve read both, and both I don’t agree with. It seems as if the truth has been stretched! And it seems as if the arrest was wrong, because if he was really in the wrong, would his charges have been dropped?

      • Steel609 said

        You sir, have no clue how the world works.

        The charges were dropped because in today’s society, if a black man yells discrimination, everyone gets afraid they will get sued or labeled a racist.

        It’s total BS.

      • nate said

        Obama keeps making that guaranteed 8 year term look more like a 4 year term. The self destruction of a true liberal is under way. When did he become part of the sharpton, j. jackson circle? He owes it to this officer to get it right. I had the same thing happen, was forced to sit on the curb in front of my own house. Do I understand why? of course. We’re all subject to the power of the Law. It’s our friend not our enemy.

    • Jeff said

      Gates was arrested for “disorderly conduct” the officer did not arrest him for breaking & entering. Gates most likely was mouthing off to the officer & the officer did not want to take it any more. If it was a white guy mouthing off to the officer the same thing would happen.

      I see in the picture that there are other officers (1 black officer)- what do they say?

      This is why all officers need to have a microphone recorder.

      If it was a black officer arresting him this would not be an issue.

      • Michael W said

        I have seen Gates on news channels before and found his insights clarifying. However, after reading the arrest report, which was confirmed by another officer, it appears that he shares some of the burden of responsibility for the incident. Anyone who is uncooperative with authorities may be placed under arrest. You see the same senario play out on the T.V. series “Cops” when a caucasion individual acts in a similar manner. I hope Gates and the officer can get past this and help educate all Americans on how to behave with authority. Afterall, if a student of Gates acted in this manner I would hope that he would respond by escorting them off campus.

    • John Doe said

      I’ve been reading quite a few responses to this incident. Nearly all of the people that support gates do so based solely on his character, and don’t have much to say about the actions that happened that night. Nobody is questioning Professor Gates’ character. It’s his attitude and his actions that became a problem.

      Professor gates knew damn well, even before the officer arrived, that he had just had his driver help him force his front door open. It’s not unreasonable that somebody might interpret that to be “forced entry”, (which, technically speaking, it actually was). When the police showed up to investigate, Gates already knew the police had probable cause to be there. I fail to see why this is being painted as “racial profiling”.

      Being such a brilliant black man, I would have thought Gates could have understood the situation, happily explained what was going on to officer Crowley, shown him his ID, and thanked the officer for responding.

      Instead, Gates was apparently immediately non-cooperative, escalating toward belligerant, insulting, and combative. He decided to engineer a racially motivated incident by crying “RACISM!” and “profiling!” and is trying to lay blame for his own bad behavior on that of the police, officer Crowley in particular.

      Number one, I don’t think Professor Gates is doing anything to help his own cause in this battle.

      Number two, I wonder if anyone will be willing to call police the next time they see somebody trying to force their way into Professor Gates’ house?

      The ironic thing is that nobody in Gates’ frame of mind sees their own inappropriate and misdirected outpouring of anger and frustration at people such as officer Crowley as being “racist”. In their mind, “racism” is something they are a victim of and by virtue of being black, not something they could possibly be engaged in.

      Make no mistake – I understand there are some good reasons for blacks to be angry, I fully acknowledge there have been gross injustices, and continue to be. I simply believe this wasn’t one of them. Gates being black, and Gates being an intellectual can’t simply justify his racist reaction to a legitimate police inquiry.

  2. jim said

    The whole thing looks to be a setup to trap the policeman in a racial confrontation. I’m really surprised he didn’t have a camera set up to record it for use in his whining report about discrimination. I don’t see that gates proved anything, other than that he is a horse’s ass!!!

    • Jeff said

      Gates was arrested for “disorderly conduct” the officer did not arrest him for breaking & entering. Gates most likely was mouthing off to the officer & the officer did not want to take it any more. If it was a white guy mouthing off to the officer the same thing would happen. Race was not an issue!!!

      • joe said

        MOUTHING OFF IS NOT A CRIME! Especially when u are on your own private property. Police are not above the law, they are there to uphold and respect the law along with the rights of those they are EMPLOYED to serve and protect. This is a classic case of Police abuse of power. “Cambridge Police acted stupidly. ” Period.

  3. Sue said

    The news report say that Professor Gates was arrested for “disorderly conduct in a public space”. Your own home is a public space? You can get arrested for shouting (and being accused of breaking into your own home) and somehow it becomes a “public space”? OK, folks, no more shouting in your own home. Sounds to me more like this was a case of the police officer feeling like he was being disrespected and escalating the situation. What a shame that this kind of stuff happens. Come on, Sgt. Crowley, be a man and apologize.

    • Tom said

      Well this cop is abusing his power to prove that he can arrest anyone if he likes, he intentionally lured the professor outside so he can get him for disorderly conduct. After the professor proven that he is in his own house, the officer at that point should’ve just left, but he try strech his power by arrest him just to show that he has license to. This cop should be fired.

      • nancy said

        You gotta be kidding, The police officer was doing his job to protect and serve, The great professor was beligerent, rude and racist to the officer, and the officer would have walked away but the great professor kept it up…He responded to a burglary in progress with a description, he was trying to get the professer out of the house for his own protection, and instead of being gratefull he yells racist remarks at him… The professer said his door was jammed from an attempted break in, you would think he would welcome the police. The president had no right to call that department stupid, and the only reason the charges were probably dropped because they were pressured and they should have backed up that officer and stuck with the arrest.

      • nate said

        Why would an officer want to arrest a guy who he knew was innocent. He acted like he would in any arrest, and this professor freaked out, played the black victim card, and once again stirred up racial issues in the news. I guess having the first black president has done nothing for us.

      • M. Williams said

        He won’t be fired because he has his union to protect him

    • Phil said

      Sue, do some research, as you won’t get it from the mainstream media. Gates followed the officer outside and contiued to berate him in front of a crowd of other policemen, neighbors, and on-lookers. That is in fact a “public place.”

      • Phil said

        How did the officer “lure” Gates outside? The officer asked Gates to calm down. Gates refused to do so while hurling racist remarks at the officer. So who’s the racist?

      • ryan said

        How did you get your info? From the media! Unless you were there. And what did he say that was racist? Calling someone racist, is not racist!

      • john said

        Insisting that an issue is all about race makes one a racist.
        A racist isn’t one who calls other people names, it is someone who is obsessed with the color of peoples skin.

      • Monroe said

        The Officer asked Gates to step outside after Gates had showed him his ID at which point he was arrested. if you look at the picture Gates was on his porch so he did not follow the officer into the yard shouting insults.

      • M. Williams said

        Sticks and stones…

      • Josh said

        Ryan, accusing a person of racism is a very strong accusation that one should not just throw around. Obviously the professor was the one thinking on race. Everyone knows that the easiest way to deal with cops is to be civil. One of his own neighbors put in the call to police to help protect his house and possibly him. The cop was doing his job there is not a single black cop in the country that would have dealt with it any different. The question really is would the professor even have acted this way if it was a black cop that showed up first. So who is really the racist one? Sgt. Crowley did what he had to do to make it home to his family. We live in a crazy world today, people can do outrageous things, so why wouldn’t the sgt. take the proper precautions to be safe. I applaud Sgt. Crowley for being firm on his position when his city and even his president are so quick to turn there back on him out of fear of being called racist.

      • ryan said


        I love how you make the officer seem like a patriot. Now I will say he was wrong for calling him a racist, but at the same time we don’t know the tone of the officer either. We were not there! And accusing someone of being racist is something that should not be said lightly, but at the same time that doesn’t mean the person saying it is racist! Until more information is released, besides the cop report, which I don’t believe in whole, I’m not going to say guilty or innocent. But if a statement is made that makes no sense, I will challenge it!

  4. tom said

    The police were there on legitimate business and gates acted like a horse’s ass. All you blacks out there who wonder why there is little police presence in your neighborhoods and why the police are apathetic when you call them, here’s part of the reason!

    • Monroe said

      The officer was there for legitimate business true but when he was show the valid ID he could have broke off the confrontation but chose not to. O and my neighorhood is just fine thank you.

  5. Any time a cop encounters a crime scene or possible crime scene, he’s going to want to sort out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

    It sounds to me that, like many if not most blacks, Gates is so racist and race-obsessed (he is a professor of African-American studies, after all) that he started the whole thing by immediately whipping out the “race card”. Early reports when he was first arrested said he initially refused to provide identification and immediately accused the cop of “harrassing a black man in America”. The reason the cop was there was because a neighbor had called in about a possible burglary in progress. So the cop is going to want to confirm for sure that anyone present is not a criminal, REGARDLESS OF RACE. Then, after setting a bad tone with the cop, Gates continued on his racist rant until he got his dumb black ass arrested. I’ve had a similar circumstance, only probably worse behavior on the part of the cop, without the arrest, but it was just the circumstances in my case, not race, same as in this case.

    And for Obammy to jump in, along with the dumbass liberals, and immediately agree that it’s a race issue, just adds to the resentment whites have of blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities who are so eager to whip out the race card any time things don’t go their way. Sometimes things don’t happen as we’d like, and race has nothing to do with it.

