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Prostitute is Man’s own Daughter

Posted by shadmia on June 11, 2009

Prostitute 1Prostitute 4Prostitute

One man’s infidelity finally caught up with him. This story would not have been remarkable under normal circumstances. But in this case, the circumstances were anything but normal, in fact there is a certain comedic value to this story that I am sure none of the involved parties could appreciate. Not the man nor his wife and certainly not their daughter would find anything funny about the entire episode. That being said, this is a very humorous tale!

A business man living in the Israeli city of Haifa was sent by his company to take a 4-day course in the resort town of Eilat (see map for details). On the first night of his arrival the man decided to find some female company and arranged for a prostitute to come to his room.

When the prostitute arrived at his room all hell broke loose. She was the man’s own daughter. He started feeling chest pains as he realized what it was that his daughter was doing for a living. Needless to say he refused her services and she did not get paid.

The man made an early departure from Eilat and returned home to tell his wife what his daughter had been doing. Upon hearing the story, his wife vowed to find their daughter and get her a more suitable job. She then directed the full force of her anger at her husband and asked him in no uncertain terms for a divorce…..the court case is pending.

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