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Parents of Adolf Hitler to be Evicted

Posted by shadmia on January 20, 2009

Heath, "Adolf Hitler" and Deborah Campbell

When Heath and Deborah Campbell complained that their local ShopRite supermarket refused to decorate a birthday cake with their son’s name, little did they know how much publicity they would receive.

They could not understand why the supermarket would not put their son’s name – Adolf  Hitler – on his birthday cake. They could not understand why naming all three of their children after Nazi names was such a big deal. They could also not understand why everyone thought they were racists just because they had swastikas all over their house. They really did not understand all the negative publicity they received. And one more thing – they don’t know why New Jersey’s Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) came and removed all three children from their home.

To be fair to the Campbells DYFS has not given a reason for removing the kids from the household. DYFS cited privacy concerns and has refused to provide any information about the case. DYFS did however say that they would not remove children from their parents just because of their names. A recently scheduled court appearance has been postponed, reportedly at the request of the parents, to give them time to find a lawyer.

In the meantime Heath Campbell is hospitalized due to stress and his wife Deborah gave the following interview:

Mr. Campbell had at least two of the children’s names legally changed in recent months. He dropped his son’s original first name, Antonio (Adolf and Hitler had been the middle names), so he is now Adolf Hitler Campbell, and fixed his daughter’s birth certificate to correct the spelling of “Aryan.”

The Campbells’ neighbors described a family living on the fringe, financially and socially. Mr. Campbell, 35, and his wife, Deborah, 25, do not work and receive disability payments for emphysema and neck pain, respectively. Their landlord, Larry Lippincott, who shares the two-family home, said the family is often up all night.

“I hear the kids playing at 2:30 in the morning and the TV on,” Mr. Lippincott said. “He told me he was a night person and didn’t like to do anything during the day.”

Mr. Lippincott said he had decided — before the cake incident — not to renew the Campbells’ lease when it expired in November because, he said, a relative they frequently argue with threatened to “firebomb the house.” He expects to begin eviction proceedings soon.

“They’re not destroying anything, the house is clean and they pay their rent on time,” he said. But, he added, “There comes a point when you say, ‘Enough is enough.’ ”

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3 Responses to “Parents of Adolf Hitler to be Evicted”

  1. V said

    Mr. Campbell, 35, and his wife, Deborah, 25, do not work and receive disability payments for emphysema and neck pain, respectively.

    They receive disability payments for neck pain and emphysema, yes *I* have leukemia, end stage renal disease, COPD (asthma and emphysema)AND degenerative disk disease with back and neck pain so bad I can barely move at times, and the government is STILL fighting me for mine. How pathetic — bilking the system is what they are doing!!! They are probably just too lazy to work. While *I* worked and paid taxes from the time I was 15 years old.

    And who in their right mind would subject their childrern to names like that. Personally, I hope they don’t get those children back. It’s obvious what kind of people they are…

    Sorry, I went off on a rant spree. heh….

  2. […] is the link to Shaun’s post —> Parents Of Adolph Hitler To Be Evicted (you should really read Shawn’s blog regularly, I love it)! Anyhow…to my […]

  3. MKGandhiFan said

    Here is my idea about how parents can name their children. Parents are not under any obligation to make statements about any war when they name their babies. If they choose to do this, then they should do it in a smart and logical way that does not hurt the kids.

    Parents should use the Righteous Among The Nations list on when they pick baby names for their children. Yad Vashem is a holocaust memorial museum that is run by Jewish people in Israel and it was commissioned by the Israeli parliament to be built in 1953. Yad Vashem remembers the Jews who were killed by the Nazis, educates the public about the holocaust and honors the righteous gentiles. The righteous gentiles refused to obey Hilter and they risked their lives, their families lives and everything that they owned when they worked to save Jewish people during World War II. Please name your babies after the rescuers and give your children names that they can be proud to have. If your children or anyone else asks about their names, then feel free to tell them about the rescuers.

    You should also visit and help this wonderful organization stop a genocide that is currently happening in Sudan. Please teach your children to love their neighbors and to avoid being cruel to either people or animals because this will help prevent future genocides.

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