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Leilani Neumann Found Guilty

Posted by shadmia on May 25, 2009

Leilani Neumann, 41, who – along with her husband Dale – chose to pray for their sick daughter, 11-year-old Kara, rather than seeking medical attention, was found guilty of  second-degree reckless homicide in her death.  Madeline Kara Neumann of Weston, Wisconsin died of diabetic ketoacidosis in March 2008. For background details on this case click here and here.

It took the jury just 4 hours to reach the unanimous guilty verdict. Leilani Neumann faces a maximum of 25 years behind bars when she is sentenced. A date for the sentencing has not yet been announced.

The lawyer for Leilani Neumann, Gene Linehan, has promised to appeal the verdict and the case may well end up in Wisconsin’s Supreme Court.

On one hand, state law says parents such as Neumann whose neglect leads to a child’s death are guilty of homicide. Another statute, however, recognizes a parent’s right to practice faith healing.

The day after the verdict was announced Leilani’s stepfather Brian Gordon read a letter from Leilani, where it says God is helping her to get through this ordeal.

“My faith in God does not waver in the midst of this storm. We have peace in God regardless of the decision made yesterday. Our emotions do not hinge on how or if the rest of the world approves of our actions. We live for God’s approval alone,” said Leilani’s Stepfather Biran Gordon, who was reading a letter he says is by Leilani.

Leilani’s husband, Dale Neumann, 47,  faces the same charges as his wife and is scheduled to go to trial on July 23.

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4 Responses to “Leilani Neumann Found Guilty”

  1. David said

    She should receive no food while incarcerated so we can see the power of her god who will shower her with manna from on high. What cruel people those two nutjobs are. The allowed their child to suffer to death. Have to say their faith was not enough.

  2. Jazz said

    This happened in my home town…many residents found this disgusting. The Neumann’s owned a coffee business in town and it went out of business because of boycotts. I agree with “David said.” Dale’s trial began this morning, hope he gets the same!!!

  3. Baba-Louie said

    They essentially let their daughter starve to death. This is what happened to everyone who had type-1 diabetes before insulin was discovered by Frederick Banting in the early 1920’s.

    I agree with Dave, let mom and pop starve to death like their daughter did.

    From the father of a diabetic daughter.

  4. […] Neumann, 47, was found guilty of second-degree reckless homicide – just like his wife, Leilani Neumann – in the death of his 11-year-old daughter Kara Neumann.  They were both accused of failing […]

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