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Jiverly Wong – The Binghamton Murderer

Posted by shadmia on April 6, 2009

Jiverly VoongJiverly Wong

Jiverly Wong aka Jiverly Voong aka Linh Phat Voong, 42 killed 13 people at the American Civic Association before turning the gun on himself. Although no one knows why Wong walked into the ACA building and became the worst mass murderer in Binghamton’s history, more details have emerged about his life.

Voong arrived in Binghamton with his family from Vietnam sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990s. He however did not stay there but moved to California, where he was arrested on check-forgery charges in Rosemead and convicted of misdemeanor fraud in 1992. He got married, had two children with his wife, and later divorced in California.

Voong became a naturalized citizen in November 1995. Shortly after becoming a citizen Voong left the country and did not return until Dec. 25, 1999, when he arrived in Los Angeles on a plane from Tokyo, Japan. After failing to report for work in July of 2007, Voong turned up in Binghamton, where he received a New York State drivers license.

At some point Voong changed his name to Jiverly Wong because he said that “Americans can’t pronounce my real name.” He also had problems with English. Friends and family have said that Wong often felt humiliated and picked on because he didn’t speak English well. He was taking English classes at the American Civic Association until he dropped out in the first week of March.

Wong not only had problems with English but also with Vietnamese. Even though the family migrated from Vietnam, Wong’s first language was a Chinese dialect. He spoke neither English nor Vietnamese very well.

Sam Quach, who works at the Hang Phat Market and ran into Jiverly Wong at the gym two weeks ago, said Wong struggled to fit into the English-speaking community, as well as the Vietnamese one. Wong said that when he first immigrated to America, he would go to parties but other Vietnamese would make fun of him because he did not understand certain Vietnamese phrases, Quach recalled. Eventually, Wong stopped trying to socialize, Quach said.

People who worked with Wong describe him as a loner. According to Kevin Greene, who worked with him at the Shop Vac assembly plant in Binghamton before it closed in November:

“I asked him if he liked the Yanks,” and “he said, ‘No, I don’t like that team. I don’t like America. America sucks.'”

Kevin Greene, who lives outside of Binghamton, said he worked with Voong – whom co-workers knew as Jiverly Wong – for a few months. He told FBI investigators he and a buddy used to joke about how they thought Voong “would come in mad one day and shoot people. He seemed like that kind of guy.”

Donald Ackley, who worked with the gunman at the Shop Vac Assembly plant from where he had recently been laid off, said: “He made some off-the-wall comments like he wanted to kill the president. We all thought he was an oddball. He was always talking about guns.

The Wong HouseACA BuildingBinghamton

In fact Jiverly Wong did seem to like guns – a lot. Wong had two handguns registered to him on a gun permit he got in 1996 or 1997, police said. Broome County Sheriff David Harder said Wong last bought a handgun on March 17. but he could not say whether that gun was one of the two used in the killing spree.

Wong used to regularly visit Gander Mountain, an outdoors store in Johnson City, where he lived. He frequently exchanged guns at the store, said Dave Henderson, Gander Mountain’s outdoor education series coordinator. Wong would buy a handgun and shoot it for a few weeks before returning it, saying he didn’t like the gun, Henderson said.

He was in there real regular. Everybody knew him,” Henderson said.

Henderson, whose primary role at Gander Mountain is to teach and organize seminars, said he worked the gun counter when staffing at the store was low. In the 20 or so times he worked the gun counter in the past six months, Henderson said Wong either bought or exchanged guns five or six times. Wong bought a .45-caliber handgun within the past month and a half Henderson said. Each time he bought or exchanged a weapon, Wong had to pass an FBI background check. He also frequently grew agitated when store employees couldn’t understand his English, Henderson said. A couple of times, Henderson had to pass Wong off to another store employee because Wong would get annoyed.

“He would get frustrated,” Henderson said in a telephone interview from Madison, Wis., where he was attending a gun show. “There were times I wouldn’t even talk to him anymore.”

Henderson saw news reports about the massacre in Binghamton. When Wong’s name was released, he recognized the first name instantly, he said, but the last name was slightly different than Wong’s driver’s license and gun permit. He said he called the manager of the store, who checked the records and confirmed Wong bought guns at Gander Mountain.