    If Gates had been cooperative in the first place, and not had the racist chip so readily available on his shoulder, none of this would have happened.

    • ryan said

      So being a professor of African American studies make you a racist? So if a chinese person studies chinese, then they are racists? And what is he cooperating for? Being falsely accused? If I falsely accuse you of something are you going to sit there and say….”yes you are right?” Don’t think so!

      • Jonathan said

        He wasn’t falsely accused. The police officer was responding to a freakin burglary and he was doing his job. If Gates would’ve pulled out his ID CARD instead of his RACE CARD this wouldn’t have been in the news. In most states if you fail to provide an ID to a police officer who is asking for it, you can be hauled off to jail for that. Gates should thank for the officer for responding to the call and checking up on the house to make sure things were ok. I don’t see how this is labeled as racial profiling? Police shows up to potential burglary and he doesn’t know who the owner is or what he looks like, so like I said he was doing his job and did nothing wrong.
        And for Mr. Obama to put his 2 cents in is not very smart. If he’s friend’s with Gates that means he’ll have a biased opinion. He should’ve done the smart thing and said “No comment”. Way to back up some of the hardest working people in America Mr. Prez!

      • nate said

        If police officers thought like you do, half of them would be dead. He took the normal precautions. Obama should apologize and thank him for putting his life on the line as an officer. He approached a house with a reported burglary in action, by himself, and took the right precautions. He has 3 kids and a wife. This nutty professor needs to zip it.

      • ryan said

        It’s thoughts like yours why so many innocent people get arrested. Police are given too much power. They can say whatever they want and get away with it. But I guess in your eyes it’s okay, since they are the “law”.

    • Robin Mezansky said

      The term used to describe Professor Gates as being, “race obssessed”, is an acurate assessment of the man who spoke of his encounter with the Cambridge police. I admire the professor’s vast backround as an educator in the subject of African American history and such. Professor Gates has difficulty with parking his skin color at the gate long enough to deal with the situation calmy and fairly. The cops were called to the scene by a citizen who witnessed suspicious activity which appeared to be the crime of breaking and entering in progress. The police don’t know if the person is armed and dangerous or not. If Professor Gates wasn’t acting difficult, the matter would not have escaleted into the situation that resulted from his inability to be a, “man” instead of a “BLACK man”. This incident was the result of a victim in search of a victimizer. I think Professor Gates sees in terms of race as the motivating factor. This was a manufactured event.

    • M. Williams said

      I think you spelled President Obama’s name wrong.

  6. Mark Jeffery Koch said

    It’s good to know that driving while Black is now in second place to entering your own home when Black!

    There seems to be a pattern of Black men returning to their homes after work, a night out, or after going to the supermarket or shopping mall. They come home to their homes expecting to enter normally as the white folks do but thanks to their scared to death good White neighbors who call the police they are handcuffed, arrested and prevented from entering. Whatever made Black men think they had a right to enter their own homes without being harassed by the police?

    The good news is that they are eventually released so the same police can stop them when they are in the cars for driving while Black. Thankfully, the cops are able to prevent Black men from entering their own homes now too. What a color blind society we live in! Makes you feel glad these same brilliant folks are our front line in the war against terrorism, doesn’t it?

    • Steel609 said

      Another poster who wants us all to believe that Mr. Gates was targeted becuase he was black, not the fact that both him and his driver were breaking into the house from the outside. Would it be reasonable to assume from the neighbors standpoint that if he lived there, he should have a key?

      Your responses are what makes this issue racist.

      • Zman said

        I agree, this was purely an issue of an egotistical cop abusing his power. As a southern lawyer, I see this exact same scenario everyday, but it’s usually the other way around. Down here, it’s the poor white people who get sent to jail for talking back to cops. That’s not to say that black people have it easy, they just know how cops like to be talked to. If it takes race issues to change people’s perception of the police, I’m all for it.

      • Kim said

        Great…a southern lawyer, just what we need!

    • Phil said

      I don’t have to “jimmy” or “jigger” (as the Won so eloquently stated) to get inside my home. Perhaps Gates could use some of his Government grant money to get his door fixed.

    • nate said

      a lawyer who has an admitted prejudice against cops. I object! Strike it from the record.

    • John Doe said

      Race baiters such as Mr. Koch would have you believe that police spotted a black man, followed him home, and the moment he tried to enter a house, yanked him out arrested him. That’s the sort of picture Mr. Koch apparently likes to believe in.

      Did you forget about Mr. Gates’ own statements that his front door was jammed and he asked his driver to help him force it open? Apparently some other people saw this. Professor Gates should thank his neighbors for caring enough to call the police. (Maybe he should introduce himself to his neighbors as well?)

      Your comments, Mr. Koch, are simply inflamatory and, frankly, “racist” (i.e., being all about the races involved and little (if anything) to do with the facts).

  7. AL said


    • Phil said

      Newsflash!!! Gates was outside in front of a crowd of people. Where do you get off on putting all white people in the same box. That is what racists do.

    • Tom said

      Exactly! After proven that the black man is actually owns and resides at that mansion, the officer should just apologize and leave, instead he tries to arrest him just to humiliate him. This cop should be FIRED period.

      • Phil said

        Tom, the officer did just that. Gates followed him outside of his own home. So who was baiting who? Gates and all other race-baiters (racists) shoud be held account by their communities. Doing this sort of thing really doesn’t advance the cause any.

      • AL said


    • Curt said

      You have got to be kidding me with this kind of rant. The police were called out to investigate a burglary. Gates admits that he had to break into his own house. The police asked him to step outside to verify who he was and check out the house but apparently he went into a racial tirade. This exact situation happened to my nephew at my house several years ago. My nephew who went to college nearby often came to my house. One time I forgot to leave the door open so my nephew looked for another way into my house, which he found. My neighbor called the police who showed up and confronted my nephew. They asked him to step outside to verify who he was. He was able to do that without becoming argumentative or combative with the police. All that Mr. Gates had to do was comply with the officer and this would have been over in 10 minutes. Not act like a child that was told he couldn’t do something. This is definitely racism but from Gates and from our president.

      • John Doe said

        Mr. Gates, being a very well educated man, should have some insight into the procedure of law and the way police operate. I think he could have even got away with being totally uncooperative, had he chosen to do so in a respectful, calm way. When the police asked him to step outside, he probably could have responded as he did (No! I will not!) He could have asked if he was legally required to do so. When asked for his ID, he probably could have legally gotten away with refusing to produce one by pointing out that he was in his house and that the police have shown no search warrant.

        I’m no lawyer, but had he simply closed the door, I think that would have put the onus on the police to show that’s he’s not the owner. Gates certainly would have had a much stronger case for legal proceedings had he remained calm and respectful. Instead, he was very quick to play the race card and start making his own racially motivated accusations. “Verbally assaulting an officer” is what it sounds like to me. And I don’t think we as a society expect or should expect our police officers to have to just stand there and accept that, regardless of what shades of skin color are involved on either side.

        I think it is good that some of this discussion is coming out. I think it exemplifies that when people have a big chip on their shoulder to start with, it tends to get easily disturbed. In this case, I don’t think Prof. Gates is doing anything to advance his (otherwise legitimate) “cause”.

    • Mikey said

      Hey Al, what you and most people forget is that being a police officer can be a very dangerous job. How many times have we heard a cop being killed by what he thought was going to be a routine and innocent stop. The police officer has a family that he has to come home to everyday. We ALWAYS seem to forget that his job puts him in harms way almost everyday. We cry foul every time a police officer is just trying to do his job and not worry about getting shot to death by what he thought was going to be an innocent check on the situation. It sounds like to me that Gates was just tired from his trip and angry because he couldn’t get into his house. He took all his problems out on the police officer. If he had just kept quiet and followed the instructions of the police officer, none of this would have happened. It sounds like Gates has a chip on his shoulder. I am sure glad that the police officer is safe and his family still has a father. How would you like to have his job and wonder if you’re walking into a dangerous situation. And no, I am not a police officer.

    • nate said

      Al you sound like your on the brink of snapping, at which point you’d find yourself in cuffs as well. Open your eyes man, this is a culturally diverse country. Your not a victim. Your a human being. And so is the officer who was taking caution with his own life as he came to a burglary alone. Wa, Wa, Wa…so tired of it.

  8. Lee said

    I think what was done to Mr. Gates was wrong, he shouldn’t have to show proof that he is the residents of his on home. Proper identification is shown when you’re walking the streets. But, if he opened the door from his own house, why should he? If he was a thief he wouldn’t have opened the door. President Obama at least reads the news and it’s shows that discrimination has to change in this country. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, this shouldn’t have happened. Mr. Gates is owned an apology from the police.

    • Phil said

      Your statement fails logic.

    • Jose said

      I think what was done to Sgt Crowley was wrong! He responded to call of a possible break in. What could have been:
      Sgt: I’m here for a possible break in. Please step outside.
      Gates: Yes I live here I had to break in becuse I forgot my keys.
      Sgt: Please show your ID.
      Gates: Sure here it is and thank you and the person who called this in. I have been away from home for a while.
      Sgt: Thank you sir. That person out there on the sidewalk is the person who call this in. Welcome home sir and have a very good day.

