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Where is Roland “Jack” Auslander?

Posted by shadmia on December 29, 2008

Freezer ChestAmish LandNew York State Police

Roland “Jack” Auslander, 69, buried his 100-year-old mother, Herta Auslander, not in a cemetery, nor did he have her cremated; Roland buried his dead mother in a freezer chest at her home in Cooks Fall, N.Y. There she remained for more than a year before being discovered by the New York State police. An autopsy revealed that the woman died of natural causes – cardiac disease – so foul play is not suspected in her death.

However in the meantime, for more than a year Roland was happily cashing her social security checks. The police, naturally, would like to have a chat with Roland – but he has disappeared. He hasn’t been seen since his mother’s body was discovered months ago.

Roland is also no stranger to trouble, he has been locked up several times in Sullivan County Jail and in the Woodbourne Correctional Facility on drug charges. Court records show he was convicted of buying more than 3 ounces of cocaine in Livingston Manor in 1987. He was imprisoned on drug charges again in 1999 and was released in 2003.

“He will eventually appear and we’ll ask him what Mom was doing in the freezer,” said Les Hyman, a senior investigator with the state police in Binghamton.

When Roland surfaces he will likely be facing criminal charges of fraud and forgery related to cashing his dead mother’s social security checks. He will probably not face any charges for stuffing his mother in the freezer, which would at best be a violation of the public health law.

According to his attorney, Gerald Orseck, Roland has already paid back the roughly $20,000 that he accumulated from his mom’s Social Security checks. Orseck said he has no clue where Roland is hiding.

“I know he paid back the Social Security Administration because I delivered the check personally,” Orseck said.

This is not the first time Roland has disappeared. When he was out on bail, about 10 years ago, on a cocaine charge, he skipped the court date for his sentencing. He wasn’t found until more than a year later, on a farm in Essex County, in Northeastern New York, where he was dressed like an Amish person.

“He was pretending that he was Amish, laying low, working on a farm,” Sullivan County District Attorney Steve Lungen recalls.

Has Roland gone Amish again? The police would certainly like to know: Where is Roland Jack Auslander now??

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One Response to “Where is Roland “Jack” Auslander?”

  1. kristy said

    is roland/jack auslander in jail/prison now or is he out? he should be in for life…

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