ACA BuildingFlowers at the ACAPolice at the ACA

In the meantime, all of the victims in the deadly shooting have been identified and the community is now beginning a long healing process, officials said. People from eight different countries, including the US, were victims of Jiverly Wong’s Massacre in Binghamton:

From China

  • Li Guo 47 Binghamton, NY
  • Hong Xiu Mao 35 Greene NY
  • Hai Hong Zhong 54 Endwell, NY
  • Jiang Ling 22 Endicott, NY

From Haiti

  • Marc Henry Bernard 44 Endicott, NY
  • Maria Sonia Bernard 46 Endicott, NY

From USA

  • Maria Zobniw 60 Binghamton, NY
  • Roberta Bobby King 72 Binghamton, NY

From Vietnam

  • Lan Ho 39 Binghamton, NY
  • Jiverly A. Wong 42 Johnson City, NY   **The Gunman**

From Pakistan

  • Parveen Nln Ali 26 Binghamton, NY

From The Philippines

  • Dolores Yigal 53 Binghamton, NY

From Iraq

  • Layla Khalil 57 Binghamton, NY

From Brazil

  • Almir O. Alves 43 Unknown

Shirley DeLucia

One victim of the massacre managed to survive a gunshot wound to the abdomen. She pretended to be dead and when Wong moved on to claim the lives of 12 other people, she bravely managed to call the police and alert them to what was happening. Her name is Shirley DeLucia, 61.

“She is a hero, there’s just no two ways about it,” DeLucia’s niece, Lynette Menichelli, tearfully told the Daily News. “For us, we are not surprised she did what she did, she’s such a wonderful person. We are just so proud of her.”

Shirley DeLucia came into work on Friday morning as usual. She was always willing to help immigrants on their path to citizenship. She had spent her life volunteering and was the first person neighbors turned to in a time of need, friends said. It was her call for help that brought the police so quickly to the scene. A receptionist working alongside DeLucia died at the scene along with 12 others in a neighboring classroom. 37 students and teachers managed to escape, thanks in part to DeLucia’s quick thinking.

“She kept us abreast the best she could of what was going on inside the building,” Binghamton Police Chief Joseph Zikusky said. “She’s a heroine and I believe she saved some lives,” Zikusky said.

DeLucia was in the intensive care unit at Wilson Regional Medical Center yesterday. Relatives said she had been taken off a ventilator and was expected to make a full recovery.

UPDATE: A letter was sent by the gunman see details here

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One Response to “Jiverly Wong – The Binghamton Murderer”

  1. Quote:
    The first I want to say sorry I know a little English. I hope you understand all of this. Of course you need to know why I shooting? Because undercover cop gave me a lot of ass during eighteen years I got seven years and eight month delivery to grocery in the California came back New York on the August 2007.

    When he writes that the undercover cop gave him a lot of ass, he most likely is describing his harassment by the police for the last 18 years.

    He sounds like he worked for seven years and eight months as a grocery deliver person in Calafornia and then moved back to New York.

    Let talk about when I live in California. Such as…cop used 24 hours the technique of ultramodern and camera for burn the chemical in my house. For switch the channel time…For adjust the fan. For made me unbreathable. For made me vomit. For connect the music into my ear.

    He says let’s talk about when I lived in California. The cop used 24 modern surviellence techniques on him. The camera would be surveillance. He says to burn chemicals in his home. Most likely the chemical could be gassing, which is a common tactic. They switch the channel time, adjusted his fan, this is common. They use remote devices to control the electronics of targeted individuals. Such as VCR, Fridge, Etc. The reference to vomit, sounds consistant with gassing. The music to his ear could either a be messing with music equipment, or it could be a reference to Voice to skull, also known as V2K, a remote process that would allow a target to hear sounds or music, and not know where it was coming from.

    Undercover cop usual coined some nasty was not true about me and spread a rumour to the receiver and some people know me conduce toward many people predudiced and selfish to me…cop made me lost my job…cop put me became poor.