      • Showtime said

        I didn’t realize that you have to be nice to cops who accuse you of breaking into your own home. We have a right in this country to be an asshole as long as we don’t use fighting words or assault anyone. As soon as Mr. Crowley saw Mr. Gates’ ID, he should have walked away and let Gates yell at him as he drove off. Instead, he wanted to teach Gates a lesson: that cops can do whatever they want when you piss them off. I guess you’ve never been upset, and you’ve obviously never spoken to a cop, if you think that they talk or act like you’ve described.

      • ryan said

        LOL, that was too funny Jose! If it was like that, not one black person would be scared of the cops! I wish it did go that easy. NOW that’s a world I wish we ALL lived in!

    • Richard said

      Are you an idiot. That makes no sense. I can see the headline now.White Cop leaves burglar in Black professors home. You might want to think before you start pecking away better yet you might just want to go back to school and learn a little something before making a fool of yourself.

      • AL said


      • brian said

        You people supporting this smug idiot (Gates) are even more ignorant than he is. For someone that is so “educated” he can’t understand the logic of someone reporting a breakin and himself being questioned about it? Everyone is supposed to know this smug moron?

      • ryan said


        Not when it’s your neighbor! How the hell does she not know him. Then she works for the newspaper at Harvard. How many successful black professors do you think teach at Harvard?

  9. John Heidbreder, Jr. said

    what Prof. Gates and his neighborhood needs is a Block Party where all the neighbors get together to socialize and get to know one another. Then when one of the Professor’s neighbors sees him and someone else trying to “un-stick” a stuck door, he/she would recognize their neighbor as Prof. Gates rather the one of “two black guys” trying “to break into” his own house. Maybe they could have gone over and offered to help! Instead, the police were called about “two black guys” breaking and entering.

    Yes, the Cambridge police did “behave sturdily” and yes, Proof. Gates may have over reacted and/or had a “chip on his shoulder”–who knows for sure? But I wonder, would as many police have shown up if it were “two white guys” trying to open a door?

  10. Peter said

    Officer, I salut you!

  11. My research on Black America and endorsed by Professor Cornel West proves that most Black American do not have an African or African slave history. Professor Gates was sent select chapters of the book prior to its publication. He used my research to do a t.v. series with Oprah and he did not credit my research. I believe Professor Gates set up the police to engage him at his house and used his neighbor as an accommplice.

  12. Al said

    Most of the comments here prove without a dought that there is a race problem in America. We all need to get a clue!! this is sad, and as educated as most of these comments sound, they are ripe with ignorance.

    • Phil said

      True Al..until we can see past the colour of ones skin, we cannot have real “Change.” It’s unfortunate our present President is close friends to a race-baiter and racist like Gates. But it should come to no surprise, as his list of close alliances are infamous throughout the northeast.

      • Monroe said

        Phil until you are willing to admit that there are still racial issues you will never be a part of the solution this Gates story is just a symtomn of the issue that we have to face as Americans, boths sides had a chance to defuse the issue and neither to that oppertunity.

    • Jose said

      Of course we have race problem. We’ve had one from before the “whites” stepped off the May Flower. As a Hispanic I often find myself in the middle of this debate and sometimes as the victim. It is all due to stereotyping.
      In “AnyCity,” USA I walk into a convenience store in dirty pants and shirt having worked all day putting up dry wall and repairing a sewer line in my own property. The white sales person says in broken Spanish “that will $7.50, paco.” Little does she know that this short “Mexican” is a decorated retired Air Force officer whose children and extended family have a combined service to this country of over 200 years. And that he is a high school teacher.
      I am often asked why I call myself a “Mexican.” My response is because that is what I have been called all my life, in school by my teachers, in the military by my peers and superiors, and even now at age 61.
      Stereotyping is as natural as breathing. However those who over react to it will surely be racist!

      • Bob said

        You are a wise man, Jose. Based on life experiences a person makes a judgement about another person within the first 10 seconds of seeing them. Its a fact of life. All people make these judgements, white people, black people, asian people, etc. I don’t think it’s a race problem. I think it’s a judgement problem. Black people and police officers will always have a problem as long as the police officer negatively pre-judges the black man and the black man negatively pre-judges the police officer. In this case, Mr. Gates appears to have negatively pre-judged the police officer because he is white. Everyone keeps asking if it was a white professor would this have happened. I ask, if this were a black police officer would Mr. Gates have been so rude and acted so aggressively to the black officer.

      • ryan said


        I was with you till the end. To be honest, I don’t know who to believe. Both stories seem a little far stretched. Do I think the officer was as polite as can be, No!! Do I think Gates was like yes sir no sir, No. I think it’s interesting for people to jump sides, and most of the side jumping is based on race. Whites don’t want to believe this could happen, and blacks want this to happen to help point out racism exists still.

      • ryan said

        One more thing Bob, if the officer was black, it might have been worse. Sometimes black cops with black suspects are worse. I don’t know which one bothers me more!

  13. Tom said

    Police abusing power and I can relate to this. I’m asian american and living in Minneapolis, MN and it happened to me a few months ago: my neighbor called the cop and reported that I fired BB gun on my backyard and the cop shown up at my door calling me out to my front porch to question me. I told him that I don’t own a gun that I think the neighbor called just because she doesn’t like me and the cop told me that he doesn’t believe me and I told him that’s too bad, he then start pushing me around and threaten me that he can tear my house a part and search for the gun if he wants, I then told him to please don’t push me, he then pushed me again and told me that “it is time to listen and I can do whatever I want” at that point I feared for my life, I then told him I need to go inside to put on my shirt, so just to have my wife and kids there to witness incase this cop do something to me, as soon as I opened the door, seeing my wife and kids there, the cop then left my house right after that. Police abusing power and brutality like this makes bad name for Minneapolis Police Department. I believe this cop who arrested the professor at his own house is an evidence of police abusing power and he should be fired.

    • James said

      LoL @ “I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played,” Obama said Wednesday night while taking questions after a White House news conference.”, then later on in the same press conference, The incident, Obama said, shows “how race remains a factor in this society.”

      Sure, there are plenty of police that abuse their power. However in the above poster’s comment, I wouldn’t doubt that a belligerant response like “that’s too bad” would warrant some type of reaction. What exactly were you thinking? It’s not your mother that you’re talking to anymore. Feared for your life. Lol. Sounds like something you’d use on some bogus lawsuit.

      • Tom said

        Sounds like you’re a cop yourself, I’m just telling from my own experience and you don’t have to believe it. When you’re talking to someone with a gun on hand and I’ve seen enough of police brutality, fear for my life, that’s just natural reaction. What would a person say that would warrant a cop reaction to push him around and intimidate him? They get paid to serve and protect people, not to abuse people. Our tax $$ goes to them and so they’d better do it right.

    • ryan said


      Don’t listen to James. He is someone that supports that stuff. He mentions no facts, he doesn’t have the facts for this and he’s against Gates. Some people in America, not all, wish things were like it was in the “old days” That’s why sayings like the south will rise again will always be around!

  14. Frog Prince said

    Henry Louis Gates Jr should apologize for being ignorant…

  15. Ed said

    A lot of these comments make it sound like the officers targeted Gates because he was black. This is absolutely ridiculous. How could the police target him if they were only responding to a 911 call made by Gates’ neighbor? It seems to me that the neighbor’s racial tendencies, if anything, are to blame for this unfortunate situation. From what I’ve been able to gather there was no need to arrest Gates in this situation. Yes, he may have been berating the officers with accusations of racism, and yes he probably did escalate the situation with the things that he said, but that’s really no reason to arrest someone. It seems like the officer should apologize for his poor decision, and Gates should apologize for the remarks he made. To be completely honest, Gates and the media are blowing this way out of proportion.

    • Mina said

      I agree.
      Mistake #1 – The neighbor assumed a break-in, and if anyone is guilty of racial profiling, it would be her.
      Mistake #2 – When Gates opened the front door without any hesitation, Sgt Crowley should have considered the possibility that it might actually be his home.
      Mistake #3 – Sgt Crowley did not leave the scene after Gates showed his ID, he chose to assert his power by arresting him.

      Unknown – Only the witnesses will ever know if Prof. Gates pulled the race card too quickly or if he was looking for an argument to make an issue of racial injustice. I’ll never know what it’s like to be black in America and have people/police harass you and treat you with suspicion… For argument’s sake, let’s assume he was initially NOT treated rudely by the cop – I think Prof. Gates was still very much within his right to show frustration and resentment for being harassed in his own home.

      Maybe Gates was quick to call him a racist, but I think the fact that he didn’t even give Gates the benefit of doubt… come on, we all want a safe neighborhood, but how would you feel being accused of breaking into your home?

      • John Doe said

        I completely disagree with Mistake #1. It was no mistake. Mr. Gates should thank his neighbor far taking the time to report the incident. He can take the time to get to know his neighbors in person, so that they recognize him.

        “How would you feel of being accused of breaking into your own home?” He did break into the home (or he had his driver do it). That’s what justifies the call to the police.

