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Double Stabbing at Moonshine Wake

Posted by shadmia on January 26, 2009

Dennis Jerome Foust, 33, of 9587 Walsh, Montague, MI seems to be trying to set some kind of record. He has already been convicted of: Breaking and Entering, Home Invasion, Furnishing Contraband to a prisoner, Criminal Sexual Conduct, and Disarming a Peace Officer. If the prosecutors get their way Foust, who has been on parole since June 2008, can add: Two counts of felonious assault and a misdemeanor count of domestic violence to his resume.

Foust is accused of stabbing two men who tried to intervene when he got into a fight with his wife. The incident happened at a funeral wake for Shawn Davila, 39, who died on New Year’s Day from methanol alcohol poisioning. Davila died four days after drinking from a batch of homemade moonshine. Two other men were sickened, but survived.

During the wake on Jan. 9thwhere many people were drinking alcohol – a fight broke out between Foust and his wife. According to the police, Foust allegedly assaulted his wife during the altercation. Two men intervened on the woman’s behalf, instigating another fight in which both men were stabbed by Foust. The two victims were taken to a local hospital where they were treated and released.

In addition to being charged with assault and domestic violence, Foust was also charged as a habitual offender. This could result in him being sentenced to a longer prison term, if convicted on the current charges. The assault charges carry maximum four-year prison sentences, and the domestic violence charge carries a 93-day jail sentence.

Judge Kevin Drake ruled there was enough evidence presented for Dennis Jerome Foust to face trial. Drake ruled after hearing testimony from victims James Riggs, 32, and Riggs’ brother-in-law Steven Davis, 40. Drake also heard from Davis’ wife, Kathy, and a sheriff’s deputy.

Davis said he was stabbed in the side of the head, the neck, shoulder and lower back. Riggs said he was stabbed below the left shoulder. They all admitted to consuming alcohol. Foust is scheduled for arraignment in 27th Circuit Court Monday, Jan. 26, before Judge Terrence Thomas.

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3 Responses to “Double Stabbing at Moonshine Wake”

  1. heather davila said

    Shawn davila was my father, I was bairly 16 when this was all going on. I can’t believe this happened at his wake. This is no way to behave when trying to greave. What was he thinking? Trying to harm someone when another’s loved one recently passed. Its pathedic. I love and miss my dad very much but will never forget what happened that night.

    • Diana said

      Heather, I was there and it as horrible that that guy had such a lack of respect.Not just for the people grieveing but for your dad. Your dad would not have had patience for someone assaulting a woman like that. Steve and Mickey tho, the way they stood up to help her, that’s exactly what Shawn would have done in that situation. My mind is still scarred from witnessing this.

      • Diana said

        and it’s sad that this situsituation has to be tied to the memory of your father as well. It should have never happened.

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