    So the undercover cops spread nasty rumours that were not true, to the reciever being people who believed the rumors, and then some people, even the ones who knew him acted prejudice and selfish towards him. He says they caused him to lose his job, and made him poor. (This is common stuff that happens to targets, to the average public this will just look like the ravings of a crazy man.)

    Let talk about when I live at the 28 Baker St. 2nd Floor, Johnson City, New York 13790. It terrible when I live there such as…cop wait until midnight when I off the light and went to the bed. Cop unlock my door and came in take a sit in my room ((cop did it thirteen time on the year 1994 )) on the thirteen time had three time touch me when I sleeping. One time stolen 20 dollar in my wallet. One time used electric gun shoot at the behind my neck. (That time I did not know English)

    He then goes on to talk about the harassment that happened when he lived in New York, which followed him from California. He says the cops waited till midnight when he turned off the lights and went to bed. The cops unlocked his door and came to sit in his room, this was done to him thirteen times. (As strange as this sounds, other targets report the same things, including Ramona Lopez who woke up during a sexual assult.) He says this happened to him in 1994. And he says they touched him 3 times when he was sleeping. Once they stole 20 dollars from him. Once they used an electric gun to shoot his neck. I don’t know if he means a taser, or stun gun or something else here.

    Please continue second page thank you.

    Page 2

    From 1990 to 1995 New York undercover cop try to get a car accident with me. Such as when I driving on the highway and on the street undercover cop sunddenly brake the car stop immediately at the of front my car…cop did it 32 time like that during 1990 to 1995 but I never hit the car.

    So he says from 1990 to 1995 in New York the cops tried to get him into car accidents, again standard for targets of this harassment, some die as a result of this stuff. He says that when driving on the highway or and on the street they would suddenly break in front of his car, this he says happened 32 times (notice he says time and not times, I think he does not include plurals at times, but this is what is understood.) He says he never once hit the any of the cars in that time from 1990 to 1995.

    Many time from 1990 to 1997 at the day time…cop exploit unknow English and went to my house knock the door for harass and domineer. Of course during that time cop coined something was not true about me and spread a rumour nasty like the California cop.

    From 1990 to 1997 during the day, the cop took advantage of the fact that he did not know english and when to his house to harass him and I believe he means domineer him. Again during that time the cop coined or spread nasty rumours that were not true, just like the cops in California did.

    From August 2007 until now cop gave me not to much ass only one time cop leave a massage in my voice mail and said (( come back your country )) after five minute I send a text massage to them I said I will call the police and they send it back to me they said they are the police.

    From August 2007 till now, I assume he means 2009, the cops gave him much hassel, (he says ass, but I believe he means hassel) He goes on to say one time a cop left a voice mail message on his machine saying go back to your country, (racial harassment) after 5 minutes he says h text messaged them back (note he says them, that’s why I believe the harassment was more then one person, but his english is bad and he does not use the plurals), he threatened to call the police, and they sent back a text saying that they are the police. (This happened in 2007, I wonder if we could get those records?)

    Dear New Ten Now. Right now I still get unemploment benefit of the company Shop Vac Endicott. New York State Department of Labor was cheat and unpaid from December 1st 2008 to December 28th 2008 I already claim weekly benefit from that date.

    Dear now ten is the news station. He ways that he was getting unemployment benifts from Shop Van Endicott, he says that New York State Department of Labor was cheating him, and it sounds like he was not paid his benifits form December 2001 to December 2008.

    Any way I can not accepted my poor life. Before I cut my poor life I must oneself get a judge job for make an impartial with undercover cop by at least two people with me go to return to the dust of earth.

    He says that he can no longer accept his poor life. He says before he takes his life, he will play judge, (I am not sure what he is saying about the cop,) but then he also says he will take at least two people with him, when he returns to the dust.

    Already impartial now..cop bring about this shooting. cop must responsible. And you have a nice day.

    He blames the shooting on the cops, and being driven to it by the cops. He says the cops brought about this shooting, the cops must be responsible. Then he says have a nice day.

    I am sure there will be many interpretations of his letter, but this is what I came away with after going over the letter.

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