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Is Caylee Marie Anthony Still Alive?

Posted by shadmia on October 18, 2008

Caylee Marie Anthony, born August 9, 2005 is now 3-years-old. She did not get to celebrate her third birthday with candles, a cake and presents. She was not even with her mother or any other family members for her third birthday. She may in fact have been dead before her third birthday. Caylee Marie Anthony is missing and her mother, Casey Anthony, 22, has been charged with her murder by the police in Orange County, Fl.

Caylee Marie Anthony was reported missing July 15th 2008 by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, after being told by Casey – her daughter and Caylee’s mother – that the toddler had been missing since June 9th 2008.

What followed the missing child report has been a drama of lies, changing stories, a family pitted against each other, charges of forgery, a car with the “smell of death”  – but no dead body. Nevertheless police say they have enough evidence. Casey Anthony was arrested after a grand jury indicted her on charges of First-degree murder, Aggravated child abuse, Aggravated manslaughter and four counts of Lying to investigators. She appeared before Judge John Jordan, who read the charges against her and sent her to jail, without bail.

Police became involved in this case after the missing child report was filed by the toddler’s grandmother. Casey told the police that she last saw her daughter when she dropped her off at the babysitter’s. Later, when she went to pick up her daughter after work, she discovered that both the babysitter, Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez (Zainie), and her daughter were nowhere to be found. Casey said she spent the next month trying to find her daughter Caylee. She did not immediately report Caylee missing because she was afraid.

After investigating Casey’s story the police say Casey was not being truthful. For one thing the apartment where Zainie was supposed to live had been vacant. Also after tracking down Zainie (who is a real person) it turns out that Zainie never even met Casey. In fact Zainie has filed a defamation lawsuit against Casey Anthony, claiming that she caused her to loose her job and has caused problems in her family’s life.

A strong odor of decomposition was detected in Casey’s car leading to speculation that a body may have been hidden there. Casey was eventually arrested and held on $500,000 bail, charged with child neglect, providing false official statements and obstructing a criminal investigation. She is also charged in an unrelated case, accused of stealing checks from from her friend and going on a shopping spree.

Casey made bail thanks to celebrity bail bondsman Tony Padilla and was confined to her parent’s house wearing an ankle bracelet. However, police presented evidence to a grand jury and called witnesses to testify – including her own father, George Anthony – believing that Casey did in fact kill her daughter. The grand jury indicted her on charges of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter and four counts of lying to investigators about the disappearance of her daughter. If convicted of first-degree murder, Casey Anthony could face the death penalty or life in prison. Prosecutors said no decision has been made on whether to seek the death penalty.

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20 Responses to “Is Caylee Marie Anthony Still Alive?”

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  2. Gina said

    Casey didn’t have any tears for the child she murdered. She only had tears upon realizing that she was going to be held accountable for her actions. The tears were not for the sweet smiling little girl we have all grown to love. The tears Casey cried were for herself only. In the jail audio tapes I think Casey revealed her true selfish jealous wicked heart when she hatefully said,”It’s all about Caylee…” Casey was only happy when SHE was the centered of attention. I’m sure she will get lots of attention when she’s in prison. I hope she gets lots and lots of attention before they execute her.

  3. monica111466 said


    Sadly I feel pretty certain that little Caylee is no longer among the living. 😦
    I agree with Gina that Casey feels no remorse at all..she doesn’t even pretend to be concerned.
    All Casey cares about is Casey. I pray that something good comes out of all of this in Caylee’s
    honor…perhaps a law or rule passed, or stricter penalties.

  4. sue said

    no matter which way casey carried herself whether it be total devastation and frantic cries and pleaded to the public for her safe return the world would still say she is guilty. i have never watched a case unfold like this in the media. i am waiting for her side of the story in court. i would probably do as cindy has done. and let us really think about all of this she has been searching every waking moment for caylee. it is very clear that cindy and george love that child. if the world cant see that i hope they dont get chosen for the jury. the media has really gone beyond to ensure that she does not get a fair trial. whatever has really happened will be in the hands of hopefully 12 smart enough jurors to do the right thing not because they think she is guilty because of her lies or the media bull or what the protesters think.

