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Terror in Tehran

Posted by shadmia on June 25, 2009

Not My PresidentNeda PosterIranian Police

I don’t normally do politics in this blog but what is happening in Iran needs to be airedas widely as possible.

Neda is Shot

President Obama Speaks Out

Reports start coming in on a brutal crackdown by the Iranian authorities

Eyewitness Report from Baharestan Square in Central Tehran

This frantic phone call from a Tehran woman will break your heart as you consider our standard response has been “that there are sets of international norms and principles about violence” and that “the international community is watching.” Part of yesterday’s response by President Obama in a press conference included “that there is a peaceful path that will lead to stability and legitimacy (of the Iranian regime) and prosperity for the Iranian people. We hope they take it.” The Iranian theocratic regime clearly is not interested.

Unedited Video from Iran

Interview with 2 women returning from Iran

DemonstratorsIranian PoliceProtesters

Axe Wound

Ayatollah Ali KhameneiAhmadinejad

What will happen next??……The world is watching!!

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