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13-Year-Old Alfie is not the Daddy

Posted by shadmia on March 31, 2009

Maisie Alfie and Chantelle

Alfie Patten is the 13-year-old British lad who was supposed to be the youngest father in Britain. Now that dubious title will have to be passed on to someone else. After the results of the DNA test came back, it was determined that he was not, after all, the father of  little Maisie Roxanne born to 15-year-old Chantelle Steadman – who had vehemently proclaimed that “There has been no one else“. In fact many neighborhood boys had come forward to say that they too had had sex with Chantelle Steadman and claimed to be the father. It is not clear who the baby’s real father is.

Richard Goodselltyler-barker

When both 14-year-old Tyle Barker and 16-year-old Richard Goodsell stepped forward to say that they may be the baby’s father (with many others following), Alfie was distraught. According to his  43-year-old mother Nicola Patten:

“He’s absolutely devastated these lads have come forward to say they slept with her at the time she got pregnant. Everything is wrong. Now that is in his mind and I’m not happy. I don’t know where they get this from. I mean, that’s my son, that’s his baby. Alfie is distraught and upset about everything. But Maisie is fine.”

However, Nicola decided that the only way to confirm that Alfie was indeed the father, was to take a DNA test. Max Clifford, the publicist representing Alfie and his family, said:

“Nicola has agreed that DNA tests are the best way to resolve the issue of paternity. It is inevitable there are going to be doubts, particularly with the number of boys who’ve come forward claiming to have had sex with Chantelle. There is one boy in particular who does seem to have a stronger resemblance to the child.”

Now that the truth is out: What will Alfie do, why did Chantelle lie and who is the real father? To be continued……….

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