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Charla Nash, Sandra Herold and Travis the Chimp

Posted by shadmia on February 19, 2009

Sandra HeroldTravis (young)Sandra Herold

Charla Nash,55, is in critical but stable condition after seven hours of surgery by four teams of surgeons. Charla was the victim of a savage, brutal and unprovoked attack by Travis the chimpanzee, owned by her longtime friend Sandra Herold. According to Dr. Kevin Miller:

Nash’s vital signs are improving but that she received extensive injuries to her face and hands. Miller said she is making good, but small, progress after being treated by hand specialists and plastic surgeons, as well as specialists in ophthalmology, orthopedics and trauma.

Charla was attacked by the 14-year-old, 200 pound Travis the chimpanzee, who for no apparent reason, went berserk and jumped Charla as soon as she got out of her car. Her friend, the chimp’s owner, Sandra Herold was having trouble controlling Travis and had called Charla to come over and help her.

Upon seeing Travis attack Charla, Sandra frantically called 911, got a knife and rushed to help her friend while still on the phone. She stabbed the chimp several times with the knife and even used a shovel to strike him. Here is the 911 called made by Sandra Herold: Travis can also be heard in the background attacking Charla as the operator stays on the line and Sandra hysterically tries to explain what is going on. She screams:  “The chimp killed my friend”, “He ripped her face off”, “She’s dead, she’s dead”, “please hurry”, “I think I’m going to faint”. Read all about it here.

Travis was eventually shot multiple times as he attempted to attack one of the police officer. When it was all over Travis’ body was removed from the home and taken to two separate locations: The head was taken to the state lab for a rabies test and the body was taken to the University of Connecticut for an animal autopsy. Stamford police Capt. Richard Conklin said this is standard procedure.

Sandra Herold gave an interview in which she said she thought of the 200-pound chimp as her son. Her house was full of toys that Travis used to play with. She had pictures of him everywhere and even said that he would sleep with her. In the interview she describes the events leading up to Travis being killed by the police and talks about how she felt having to stab him.

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13 Responses to “Charla Nash, Sandra Herold and Travis the Chimp”

  1. B Ray said

    Our deepest condolences to Sandra and her family for the loss of Travis. I’m sure it was the medication for the Lyme disease that caused his erratic behavior. Travis was fortunate to have such a loving home, he wasn’t kept in a cage all his life. May his memory live in everyone’s hearts that loved him.

  2. Tammy Dupuis said

    I feel that Travis possibly only snaped that day due to the medications.And that it’s awsome that he wasn’t kept in a cage his whole life.That it was a freak accident.People kill people everyday.How many times do u hear of a chimp killing.My condolences go out to all that were hurt in this tragedy..I do not feel that chimps are bad at all..

  3. Lisa said

    How deranged do you need to be to keep a wild animal as a pet and give it drugs – listen to her scream for police officers to shoot the chimp – she had no idea of their power – for further reading try anything by Jane Goodall – chimps are more human than you think – they kill, they main and try to destroy their enemies

  4. RAD said

    See what happens when A Chimp is put on Prozac, and they wonder what happens to people!
    Stay os Drugs, any drugs if you can, there is a deadly combination in too many! Stay Clean be clean!

  5. Mike F said

    Stupidity abounds. “Travis” the chimpanzee living as this strange woman’s surrogate son/lover, her doping him up as he roams freely about, and the wisdom of her friend to come over and try to sweetly placate a raging 200 lb. beast. What next.

  6. Connie R said

    This women is living in a fog. She had a 200 lb. animal, that showed signs of dangerous behavior way before this brutal attack. She was told by the owner of a refuge for chimps that she could not control the animal, and it needed to be placed in the refuge. BUT STILL, she ignored everyone, and kept her Travis at home because she said, “You just don’t know my Travis”.
    If your dog bit or, god forbid mauled someone, the authorities would have taken the dog away. Why wasent he?!!! Why did a women get to keep a chimp that big, running around like a pet poodle.
    I feel there is more than the owners at fault here. He had already bit two people.
    My heart goes out to Charla Nash, and her family. There really isn’t anyway this women can get
    a fraction of her life, as she knew it back. ” You just don’t know” what can happen with a pet that reaches 200 LB.

  7. Jim said

    get the fuck outta here.
    This lady is crazy and she should be in jail. Yeah people do kill people, but there is no excuse for a freakin chimp to go crazy and rip a ladies face off. I’m glad that little fucker got iced and they should cap the crazy owner too.

  8. Mary Anne said

    Sandra Herold (the owner of the chimp) should be jailed. It was illegal for her to have owned and kept a chimp (especially such an obese slob of one) in her home. The only reason that she is NOT in jail is because she has $$$ and the town feels sorry for her because everyone knows she’s crazy. She was probably having sex with the chimp. Everyone knows that she is not playing with a ‘full deck’. It’s too bad that her friend wanted to help her. Sandra didn’t deserve the help and Charla didn’t deserve to be blinded and maimed. I get weekly updates on Charla’s health via e-mail from her brothers. It’s a mailing list for those who care about her. What happened to her is unthinkable and Sandra Herold should pay MILLIONS to her AND should go to prison for life, the old witch!

  9. Rose Antepenko said

    Just like any pet that feels threatened, he attacked. I believe the medication took part in Travis’s reaction. A petite older woman such as Sandra should not have been taking care of a 200+ lb chimp alone in her home. It is horrible what happened to her friend. Travis will be remembered, and at the same time my heart goes out to the victim and to Sandra Herold. The whole situation is just tragic and sad.

  10. Robert said

    No one can truly say that they have an undomesticated creature tamed. It is unfortunate that it was Miss Nash who was attacked by the chimpanzee which should not have been kept as a pet. Miss Herold is in denial over the matter. If she truly cared about Miss Nash, she’d have been willing to pay for her medical expenses from day one. Granted the chimp might have been treated like her son as she says but she should have realized that one day this might happen.
    The Connecticult authorities bear responsibility in the matter too as they allowed Herold to keep the animal even after a report of it biting someone. It was simply a matter of a grandfather clause. Too bad that grandfather clause cannot repair the damage Travis did to Miss Nash.

  11. Secrets said

    I truly think this is humanity at its worst. The same ignorance that was displayed during slavery is still being displayed today. Then it was the ignorance of trying to “civilize” the slaves from Africa as they were “savages” and ” a third of a human” and now they want to “humanize” wild animals that belong in the wild. The beautiful creatures of the earth that have as much right as us (“humans”) to be living. These “humans” who seem to reside mainly in the US, try to breed and raise wild animals such as chimpanzees, lions, tigers, zebra’s etc for their own self fulfillment and egos and are encouraged to do so by their authorities. Why would you give a wild animal anti-depression pills? What a total disrespect for the Creator’s animals. When I hear of attacks like this my heart goes out to the animals that will inevitably take the greatest blow by being killed. Giving them ridiculous human names, feeding them human food and other ridiculous practices. Poor animal has to live with such a pathetic excuse for a human. Living a life of confusion, thinking that it is a human but having contradicting animal instincts and characteristics. This is not a bad world – its the “humans” that live within it and this pathetic woman is one of them. My positive energies to all the animals out there that are being mistreated by humans in the world.

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    Charla Nash, Sandra Herold and Travis the Chimp

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