        Knowing that he just broke into a home (his own), Gates should not have been too surprised that the police might have been called, and should have been more than willing to cooperate and explain things. Seems like he decided to just simply be an ass instead. Gates seems to expect everyone around to know exactly who he is, where his house is, what he’s up to, etc. His own neighbors apparently don’t know him, yet he’s incensed that he should be asked to identify himself to police responding to a breaking and entering call.

        But I agree with Mistakes 2, 3 that you point out. 🙂

      • Donna said

        I think the officers should ask burglars if they can help them with their cargo instead of confronting them. Then we wouldn’t have these problems. Hope Gates gets robbed sometime and no one calls the police.

  16. Cody said

    Just to let you all know, as a “white man” this can happen to. I came home late one night 3am ish and had a friend drop me off (to drunk to drive) I left my keys with my local Bartender, not thinking about the door key.I proceeded to check all my windows to seee if I could get in. Finally finding a way in ,my friend drove away, about 10 minutes later there was Banging and shouting at my front door,thinking it was my friend coming back, I was a bit startled to find 4 officers (i think 2 had their guns drawn) standing at my door. They immiediatly told me to raise my hands , which I did, and they began a series of questions. after a few minutes locating my Id and some current mail that had my name and address on it. the officers had a little bit of a laugh at me, apologized and said to stay home and have a good night. I thanked them for responding and assured them it was not a bother and we all had a good night.

    Did I go call a lawyer ? Did I call the media ? NOPE. Why ? BECUASE THEY WERE DOING THEIR JOB !!!

    Had they just said oh you live here have a nice day (not asking for his ID?) and it turned out it was really 2 men robbing the place, What would be in the news ? Police ignore burglars at BLack mans home because it was a Black mans home ?

    Get over it , And I am appaled after voting for Obama , that he would call anything, anyone who puts their life on the line for others “STUPID” without knowing all the facts. I expect a litle more from President Obama and I think he should be doing some Apologizing. I voted for someone who is suppose to be beyond personal feelings. After all if you use your Presidential Name for personal gain of your friend isnt that like Bushism?

  17. Carolyn Morey said

    It was completely inappropriate for President Obama to say the police acted stupidly when he himself admitted he did not know all the facts. It sounds like the neighbor and President Obama were doing some racial profiling. And putting a photo of Dr. Gates in a suit in the article has nothing to do with the incident. We were not there either. For President Obama to use this at a national level is shameful. If he wants to tackle the issue of race be direct about it and go for it. Using this was low and only showed his bias. Is it really necessary for us to tell the President of the United States of America to get his facts straight? If so, we’re in a sad state of affairs.

  18. A. Boyd said

    Let’s see if we can rationally look at this from both sides.

    Professor Gates arrives home after a long trip and has difficulty with his front door. He goes in through the back door, then he and his driver return to the front to try and get the door unjammed. Completely reasonable thing to do.

    Meanwhile, a police officer on patrol is dispatched in response to a 911 report of a burglary in progress. He is given a description of the possible suspects, two black men wearing backpacks, trying to force open a door. The description could have been anything, but this is what the caller reported. So, the officer responds on this potentially “hot call.” One where he could be injured or killed if a suspect has a weapon.

    Professor Gates get his own door unjammed and goes inside his home.

    The officer arrives, not knowing what is really happening, but having to be ready for anything. He goes to the house and finds Professor Gates. It does not appear that there is a burglary in progress. But, the officer now has a responsibility to verify that Professor Gates belongs there.

    Professor Gates is surprised and upset to have police show up at his door. Who wouldn’t be? You’re minding your own business and then the cops are there. You feel protective of your own home, and you should be protected in your own home. It does feel insulting to have a cop ask you for your identification when you’re in your own home.

    But, again, the police would not be doing their job if, after receiving a 911 call, they did not at least verify in the most obvious way that the “suspect” was the owner. It happens all the time in all kinds of neighborhoods.

    Now, this is where I think both parties went wrong. The police officer should have used some common sense and lost the “I’m in charge” facade. Professor Gates should have overcome his surprise and upset and understood that the police officer was merely doing his job. Instead, I suspect both parties got into a bit of an ego match. Instead of understanding Professor Gates’ understandable defensiveness and taking a more apologetic tack (“I’m sorry, sir, I was just responding to a report. I just need to confirm your id for our report and I’ll be on my way.”), the police officer took Gates’ reaction as a personal affront. And Professor Gates, instead of recovering from his surprise and realizing the situation would easily be cleared up and the officer on his way with simple showing of i.d., he took the request as a personal affront.

    Things escalated. Both men refused to take a deep breath and walk in the other’s shoes for a moment. The resulting arrest was just plain stupid. It should have been obvious that Professor Gates would calm if the officer simply left the scene. But they both felt affronted and, in the end, the police usually win with an arrest. I think it’s a sad thing for both men involved. Professor Gates is an amazing resource for our country. The officer is simply trying to serve his community. They are both human. Things got out of control.

    But what is even sadder is that, instead of everyone calmly looking at the miscommunications and misunderstandings involved, it degenerates into so much of the ugliness that we see on this thread. Everyone in America needs to grow up and treat each other like human beings.

    For those who question who I am. I am a retired, disabled police officer who supports the NAACP.

    • Tom said

      Well said!

    • John Heidbreder, Jr. said

      Mr. Boyd, Sir, you’re right on! I love your “ego match” assessment.

      • A. Boyd said

        Mr. Heidbreder –

        Please take no offense at this. But I had to LOL a bit because it does prove a little of my point from above. We all make assumptions based on the facts we have or assume we have. You assumed I am a man. I do appreciate your comment of support, but I am most definitely a woman. Have a fabulous day! And, again, thanks for the support!

      • John Heidbreder, Jr. said

        Hey there, Ms. Boyd, you are so correct again! Assuming you were a MALE retired police officer was without basis. ‘Sorry ’bout that!

        Too bad no one has picked up on my “Block Party” idea. After walking the family dog for over 12 years, I know MY neighborhood. I know the people and the cars they drive–even some of their license plates. (And its not that I’m nosey, but our Yellow Lab is not much of a conversationalist!)If a see a strange person or unfamiliar car my “homeland security” antenna go up. It’s called watching out for one another.

      • ryan said


        I agree. And if that woman did that, she would have known who Gates was and never called the police!!!

    • KD said

      Right on!!

  19. John said

    I bet big Harvard professor smart mouthed the cop. He cries “racism” since he knows that is the word that makes whites run scared. What a joke.

  20. Steven said

    The arresting officer in this Gates ‘robbery’ thing
    was Sgt. James Crowley. Please read this related
    article. It states everything that could ever be
    necessary about his professionalism. I heard Gates
    refer to him as a ‘rogue cop’. I think not.

    • Showtime said

      This goes to my point that race had nothing to do with this. This wasn’t even a rogue cop, unfortunately, Officer Crowley’s behavior is common among cops throughout this country. This kind of thing happens to poor white folks all the time. Cops don’t like disrespect, and unfortunately they usually get immunity from prosecution whether the arrest was reasonable or not. It’s time for states to make retalitory arrest illegal. When a citizen is arrested for exercising a constitutional right, the arresting officer should be guilty of a crime.

      • Tom said

        BINGO! This is it, about time someone say something right. Cops have license to arrest, so they don’t like disrespect

      • Mina said

        You’re ABSOLUTELY right. My mom (of all people) was arrested and put in handcuffs for not obeying a hand signal and showing a police officer her driver’s license quickly enough. Mind you, this was an off-duty rent-a-cop directing traffic in the driveway of a private girls school, and my 8 yr old sister was in the passenger seat.

        Little did she know my mom has a brain tumor and can’t bend down (to where her license was) very quickly.

        The officer gave her about 5 seconds, and then asked her to step out of the car. She was so disturbed that as she stepped out of the car, she fell to the street with seizures. The police officer grabbed her arm to arrest her and fractured it. She arrested my mom for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, disobeying an officer, and about 5 other bogus things.

        My mom spent 2 days in the hospital and had to spend thousands on lawyers to get the charges dropped, eventually the officer went on ‘administrative’ leave. Unfortunately, suing would have required suing the school, and if my mom couldn’t have afforded a good lawyer, she would have been a criminal for no other reason than EGO.

        THIS STUFF DOESN’T JUST HAPPEN TO BLACK PEOPLE! Although my sympathies are with them if this is how they are always treated.

      • showtime said

        That’s a story that I’ve heard a thousand times, Mina. Fortunately for you, you’re sister’s school hired an actual off duty cop, which means that you don’t have to sue the school. If the officer was making an arrest, then she was not acting within the scope and course of her employment with the school, but rather in her capacity as a police officer, making your city/county liable. I implore you to go ahead and call a local attorney. Civil suits don’t usually cost you anything out of pocket. Hope the Statute of Limitations hasn’t run yet.

