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Cat Killer Affidavit Released

Posted by shadmia on July 7, 2009

Tyler Hayes WeinmanTyler H WeinmanT. Weinman

At 18-year-old Tyler Hayes Weinman’s arraignment the police released the previously sealed arrest affidavit detailing why they think he murdered and mutilated 19 neighborhood cats. Although there were no eyewitnesses, the police based their suspicions on three factors:

  1. Weinman’s odd behavior
  2. A cutting tool they found outside his car
  3. His proximity to where cats were found

Weinman was not in court for his arraignment. His attorney entered a written plea of not guilty on his behalf.

“It’s really important to note there is not one single witness that says Tyler Weinman touched a cat — not one witness,” said his attorney, David Macey, after the court hearing.

Weinman was arrested on Sunday 6/14/09 by Miami-Dade police on 19 counts of felony animal cruelty, 19 counts of improperly disposing of an animal body and 4 counts of burglary. For further details click the following links:

The first 4 pages of the 10-page affidavit details the brutality with which 19 cats were mutilated and murdered. The report noted that the cats were abducted, killed in a different location and then brought back and dumped on their owners’ properties.

The report also details how Weinman was stopped twice late at night and questioned about the cat killings in the neighborhood. The third encounter with Weinman resulted in him being taken in for questioning. He was pulled over for a traffic violation and police saw a “cutting instrument” on the ground outside his driver’s side door and also saw a plastic bag with a gram of marijuana inside the car.

During questioning Weinman seemed to know a lot more about dissecting cats than he could have learned in school and even became excited and animated while talking about the subject. Police also noticed scratches on his neck and back; Weinman said he had received them while feeding a stray cat.

After the police had finished questioning Weinman they obtained permission to tap his cell phone and install a GPS tracking system in his car. With the GPS information, they were able to place him near two of the cat mutilation scenes.

Weinman was subsequently arrested and both his parents’ houses were searched from which they removed various items including: Box cutters, several knives, hypodermic needles and a metal dental tool. They also took an iPod, computer equipment, a pair of shoes and a piece of paper that contained typed directions.

Staff Doctors from the Psychological Services Section said the person responsible for killing the cats is suffering from a Conduct Disorder and would be a Sociopath.

Weinman told police he “despises” his father and after being expelled from high school due to marijuana, said he didn’t need to go to school because his “grades were off the chart.” Weinman’s teachers said he was troubled, frequently late and had a bad attitude.

If convicted on all charges, Weinman could face up to 158 years in prison. A trial date has not yet been set.

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