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Linda Nef Takes Plea Deal

Posted by shadmia on June 17, 2009

Linda Nef 2Linda Nef and LawyerLinda Nef

Linda Nef, the 46-year-old school teacher, who admitted to having sex with a 13-year-old boy, a student in her class, may avoid doing any jail time. Nef and another teacher, Valynne Bowers, 40, were both accused of having sex with the same boy at Bountiful Junior High School.

Nef was originally charged with two first-degree felonies: 1) Rape of a child and 2) Sodomy on a child, which carry mandatory prison terms of 25 years to life.

On Tuesday (6/16/09) Linda Nef went before 2nd District Judge Rodney Page and pleaded guilty to first-degree felony attempted aggravated abuse of a child. The plea gives the judge the option of imposing either probation or a prison term of three years to life. The judge ordered a pre-sentencing report for Nef before she is sentenced July 21.

The plea deal was worked out between the defense and the prosecution along with the victim and his family. Davis County Attorney Richard Larsen said the victim and his family wanted the possibility of probation left open for Nef.

“The victim and his family are very much in favor of resolving [the case] this way,” Larsen told the judge.

Sean Druyon, Linda Nef’s lawyer, said Nef had already undergone a psycho-sexual evaluation that found she was not a pedophile and not a danger to re-offend.

Valynne BowersValynne Bowers and LawyerValynne Bowers 2

The second teacher involved in the sex scandal, Valynne Bowers, may also make a plea deal with Davis County prosecutors. Defense attorney Rich Gallegos asked for more time for them to work on a plea bargain. This occurred before Linda Nef cut a deal with prosecutors.

“I’m hopeful that we can work out a deal where she can get some type of probation sentence,” Gallegos said. “Likely associated with that is jail time.”

Valynne Bowers is charged with first-degree felony rape and forcible sodomy. Her case is considered less serious than that of Linda Nef because her relationship with the victim began when he was 14 years old. Nef began her relationship when the victim was only 13 years old. Bowers is due back in court on June 29 for a potential resolution in the case.

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