  21. Showtime said

    I keep on hearing about how this is all about racism in America and how race relations really aren’t as good as they should be. First, let me say that I am a white man and that I don’t think this was a race issue. That being said, I am just as appalled by the situation as anyone who does attribute it to race. I happen to believe that the officer was not allowing any racial bias to interfere with his judgment, which serves to highlight an ever growing problem in america. POLICE. Cops think that they have a right to arrest whomever they wish, whenever they wish. Officers like Crowley think that they have a right to arrest someone and let them deal with the consequences. After reading the actual police report, I discovered, as I’m sure many have, that Officer Crowley actually baited Mr. Gates to argue with him outside before, that’s right, arresting him for being disorderly outside. That’s like a cop making a drunk come outside to speak with him and then arresting him for being drunk in public. I don’t know where this whole idea of having to respect cops even comes from. The issue here isn’t that the guy was black, it’s that he has money and power. Anytime someone with money or power comes into conflict with the police, you here about all of the illegal and unethical things that cops do. Most of these individuals are able to avoid the police for much of their life and are therefore disillusioned as to how police actually function. The fact is that every police department that i have ever worked with has engaged in activities and procedures that they knew were unconstitutional and even illegal. The problem is that most of these illegal procedure only affect those too low on the socio-economic ladder to do anything about. So, if you have to play the race card to get the police to change, I’m all for it. This is something i’ve thought a lot about and I keep getting stuck at this point with how to actually effect change. The only plausible idea that I’ve had would require states to actually start prosecuting cops who violate procedures and/or the law. Next time a cop enters a home without a warrant and no probable cause, send him to jail for breaking and entering, that will stop the next cop who wants to violate someone’s rights. If you make an improper/unreasonable arrest, you need to go to jail for kidnapping, just like anyone else.

  22. Richard said

    Another example of how being politicaly correct backfires. Its about time blacks in this country stand up on there own and dont scream racism every time things dont go their way. For god sakes we elected a black president and still we have to deal with the Professor Gates of the world. He is no different then Rev. Wright and I think all will agree on his beliefs.Wake up black America. Jesse and Al are not your friend they thrive on this type of event. I bet shakedown Jackson is already eyeing his new prize that he will receive from the city of Cambridge and the university. Maybe an honary degree.This makes me sick and really wonder if they will ever change.

  23. johnrj08 said

    Officer Crowley was called to an upscale, affluent neighborhood with which his department was very familiar to investigate a possible burglary. For a police officer, this can be a deadly situation, and there are strict procedures for handling them to ensure the safety of the officer. When Crowley asked Gates to step outside, that was completely reasonable and consistent with good police work. For all Crowley knew, the perpetrators could have still been in the house and, since he did not know Gates, he could have been looking at one of them. When Crowley asked Gates to come outside, that’s when Gates decided to get in the officer’s face, screaming “Why? Because I’m a black man?” and “Do you know who I am?” This was a man with an out of control sense of entitlement and untouchability. He was offended that a lowly civil servant would treat him like a common criminal, and he let officer Crowley know it. At that point, the situation changed considerably. I don’t care if you’re black or white, smart or dumb, rich or poor, if you get in a police officer’s face when he investigating a potential crime you’re going to get arrested. Gates’ behavior is a classic example of a highly intelligent person acting like a complete moron. He owes the officer an apology for screaming racism to the media for the last two days.

  24. Oween said

    Unless someone captured the entire exchange on tape, it is not possible to assert whether Sgt Crowley is an overzealous or racist cop or if Prof Gates is an oversensitive or arrogant black. Sterotypes are infectious and create suspicions by some and useful excuses by others…
    1. Cop is white, arrested person is black = cop is racist
    2. Man is black, neigborhood is white = man is burglar

    Bigger problem here are the conlusions drawn by officials (Obama, Mayor Simmons, etc.) who presume racism or inappropriate behavior without (admittedly) knowing the facts…their suspicions may be correct, but then again, they might not…first. lets see the tape and from that draw and objective conclusion.

  25. Jamie said

    Gates played the race card and lost. The officer should not have to take crap from anyone. That’s why he arrested him. If he would have shown his ID when the officer asked for it, none of this would be happening. It’s totally Gates fault. Maybe if he wasn’t trying to break in his house, nobody would have called the police. Just a guess.

    • Getz said

      I can only hope that one day a cop asks you to do something when you’re already in a bad mood, then you’ll find out what kind of arrogant assholes most cops are. Are you really that stupid. You should watch “Das Experiment” its subtitled, but its an accurate depiction of a real life experiment to see what really happens when people are given power and control. Cops don’t deserve respect. They do their job, they get paid, they don’t deserve anything else. If you want to respect a particular officer because you happen to know of something he did, that’s great. The fact is that all cops, even the good ones, are members of a self serving institution that encourages lying and deception. Cops are trained to lie, which is why police reports aren’t admissible as to any material fact in court. The ONLY cops that I respect are the one’s that investigate other cops. Personally, I would feel safer approaching a group of thugs at night than I would approaching a group of cops.

  26. truthguy said

    First off….Using “stupidly” in a sentence like he did is just as bad as some of Bush’s responses in the past.

    You would expect that a President would have a more complete vocabulary….I would think he should have said “inappropriately”, “questionably” or even “moronically” but that shows you what we’re dealing with today.

    By everything known in this case, it seems that Gates was trying to force the issue. Most people would be happy & relieved to know that someone had called the police when it “APPEARED” that their house was being broken into!! Or would they rather people kept their shades down and hid in their homes never noticing or reporting POTENTIAL criminal acts???

    The problem here is that when anything like this happens, most blacks cease to think logically and go off on a wild tangent about racism, etc.

    Had the police just barged into his house with no other reason or report of a POSSIBLE burglary occuring, then they would have been out of line and Gates’ reaction would be understandable. But after finding out why the police were there, Gates, being a supposedly highly educated man, should and could have simply understood the situation and calmly sorted out the situation with the officers.

    There was no need for the flying off the handle, “yo mama” (I mean seriously, REALLY???…from a Harvard professor??!!!) and having the incident spiral out of control like it did. If anyone is responsible for the incident snowballing out of control it is Gates not the police!

    • mike said

      It is a racial thing. Only someone that will not look at facts will say different. But this notion that everyone has to “worship” police is crazy. The police are not GOD and I should not have to “watch what I say to police” If I’m not a physical threat to police, then I can say what I like, especially in my own home.
      I like what Serpico (a real HONEST cop) said about police corruption, 10% of police are completely honest, 10% are completely corrupt,and the other 80% want to be honest.

    • Getz said

      i like how you blindly believe everything in the police report. Cops are trained to describe situations using certain words. Words that they know will have effect. The Facts, regardless of what language was actually used, are that this man produced the requested ID and then argued with the cops. Now, unless he actually threatened the cops so as to make them believe that they were in imminent danger, he shouldn’t have been arrested. Its easy for the cop to sound cool and collected because he’s just waiting to arrest this guy. Mr. Gates’ only way of expressing his frustration was through his words, I’m sure that if he could have arrested this cop, Mr. Gates would have been the cool one, and Officer Crowley would have been a little more visibly upset.

  27. Johnny said

    Put yourself in the officer’s position. He must do whatever he needs to keep himself safe. Being in the only officer there to show up at what is supposedly the scene of a crime and have a man behave erratically is a hostile situation. Arresting him may be morally incorrect after the facts are provided, he was not wrong in doing what he had to do to ensure he was protected. The problem people never consider when looking at police who ‘overreact’ to situations is that they have never been put in that situation and don’t realize what they have to deal with in terms of their daily job of being around criminals. Being in their position they have to be extremely careful how they approach situations and do everything possible to ensure their safety because they don’t know how people will react, and hostile activity towards a police officer (yes yelling at police is hostile enough) warrants them to arrest that person for their safety.

    If Gates had approached the situation logically and had not tried to start any sort of racial agenda then the matter would have been settled at the house, but he chose to behave erratically and assume racial prejudice in a situation that he was not in control of therefor the officer had to take control to protect himself.

    • Copsaremorons said

      If the cop had left without arguing with Mr. Gates, there would similarly be no situation. Considering that they were at Mr. Gates’ house, I believe that the cop should have been more logical. Also, please read the police report, where Officer Crowley admits to asking Mr. Gates to continue their argument outside.

  28. steve said

    I read the police report, and in fact have arrested others under almost identical circumstances. This professor needs to seek mental health treatment. It’s so obvious from the report that he esclated this encounter and in fact, I believe the reporting officer used considerable restraint. I would have arrested him a lot sooner.

    • mike said

      That’s why cops like you should come to Detroit where we can can “teach you” how to behave as a police “officer” You think you’re God and everyone is suppose to shut up when you tell them. Well not me. And if you come at me I’m taken at least three with me.

      • jeff said

        you are a dumb, ignornat piece of trash that is doing nothing but trying to cause more of a problem. its people like you that cant allow this world to just go by in peace.

        “So, this guy makes a big deal about this…but years ago no one said a thing about the WHITE student at ball state that was SHOT and KILLED outside of his house…weird…race card wins again.”

      • Mark said

        Mike, wow you’re such a badass. Go Mike – you’re awesome. You’re a superstar.

        No one worships cops. But if I knew they were there to investigate a break into my home – I wouldn’t be a moron like Gates.

        If I were a cop I would just let your house get broken into. Fuck it.

    • Copsaremorons said

      this post only highlights the need to hold cops accountable for their actions. Officer Crowley and Steve should both be in jail themselves.

