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Ex-Police Chief Killed in Shootout

Posted by shadmia on April 25, 2009

Headland Police Officer and Chief Investigator Dexter Hammond was killed with a single shot from a high-power rifle by 53-year-old Fred Davis who also shot and seriously wounded Henry County Sheriff Deputy Ted Yost. Davis himself was shot and killed by responding police officers.

Dexter Hammond was the Midland City police chief for years, just recently leaving the position last November. Read more details on the shootout here.

Ted Yost, who was shot three times in the head and face, remains in Intensive Care at Southeast Alabama Medical Center. Officials fear he may be blind in both eyes.

No-one knows exactly what caused Fred Davis to go berserk on Friday (4/24/09) but according to neighbors and witnesses, the Granberry Crossroads resident suffered from severe mood swings.

“He just snapped,” says Henry County Sheriff Will Maddox referring to Davis. “We have been here numerous times over the year and he always complied with officers. But this time he ambushed the officers.”

Gerald Granberry who has lived across County Road 55 from Fred Davis for the past 8 years has a different story to tell. Granberry says Davis was retired as a maintenance worker from Wallace Community College. He says Davis has driven him out of town to the doctor multiple times. He also helped Granberry build a shed outside his home. Granberry and Davis spoke “just about every day.”

“He was as good as gold and I will miss him,” says Granberry. “I couldn’t of had a better neighbor.”

However that “good neighbor” wreaked havoc on the lives of two police officers, their families and their friends and shocked an entire community. When the call went out at 4:55 pm on Friday concerning gunshots being fired at 5501 Co. Rd 55, Dexter and his colleagues did not hesitate to respond.

“Usually when you get gunshots or something bad going on, the average person runs the other way,” says Chief Jones. “Law enforcement runs to it. And that’s Dexter. The shots came out with officer down and he didn’t hesitate.”

The city is in shock,” adds Mayor of Headland Ray Marler. “We are a close knit family. Dexter was not only a great employee but a good friend.

Dexter Hammond was well-liked by everyone and had a reputation for joking around.

“Everybody loved him, and he was always joking and kidding around,” says Chief Jones. “In the office everyone would run from him taking pictures because he would turn them into cartoons up on the wall. That was Dexter. He never had a hard heart for anyone.”

Condolences on the death of Dexter Hammond have been pouring in from friends, loved ones and well-wishers. You can read what others are saying and send your own thoughts in this special online tribute by clicking here.

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