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The Pee Converter

Posted by shadmia on May 7, 2009

Converting urine into drinkable water is not a new idea. In fact NASA has developed a device that recycles pee into water fit to drink. The catch is the device has a price tag of $250,000…..not something the average consumer is going to put on their shopping list.

Pee Converter

Designer Leonardo Manavella has come up with a solution that is sure to please all the pee-conservationists out there. His design for a pee-to-water converter is simplistic yet innovative. The user pees into the container. The urine passes through an activated carbon purifier which eliminates the color and flavor of urine. The user then squeezes the container forcing clean drinkable water out of the other end. The concept is described below.

Pee Converter

For further details check out this source and if you happen to try it out, please let me know.

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