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Boy’s Buttocks Burned with Blowtorch

Posted by shadmia on April 24, 2009


Some people should never become parents. One such person is Gerald T. Hall, 36, of Clare, Mi., who is charged along with his brother Glen Leslee Hall, 43, with first-degree child abuse.

The two brothers are accused of burning a 6-year-old boy’s buttocks with a propane blowtorch on at least one occasion. The boy is Gerald Hall’s son. Both brothers were arraigned in Clare County’s 80th District Court by Magistrate Rick Laboda on Wednesday (4/22/09).  Bail was set at $150,000 each. They are due back in court on May 5th.

“They said they were disciplining the child for making a mess in his pants,” state police Sgt. Del Putnam said.

When the boy’s mother discovered what had happened she took him to hospital where the staff called the police. Police say the men took the boy to a shed and took turns burning the child on the buttocks and anus, causing the severe burns. The men also removed the boy’s clothing and burned them as well.

This incident happen last October and after investigating, the police got warrants issued for the two men, based on the one specific incident. However, police believe that the blowtorch was the “main act of discipline used” on the boy. Gerald Hall was arrested Tuesday and Glen Hall was arrested Wednesday where he works at a construction site.

The charge of first-degree child abuse carries a 15-year felony sentence, but Glen Hall, the boy’s uncle is no stranger to the law and may be charged as an habitual offender. According to Clare County Prosecutor Michelle Ambrozaitis, he could be sentenced to one and a half times the maximum if convicted.

Glen Hall is on parole after serving time in prison for a drunken driving causing serious injury conviction in 2003 in Isabella County. He also was convicted of possession of a firearm by a felon in Clare County in 2008.

The boy suffered second- and third-degree burns in the attack. He has recovered physically and is currently in protective custody, Sgt. Putnam said.

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2 Responses to “Boy’s Buttocks Burned with Blowtorch”

  1. iknowbetterthanu said

    This story is a farce. The trial just ended in a mistrial. It was clear to anyone with an ounce of intelligence that the Michigan State police lied when “quoting” the Hall brothers. They stated the boy was taken to a “tool shed” on the property of the father and burned. The father’s property does not have a shed. The boy testified that he was burned on a green picnic table in a sandy back yard with a tool from a tool shed. The mother who called the police on the father lived in a house with a sandy back yard, a green picnic table and a shed. Go figure!

  2. Brett said

    They did not do this take it from me I spent over 5 monthd with the both of them in jail and I believe they did not do this sick shit.What people need to do is look at the mother who before all this happened lost her rights as a mother and lost all her money from the state (free money)when she lost her costudy.Also what about the prosecuter buyin the kid a new bike and shit,I was there when the first jury come back a hung jury 8 not guilty to 4 guilty.Even the State Police detective Lied on the stand and made the prosecution look like a bunch of Idiots and The poor kid dont remember none of it.Im not making up excuses forthem because if they did do it I believe they should be tortured,and left to rott in prison where alot of grown men could take advantage of them,but however I really truthfully in my heart believe they didnt do this if it comes out in the end they did Im very sorry but it wont.If they did do this they would have taken the sweet plea deal the prosecuter offered to drop all charges and charge them wit 3rd degree child abuse with a little sentence of 2-5 years(thats it)instead they face life because they didnt take the deal.Now you tell me after the first trial if the prosecuter really thought they were guilty he would not have offered them a deal like that(you know-no way),GOOD LUCK GERALD AND GLENN I WISH YOU AND YOURE FAMILY THE BEST i’LL ALWAYS BE ON YOURE SIDE!!!!!!BRETT CAYLOR..

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