  29. pacsa said

    What I see is a powerful Harvard professor trying to get some attention. He was arrested for being belligerent, which seems consistent with everything both sides seem to be presenting.

    • Copsaremorons said

      Hey Pacsa, it’s not illegal to be belligerent in your own home, which is where Mr. Gates was before the cops asked him to come outside. In fact it’s not illegal to be belligerent in public, especially if you define belligerence as questioning a police officer, which they always do.

  30. jeff said

    So, this guy makes a big deal about this…but years ago no one said a thing about the WHITE student at ball state that was SHOT and KILLED outside of his house…weird…race card wins again.

  31. Mitch said

    When an officer arrives to a location part of their duty (not only to protect themselves but others as well) is to take charge of the situation. If someone is threatening that then police will, and should, do what is necessary to overcome it, which in this case was arresting the person who was behaving erratically until the situation was resolved.

    Yes he did ‘bait’ Gates into fighting outside, but that is what they are trained to do so they can take control of the situation. How does that make what he did wrong? If Gates had behaved normally and shown the officer his identification without yelling about racial prejudice then the issue would have been resolved. The officer showed up at his house to ensure Gates’ safety, yet all he can do is yell at him and not follow his orders. So the cop then takes control of the situation by using tactics (and yes ‘baiting’ someone into commuting an arrestable offense is tactics) to control the situation and ensure his own safety.

    So next time a cop shows up at your door and asks for identification help him and follow his orders instead of trying to shove all this ‘my rights’ crap down his throat and resolve the situation in a civilized manner in a matter of minutes.

    • mike said


    • Mikey said

      I agree with Mitch 100%.

    • M. Williams said

      How do I know that the person that shows up at my door in uniform with a badge is a real cop???

    • E. Hoffmann said

      Jesus Christ. How do we know anything anymore? Even as a white male, I have been in this same situation before as a Marine stationed in California. I thought I had rights and that the cop was over-reacting and all that stuff. Well, I soon found out that I was in the wrong. Just shut your mouth and let them do their job- it doesn’t matter who you are.

    • Copsaremorons said

      mitch you’re totally right, except for one thing. Cops don’t get to continue to “control” the situation, once they discover that no situation exists.

  32. Gates = victimization movment said

    It is clear from the police report that Gates attempted to use his power and race to bully the police. It is Gates that is pushing race and victimization and Gates should be ashamed for the way he conducted himself. It’s sad to think that Gates treated the cops like garbage when they were there to protect his property. Gates is your typical intellectual snob with an obvious racial chip on his shoulder and wants to portray African Americans as victims, just the type of professor Harvard seeks out. Bravo Ivy League!

  33. Scott said

    President Obama failed the most basic leadership test. As a public servent and as a leader, he should not have criticized the police officer without all the facts. Besides, he said “I don’t know all the facts”. He could easily said: “like me, police officers are public servents and thier job is to protect and serve. If the officer did not performed his duties accordingly then I am sure Mr. Gate will get an apology he so deserves” and than say, “Next Question”.

    • cands said

      Hooray for Obama, its time that more politicians start speaking up against the cops. Cops aren’t heros. In fact most of them are bullies who have never even come close to actually saving anyone. If this were a mayor or other public servant, no one would care that Obama criticized him, but for some reason everyone loves cops. Cops are trash and I’m glad that my president is capable of criticizing them with the same level of contempt as myself.

  34. Mark said

    Hey Mr. Gates, next time the cops should just let a burglary happen. Next time you need police to proctect you, you should just assume they won’t. Why would anyone want to answer any future complaints from you now?

    Imagine if Crowley DIDN’T respond. Then Jesse, Barak and Al Shapie would be all “why can’t a black man get police protection, y’all??!?!

    It’s a lose-lose situation. If I’m Crowley and I have a family to think of…I do the procedural thing and think of my safety first. Fukk Gates’ house. Next time I just call in that “all is well.”

    You wonder why blacks get a stain on their image…it’s because of stories like this. When will black leaders call their race being in the wrong sometimes? When? That’s the first step. Start taking accountability instead of crying.

    You want to be treated equal but are unwilling to play by the rules the rest of the country plays by. Grow the F UP!!!

  35. GODSMACK said

    I’m so sick and tired of this racial crap blacks can throw out for everything that happens. Oh, the officer was a profiling expert hughh. Now whats the excuse? Even CNN is showing Black in America 2. Are you freaking kidding me. BET, Black in America, NAACP, Blacks only school. Seriously, and whites are racist? 99% of the world could care less what color a person is. I thought when we elected a “black” man as President this whole race card would be tossed. I guess not. America has become the joke of the world. I had a friend that lost his job and applied for government help, he was denied and told, by the administrator, that if he were black he would’ve been approved. Hughhh FUCK THIS COUNTRY

    • E. Hoffmann said

      Very well put- I’m thinking of coming out with a documentary called “White in America”. Can you imagine that? Or what about the White Entertainment Television. It really is ridiculous if you ask me.

      • GODSMACK said

        Blacks have completely flipped racism in America. They can use the card at free will and our tax dollars are spent in court cases defending ourselves. But because our “white forefathers” brought ships full of blacks in chains we will pay for the rest of our lives. Sorry, cant do much about that. I’m down, I will definatly back a White in America film. How about 80% of athletes in Pro sports are black, and blacks still complain there arnt enough black coaches. It goes on and on.

      • E. Hoffmann said

        Yeah I hear you. It’s just getting ridiculous.

  36. Dale K said

    Racists come in all shapes and sizes, every religious belief, every political affiliation, every nationality, all walks of life, both sexes, and every race.
    For every white bigot I have known, or seen on the news, there is a black bigot or latino bigot or asian bigot.
    I often wonder how far racial equality would have progressed if not for the pot-stirring of people like Prof. Gates, et. al.

  37. M. Williams said

    This officer is an obvious idiot, undeniably arrogant and clearly needs to find another line of work if his first and foremost duty is to protect and serve himself. I am a public servant as well, a health/ housing inspector for a large municipality. My counterparts and I deal with a lot of stressful situations on a daily basis. A majority of people have some job-related stress. I feel badly for Professsor Gates and his family. My condolences also go out to Crowley’s family who has to bear the embarrassment of his sheer stupidity and misguided actions and words. Not to worry though, he’ll most likely have the last laugh – the young sargeant will probably enjoy an early, taxpayer- funded, sumptuous retirement if he bids the Cambridge Police Dept. adieu – and goes out on the “Heart Bill” due to palpatations and job-related stress!!!

  38. Chad said

    It sounds to me that the professor is racist.I am a white citizen and I have had people come to my door and ask to speak with the man of the house. So why does that have to be because he was black that question was asked to him?

  39. nancy said

    I want to know if the Professer was under the influence of anything.

  40. Lee said

    I am not a big Obama fan, but support him as president, but once again am absolutely floored that he even entertained the question regarding Gates. You are standing there addressing an issue that your presidency is riding on in a big way, the country is thirsty for answers. First, no answers on health care, second, he answers this topic with an opinion on the situation. I am assuming Gates may have over reacted as I assume the officer probably got pretty huffy. Anyone with common sense can see race is not a factor here other than for the media to have something to talk about. Between Obama’s comments and actiona lately and the way the media makes everything into a circus show, no wonder when I travel abroad, I find we are laughed at. Embarrassing….. Obama is and was looked at around the world as a giant! Why WHY even address an arrest or spat basically that happened between an officer and a man he mistook based on given info for a robber.

  41. Javier said

    I use to work for the police department in mass.and discrimination is everywhere.By the way a police report by any officer always will be supervised by the sgt.and he or she will tell you what to write or what to change.So they are not only experts on discrimination profile but on changing the facts,wich I was told to do many times.They call it covering your ass.

  42. Dullard said

    Back off every one. The police officer’s mindset was that he was going to face a burglary. But, it was found to be 180 degrees opposite. The Prof Gate’s mindset was that after a long flight, damn he was locked out. But, the police officer was there to investigate on the information he had and protect his house. If one of these people had common sense to understand the situation once they were met face to face this should not have happened. So, the stupidity is in both Prof. Gates and police office alike.

  43. E. Hoffmann said

    This is all ridiculous. Gates is only using this situation to promote HIS racist views. Don’t get me wrong; the word racist doesn’t apply only to “white America”. He more than likely saw this as an opportunity to get on TV and it worked. The only reason we have a problem with racism in this country is because people like Gates and “Reverend” Sharpton keeping it alive. We all know that the country has come a long way from the days of segregation. I am tired of hearing about it and seeing the race card pulled all the time.

    The officer was only following procedure. Get over the fact that Gates is black and Crowley is white. This whole thing is annoying and embarrassing to our country. Just shut your mouth and do what the officer says! How hard is that? Of course racial profiling exists- it only makes sense! What race are most terrorists? Gang members? Meth addicts? We all fall into a typical pattern of behavior for our race. It’s called a stereotype and unfortunately they are right more often than not.

    This is all ridiculous and we all need to just move on and do what is right, regardless of race or how you think you have been held back in life. Look at the President, he made out pretty good. Quit complaining and asking for handouts, work harder for what you want. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for you country.

