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Black Widow Accused of Raping 10 Men

Posted by shadmia on June 22, 2009

Cathedral in TambovClonidine pillsNo More Rape

Rape – no matter how one tries to justify it – is Rape. It is a brutal, forced violation of one’s body. It is wrong and there is no excuse for it. That being said, the following story does have a certain comedic value to it, which nevertheless does not detract from its seriousness.

32-year-old Valeria K. is described as a quiet, good-looking woman from the Russian city of Tambov, about 300 miles south-east of Moscow. She had two well-known hobbies. She was a devoted collector of horror movies and spiders. She was known as the Black Widow.

Valeria K. also had another pastime that was her own little secret. She liked to rape men but in order to assure their “complete cooperation” with her plans, she would make sure to drug them first. Her drug of choiceclonidine – a powerful medication used to treat high blood pressure, ADHD and can ease withdrawal symptoms associated with narcotic use. One side effect of clonidine is drowsiness.

Valeria K. was arrested by the police and accused of drugging 10 different men and then raping them. She is now on trial.

She would meet men and, after getting acquainted with them, would lure them back to her apartment and offer them drinks – drinks laced with clonidine – that would knock them out for about 24 hours. After the men were asleep Valeria K. would go to work:

She would strip them naked, stimulate their penises and when they were sufficiently erect, she would tie a rope around the base of their organs so that they would remain erect and then proceed to rape them while they slept.

The men would eventually wake up in hospital (unsure of how they got there)  being treated for clonidine poisoning and penis trauma. However, they would all remember the friendly brunette who gave them drinks, which helped police identify the woman. Of the 10 men who fell victim to Valeria K., one refused to file a complaint against her:

One of her victim’s said he wished she hadn’t sedated him. “It was great,” the man said. “I like hot women. I only wish she hadn’t used the clonidine on me.”

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