  5. Toni said

    CAYLEE may you rest in peace, you sweet little angel. It sickens me that a person who calls herself “Mom” can do this to her child.I feel no remorse for Casey, and those fake tears. She is going to have alot of time on her hands to think about what she has done to Caylee. I hope it haunts her for the rest of her life!

  6. LauraLynn Cook said

    She won’t ever feel bad for what she did to her daughter, that weird family of hers or community. She feels bad because she was caught! The baby sitter took her?! Oh jeez girl, if you’re gonna tell a lie, at least make it believable. Casey Anthony is a self-centered, nasty little whore, a thief, a liar, a cheap “party girl”, a child abuser and a baby murderer. Tape over the mouth of the remains tells what kind of death she had! Why put tape over the mouth, unless you were trying to muffle the screams?! You wouldn’t put tape over the mouth of a deceased person. What’s the need for that? She tortured that baby. Hard to believe she’s even a human being. Much less, a mother of such a once, beautiful child. Now she’s an angel. Cindy Anythony you are completely DELUSIONAL! George, you know the truth, you said the truth, now you are retracting your statements? You are also CAUGHT! Everything you told the cops is on video. Now, like your daughter Casey, you’re changing your story. You told the cops, on video, you knew it was the smell of death. Now, on Larry King Live, you say it was the fucking pizza! Just as the parents are, so will be the offspring. Maybe this is what God intended. If the grandparents are like this and Casey is worse, what would’ve little Caylee have grown up to be? God works in mysterious ways. This was God’s way for a reason. As I see it, as everyone sees it, this is one fucked up family! God help Lee’s child, if he ever decides to break that viscious family cycle of stupidy, liars, delusional people and murderers, the world will be blessed. Please, Lee, please don’t reproduce unless you move away from that family of yours!

  7. […] There is no nice way to say this. The life of an innocent little 2-year-old girl, Caylee Marie Anthony, was extinguished and her body dumped in the woods near her grand-parents house. Her mother, Casey Anthony, sits in jail, accused of killing her baby daughter even though the girl’s body had not yet been found. Read more about the case here. […]

  8. jb ogden said

    what a joke for the d.a. they better find a case because she could walk on a murder one charge. there is no c.o.d. so how is it even ruled a homicide? a good attorney can spin this into a distraught mother blah blah blah…bring charges that will STICK this is not about your big moment in the sun…

  9. LJ said

    George and Cindy were insisting Caylee was alive up until December 10, 2008 and Caylee’s remains were found on December 11, 2008; this was also not long after the death penalty was removed from the table. Coincidence?

  10. adysmom said

    i have always from the beginning believed casey was innocent until i heard about the heart sticker. i too would like to hear casey’s side and see what the defense has.. did she do it???i hope not but i believe in my heart that she did. little caylee who is in heaven now will be a voice for other children to come. may she rest in peace

  11. kathy said

    I feel that casey anthony really knows the truth of what happened to her daughter and i feel real bad for the uncle and grandparents but i feel for some reason they know more then what they are claiming…..poor caylee what a sweet little angel…she will be safe now and god bless her heart.

  12. michellefrommadison said

    No death penalty against Casey. Whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Nancy Grace has already said that Casey would be facing the death penalty. Could the courts have screwed things up, or is it just that Nancy is all screwed up and is proven to be wrong yet again? Hummmmm, good question, read the CNN transcripts. The prosecution case continues to crumble. How sad. 😦

  13. linda said

    There is no death penalty because they can not prove premeditation or that Caylee suffered. Which is totaly insane if a 2 year old child dies in any other way than natural death. Since it is up to the prosecution to charge her with the death penalty, I would assume they are not sure of the cause of death, though they believe it was not death by natural causes. Though Casey Anthony will not face the death penalty she will endore the life of a convicted killer and will never see life outside of the prison. She will someday pass on and have to face her maker and that will be a justice I believe she will not be able to lie her way through. I would have said she can live each day with the knowledge she murdered her beautiful little girl, but it is very apparent this young women has NO concience at all so that will not affect her in anyway.
    Maybe someday her parents and brother will face the facts that it was her and her alone that killed precious Caylee and will stop defending her or standing in her corner looking just plain stupid. Love your child but do not lie for her, nor put youselves in the position of looking like complete idiots. Stand up for your grandchild the one whom is no longer here on this earth who needs your support, be her voice. Your daughter can speak for herself, even though ever time she speaks it is lies or her complete drift from reality.
    Remember the prosecution has evidence none of us are prevy too, and it will come out and miss popularity will be convicted. Then she can live her fantacy life in her prison cell, not free at all. She thought Caylee kept her a prisoner?, look how much of a prisoner she is and will be.

