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Roland Auslander Arrested

Posted by shadmia on March 26, 2009

Roland "Jack" Auslander

New York State Police have been looking for Roland “Jack” Auslander, 69, of  Cook Falls. After a stakeout they finally caught up with him and arrested him at his residence, 911 Cooks Brooks Rd. in the Town of Colchester. He was wanted on an indictment in nearby Sullivan county for:

Forgery second degree, Grand Larceny in the Third degree and Attempted Grand Larceny in the Fourth degree. He was also charged with Unlawful Disposal of Human remains in violation of the New York State Public Health Law, and Resisting arrest in Delaware County.

What makes the Roland Auslander case interesting is that he apparently kept his dead mother, Herta Auslander – who was 99 when she died of natural causes –  in a freezer at her home for more than a year while he continued to cash her social security checks.

The body of Herta Auslander was found inside a freezer chest, located on a porch at her home in Cooks Falls, by New York State Police in October 2008. An autopsy revealed the woman died of natural causes – cardiac disease. She had been dead for more than a year even though her social security checks were still being cashed. That’s when the police became interested in her son, Roland, who was no stranger to trouble, having been arrested several times on drug charges.

Roland Auslander was arraigned in Town of Colchester Court on the Public Health Law violation, which carries up to a $2,000 fine; and the resisting arrest charge, a misdemeanor, said Lt. James Barnes of the NYS police. He was later taken to Sullivan County for arraignment on the felony warrant for the larceny and forgery charges.

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