  44. GODSMACK said

    M. Williams… The officer teaches Racial Profiling classes to thousands of other officers, gave CPR to a black basketball player, is held in very high reguard by all his black co-workers. You obviously havent read the entire story. Another case of a black man claiming racism when he was clearly in the wrong. You dont curse the cops and instigate the situation. Its yes sir, no sir, what can I help you with sir. Like it or not.

    • M. Williams said

      Quite the contrary, GODSMACK; I have read EVERY article I could get my hands on about this case. I like to have all the facts before I comment. I’m surprised no one has responded to mine about the Heart Bill. Perhaps YOU need to read all of our comments completely prior to responding. Nowhere did I even mention racism or skin color – the cop is an idiot – pure and simple. If he were in any other profession, he’d still be an idiot.

      • E. Hoffmann said

        You inspect stuff. What do you know? We don’t know what happened anymore than this racist Gates does. But you can’t call him racist because then you are racist- because he is black! Follow the rules! It is that easy.

  45. Roland Olsen said

    Simple solution to all this: the Cambridge police, fire, and 911 should not respond anymore to any calls from or regarding the Gates address. Obviously Gates had no sense of gratitude to public officials (one who was white) for having responded to a 911 call and putting themselves in harm’s way in an attempt to protect Gates’ home and possessions. Gates’ automatic and inbred bristling to an interaction with a white person shows how ingrained racism is in the black community. Obama further demonstrated this racism based on his assumptions and tirade during his press conference although he admitted at the outset that he was not familiar with the actual facts of the case. It’s time to ban all political organizations based on race (NAACP, La Raza, etc) and race-based affirmative action plans. They simply continue to encourage the playing of the race card and reinforce the “victim” mentality as Gates and Obama have so aptly demonstrated in this case.

  46. John said

    While it is certainly apparent that racial profiling still does play a role in numerous arrests throughout the country, this case does not merit such an epithet. Given Professor Gates’ association with the W.E.B. Du Bois department at Harvard, one would expect him to act with better judgement. Du Bois preached to black folk in his series of essays that it was imperative for both blacks and whites to achieve an understanding that the past, while devastating to blacks throughout America in terms of their attempts at progress following Emancipation, is in the past and that both parties have to work cooperatively in the present and in the future to ensure deserved attempts at economic and social prosperity. Though there are obviously issues regarding the progression of events in Gates’ case, it would be unfair to categorize the officer’s approach as racial profiling. We cannot forget that he was merely doing his job and that Gates, as a human being, acted disrespectfully and out of line. Check your local police blotter. There are a number of instances in every locality where people of all ages and colors are arrested for causing an uproar over a misunderstanding. Who are we to pass judgement on a situation that got out of control simply because an officer is asked to perform his duty. Understandably, Gates was upset. However, a MAN of his status should be able to act more responsibly and calmly. It is not as if this has happened to him on multiple occasions. We cannot forget or ignore the atrocities committed in the past with respect to black Americans. At the same time, we cannot bring it into every aspect of our lives. In such a world, black Americans will only progress gradually, as history will play into all relationships and situations. This would be the greatest sin of all.

    Let’s learn from our mistakes rather than dwell on them. Let’s form prescriptions of history rather than relentlessly back track and blame our actions on bias, especially when there is no obvious history in this particular officer’s case.

  47. Jacob said

    In the first place why were blacks made to work as slaves. It boggles the mind to see there are some people who still believe black people are second class citizens. Racism is endemic in Massachussettes and this incident is simply a tip of the iceberg. I was racially profiled on June 23 by the Lowell police and given a ticket for a dark tint for a Jeep that i bought from the manufacturer as is. its high time white people have shame

    • E. Hoffmann said

      Well get the tint fixed- ITS A LAW!! Doesn’t matter what color you are, you still have to follow it.

    • GODSMACK said

      High time white people have shame???? Seriously. I’ve been pulled over for dark tint, guess what I’m white. Do you think the officer has a folder listing car model tint %? Wow. Is it white americas fault more crimes are committed by blacks? Our fault more blacks are on walfare? Our fault more than half of black children grow up in a single parent home? I dont think so. Whitty is no longer to blame.

      • E. Hoffmann said

        Problem is they are told “white man gonna hold you down in life” from the day they can say momma. If you instill that in your children, that’s how they are gonna grow up. If you follow the laws of the country you live in you usually don’t get in trouble.

    • Cody said

      Blacks were made to be slaves because other Blacks had them as slaves and sold them to the White man. wiki ftw !!!

      further more you would think a civil war and a Partial black president would have a “hey not all whites are racist effect” but nothing seem to get that point across. sad really

  48. E. Hoffmann said

    What’s interesting is that the military doesn’t really have the racism problem that the civilian sector does. Sure, there are racist military members, but color kind of goes out the window when you are getting shot at. Being a Marine now for 8 years, I haven’t really had to deal with these issues, just shed my own blood along side a great number of races for a common goal.

  49. Itsme256 said

    He had no other reason to arrest him!You want to talk about what good he does well….hes not too good he forgot one of the basic rules of being a cop is to DIFFUSE THE SITUATION. The cop was not in the wrong by going into the house but what he was wrong letting Mr Gates get him. You can say any thing you want to a cop. They surely can say anything freedom of speech if you have never heard of it. If this cop is so smart he should walked out and asked one of his fellow officers to diffuse the situation. You keep talking about all of this groups NAACP and all the race based groups don’t forget not to long ago cops could spray blacks with water hoses,use attack dogs on black protesters Cops beat young black men and women for standing up for their rights in this country so don’t preach about having black groups in this country.

    • GODSMACK said

      Does that still happen?? Blacks being sprayed with hoses, made to sit on the back of the bus, not drinking out of a water fountain. FUCK NO..Until blacks open their eyes and see the majority of the world could care less about their skin it will never end. Groups like the NAACP are what keep the fires of racism burning. Its racism plain and simple to have “blacks only” anything. I dont care how you try to justify it. There are just as many black racists in our country as whites. You know there are streets and areas in our city that white poeple cant even drive down without being pulled from their cars by blacks. Cops advised all whites who end up lost in these areas not to stop, to just keep driving through red lights and all. Is that our fault too? Piss Off

      • E. Hoffmann said

        The racial profiling goes both ways, too. If you are a white male driving through one of these bad areas you may just get pulled over. Why? Because more than likely you are there to buy drugs. I don’t look at it as racial profiling, more like the fruits of crime analysis.

    • Itsme256 said

      Wow buddy you sound angry for what I don’t know I’m just giving some history! It kind of hard to trust that someone is there for your safety when you don’t know am I right? I live in Alabama I’m the last one to say racist I’m dating a white women most of my friends are white hate to say it but there is racism still going on! so don’t try to make like there isn’t any white racist people. If you don’t believe come to Alabama Buddy!

  50. E. Hoffmann said

    Wow- that’s all over now. We can all start acting like we are human. If everyone deserves to be treated equal, START DOING IT! It’s 2009, get over it. Move on, live in the now. He diffused the situation by cuffing him.

  51. southrnman11 said

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Another typical black person blaming everything on color. Black people are the reason there are race issues in America, when do you ever here a white person get on television and bitch about how they couldn’t get a job because the black guy got it in front of him for being..Black! That is racist in itself and that is what is wrong with this country. “He arrested me cause i was black, damn white boy!”. Oh well sorry sir we’ll drop your charges and let you write a book about how it’s unfair because you’re black. Look in the prisons…no wonder police accuse blacks of crimes…they’re always doing them!

  52. southrnman11 said

    I wonder what would happen if there was a White Entertainment Television or White college football or White in America. Blacks are more racist than whites, and put race issues on themselves these days. No more excuses, the man who holds the most powerful spot in the free world is guess what…..Black! Congratulations, now you have someone to run to when things go bad.

  53. Itsme256 said

    oh well lets take the race out of it! you go to your home and forget your keys! your already mad at yourself and you finally get in and relax and the cops come knock on your door and say may I help you officer. Everybody know that there are Cops that are Cool as hell And there are Officer DICKS and you can tell right of the back of how they talk and approach you am I right?? This is my house officer i have proof there is no one else here! thank you! Now somewhere along that line officer Dick did something to violate a mans house come on now if a cop came to me house and said we have heard there was a break in here I’m going to say no sir I’m the only here show id and say good bye get out. Now if he is rude to me I’m not going to put up with that you are in my house I know you would be the same!

  54. Lee said

    In my previous comment I was bewildered by Obama stepping into this. However reminded myself that he is the biggest politician of our time so its no surprise. I figure he bought himself a few dinner fundraising opportunities at the university with the comment last night. appease the people says rome………….

  55. E. Hoffmann said

    Look- they have to check your house to be sure you are safe. All they know is that someone called in that there was a break-in. There very well could have been someone in his house! Can you imagine what “Reverend” Sharpton would say if the cop had just ” oh ok Mr Gates- Have a good night” and then left and Gates was robbed raped and killed!!! He would still get pegged as racist for not looking- or I’m sure the spin would be he didn’t care. Ridiculous.

  56. southrnman11 said

    Who made it a race issue though? The professor did! “AW, because im black”. I wish the arresting cop was a “brotha” and none of this wouldve happened…America is going downhill…race war..sign me up

  57. Itsme256 said

    Who cares what Reverend” Sharpton says you listen to him? I’m black and I don’t listen to him haha ok check the house and leave no reason to arrest him the description said to young man with back packs who were pro Harvard students haha! oh well its over nothing we can do about just try to move like you said “E Hoff”!

  58. Mike R said

    History is a better teacher then propaganda when it comes to Blacks and Whites. White police officers can’t ignore their role of history how police forces have been used to impose the White culture on Black society. Mr Gates is well of aware of this history. Officer Crawley is not. As a result those to forces met. One with indignant disbelief and the other with arrogance of police authority. In the melee the police power’s arrogant authority confirmed the history of the Black studies professor came to the knowledge of experience of the White man’s culture. If you are Black or Hispanic as Professor Gates found out, you do not question the “right” of the White man’s authority to rule. You will get arrested.

    • Cody said

      sorry but if your white and question the right of the “POLICE ” rule you wil get arrested. simple fact of life . i was taught as a child to respect cops not taunt them, thats the problem.

  59. E. Hoffmann said

    yeah it’s just annoying- it is all you hear about now.

  60. GODSMACK said

    oh well, guess we can wait until next week for another complaint about “whitey the racist” holding back the black man.

  61. E. Hoffmann said

    You can’t ever make some people happy. We have a black prez yet the country is still full of racists. Granted he is a self described “mutt”, but still.

    • GODSMACK said

      Its never gonna end. This country will never be completely free of racism, some poeple have their beliefs and no one is ever gonna change their minds. Plain and simple. It is a free country. People are free to think as they wish. By the way, Thank you for you service and ensuring our freedom E Hoff!

  62. Itsme256 said

    Yeah you cant! you blacks who think every white is a racist…Then you got whites who are racist! blacks who are racists and whites who think that blacks just shouts wolf so you cant win…But I have won because I don’t see color I just see a man getting arrested in my opinion which could have been resolved!

  63. Baine said

    My Humble opinion…
    It’s disconcerting to read the commentary of people accusing blacks of playing the race card in situations like this. It’s funny how we pick up these catch phrases and some how use them so indiscriminately, as an African American I don’t need to be lectured on race relations in America, espescially when it comes to being profiled by the police. Let me educate you on some distrubing aspects of racial profiling. First, it was not created to enhance, protect, nor to deter crime in America, it is simply a criminal grouping tool used by law enforcement, that disproportionately targets African Americans, and Latino’s. Law enforcement agencies, and Home Land security experts will vehemently denie this. Law enforcement departments are well versed at manipulating public perception, and twisting facts as it relates to racial profiling, law enforcement will tell you how it saves lives, and give’s departments another tool to combat crime. Yeah right!!Because of racial profiling many innocent African Americans, and Latino’s have an epitaph on thier grave that reads “I was minding my business when I was killed by a police officer for no other reason except for being Black, or Latino.” A number of people who accuse African Americans of playing the race card have no clue about the social dynamics of African Americans.
    And for all of you Race Baiters consider the following:
    1. When a black man show’s emotions he’s considered angry, and combative, conversly with a white man he’s being passionate, and assertive. Why?

    I don’t have to like America for it’s past, but I must love America for it’s promise. Peace!!!

    • Itsme256 said

      I don’t have to like America for it’s past, but I must love America for it’s promise. Peace!!! GREAT Quote you hit it right on the head!!

  64. Brent In KY said

    Yes the President shouldnt have spoken on this issue. However I truly believe we are more and more living in a police state. The police have been doing this type of thing for years and its getting worse. In turn citizens are getting more and more upset over the increased police overstepping their duties and letting emotions get the best of them. They just need to go back to doing what is commpassionate and right, protect and serve again in turn stop this us and them attitude that has brought us to many situations like this one.

    Its just sad when we lock up the most people in all the world yet have 5% of the population to begin with. We have 25% of the worlds prisoners, we have no money to keep building prisons and yet we are releasing rapests and violent criminals to make room for non violent ones. Minimum sentencing and the War on Drugs has left this coutry chasing its tail. We need to reform our criminal justice system and we need to end this failed War on Drugs that has sucked this country dry while doing nothing but hunt down citizens and suspecting everyone of criminal actions when non is there.

    We need to rethink how police interact with the public and stop the “everyone is a criminal” idea that has lead us to stuations like this so many times.

  65. Luca said

    If I could send that police officer fan mail, I would. This is a man who is doing his best to protect the city he serves and it’s citizens. When he’s verbally assaulted by an affluent black man for trying to ensure the safety of that man’s OWN HOME, when he arrests this man for his belligerence, he’s painted as a villain. I can’t imagine the pain and trauma he’s had to endure because another black man in america used the Race Card to place themselves in the victim’s chair after abusing this officer the way he did. Mr. Gates should be ashamed of himself. I say kudos that officer for refusing to apologize. That’s a man who did his job, and stands by his decisions.

  66. Baine said

    @ Luca
    I can only surmise that when this officer was hired, he told the panel some thing like this; “I am a very compassionate person, I’m willing to serve and protect all the citizens of Cambridge, and I understand that Harvard university have some of the best minds in the world, I would be honored to serve these most esteem citizens of Academia in America.” Well you see mister all that was a fabricated lie to get a job on the police force. Meanwhile a verbally abusive, out spoken, combative black Harvard professor breaking and entering his own home equals a emotionally broken, traumatized officer.WOW!! Well you see Mr. Luca so many times African Americans are killed when retrieving their I.D from their pocket, and all the while the officer will state “I thought he was pulling out a weapon, it looked like a gun.” Another black man killed by trigger happy, arrogant, power hungry, policeman in our community. Thank God that this officer doesn’t epitomize the majority of officers who are able to think, and rationalize, not self indulge, or escalate a situation while using common sense judgement. Regardless of what the majority of you think the age old adage that we hear in our community so often from power hungry officers; “Haha you might beat the rap but I quarantee you want be the police ride.” Being a police officer does not give you the ability to put your ego aside to make simple quality of life decision, this ability comes from the simple lie he told in the interview when he was hired, “I am a very compassionate person.”

    • Luca said

      I guess you failed to see that compassion when he worked tirelessly to give CPR to a fallen black athlete until Paramedics arrived, and the crushing failure he felt when he learned he wasn’t able to save his life. No compassion there, I guess.

      Listen, Race certainly was an issue in this arrest, but on the part of the police officer. Mr. Gates immediately felt threatened and attacked because a white police officer was asking him for identification. Had a black police officer responded, this would have gone very differently, without any conflict. But the simple fact that this officer was white, led Mr. Gates into a tirade and immediately began accusing the officer of racial profiling when he was only responding to a 911 call someone had placed. Put yourself in the officer’s shoes.

      You respond to a possible robbery in progress and find two men playing with a door upon arriving at the scene. Rather than jumping to conclusions and drawing his weapon, this officer remained calm and decided to question the men as they did not appear outwardly dangerous, but still suspicious as a robbery had JUST been reported. Upon initial questioning, the suspect becomes belligerent and verbally combative and refuses to produce ID. Again, rather than jumping to conclusions and putting a well-deserved beatdown on the suspect and arresting him right then and there for being on a property that had a robbery reported and a subject on the property has refused to produce ID, he questioned further. Once the subject finally identified himself, the officer then attempted to leave the property, but was continuing to be verbally abused as he tried to leave the premises around a new growing crowd. At this point, the officer rightfully places the subject under arrest for disorderly conduct.

      Now, picture the same circumstance, exactly as this has played out. But for the moment let’s pretend the offender is white, and the property is a trailer park. Rather than this being on CNN, this would be on COPS and people would laugh and the stupid redneck being arrested…

      Because he is black, and affluent, he believed he deserved special treatment and that this officer should ashamed of himself for asking for ID when responding to a robbery. This officer acted well within the boundaries of his position and in my opinion exercised an incredible amount of professionalism and restraint when dealing with this belligerent man. So before you place the blame on the officer, let’s put some burden of responsibility on the offender, who acted unreasonable towards a very reasonable request.

  67. John Doe said


    Go left—right—down through the middle
    Go any way you want to go
    From the blue Black Sea to the Ivory Coast
    Or get tough—hard—dive into battle
    waging new warfare
    under heavy metal armor just running scared

    Make a white flag
    Bring the code book
    Get the peace-pipe smokin’ good

    Every worldwide color of meaning
    can shade what we’re meaning to say
    Before darkness falls—
    it’s time we try and communicate

    There’s one world—one sun shining
    turning us eye to eye
    as it filters through our perforated sky
    Stand up—march to the new League of Nations
    everyone face to face
    ’cause if no one gives, we lose the human race

    Make a white flag
    Bring the code book
    Get the peace-pipe smokin’ good

    Every worldwide color of meaning
    can shade what we’re meaning to say
    Before darkness falls—
    it’s time we try and communicate

    -Michael Hedges

  68. Cody said

    for those wondering what might have happened had the Officer not checked his ID, check this story out.

    the family actually made public statements saying they were going to sue the Police for entrapping the kid, this is why Cops go bad.

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