  14. michellefrommadison said

    Sorry linda, but if an educated thoroughly reviews the prosecution’s case in it’s entirty, there is likely not going to even be a first-degree conviction against Casey because of the lack of evidence that could convict her. The prosecution screwed up horribly on this case, and after Casey gets released from jail, the media sould print all the names and addresses of all the prosecution staff.

  15. linda said

    Michelle there will be educated people on the jury, and I’m sure they will look at and review all the facts. Then it will be in their hands and not ours, reguardless if they feel the little manipulator is guilty or not. We all have our views on wheather we feel she is guilty or not, the evidence is just that and it is up to the jury to sort through it and determine her guilt or innocense. There has been many a man and woman that have been found quilty with alot less evidence. There is not much to say about a mother who tells no one her child is kidnapped, that alone leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Believe me I would not nor would I offer to be on that jury, they have a hardship no one should be in. Maybe if her story showed one bit of reality those dis-believers would not have jumped at the thought she is quilty.
    As for the prosecutions names that is public knowledge, it is not something they keep secret. I know this as fact, my mom is a prosecutor in NJ. I do not think the prosecution screwed up I just think they tipped thier hats and put out too much information. I do not know if you believe the stories this women has spilled out of her mouth or if you just think the prosecution does not have thier heads in the right place,ether way we are all entitle to our own opions and thoughts as is should be. For the sake of all of us I wish this murder never happened and that precious little girl were tucked into her own bed tonight. Please do not think I am attacking you by no means am I, it is sometimes a good thing to be Challenged. Have a great holidy.

  16. michellefrommadison said

    Sorry Linda but you are clearly talking through your butt again, as you can not attest to the education-level of jurors that have not yet even been identified. Like both your daughters have told you so many times, and by your own admissions on so many sites, it is mandatory to you at least attempt to minimize your consumption of both alcohol and drugs if you are to be seen by others as to having any credibility in your rants. Again, you have zero credibility, by your own admissions. Don’t allow the fact that you are a confirmed child abuser as a means to give up on trying to improve yourself. Education, that you even said you lack, is really your key to succeeding. Without it, you will surely go back to prison once again, like your admitted. Good luck, and don’t be afraid to ask for more help again. 🙂

  17. linda said

    dumb ass I do not have 2 daughters and may I say you certainly are one ignorant bitch. This is the first sight I have been on and you’d best get your facts together before you slander anyone without knowing whom you are talking too. As far as my education I have a degree and would not assume I am talking to someone unless I knew for sure it was them.
    So to the linda she is refering too, remember this mean ignorant visious and small minded person, they are out there and there opinion is just that, an opinion. So miss motor mouth be sure of who you are speaking to before running your mouth. I will be advising this web site of your abuse of it members and let them take it from here. To all others who had to be subject to this outrsages idiot my heart goes out to you. Oh and by the way miss mouth your thoughts on the jury pool is an attack of all who serve and will serve, nice to know you think of them as uneducated, you seem to stress that alot, is their something you want to say of your own education, or lack of it. Or maybe just your lack of common sense. I have never been in jail or even issued a ticket, what a dumb ass you are. Don’t speak unless you know the person you are talking to. There are more than just one Linda in this world what part of that don’t you understand. Can you read my lips or do I stutter. DAH DAH YOU DUMB ASS

  18. michellefrommadison said

    Thanks Linda for proving my points about you. And, you are welcome for that. No charge. 🙂

  19. linda said

    You’re still ignorant and there’s the point. Give the world a break and shut up! First and formost I am not the women you are talking about. My mother is going to the internet to get your address and then I will press charges on you for slander, you do know what that means??? Yes she is a prosecutor in NJ and thinks you’re an ass too. So here goes, I am a mother of 4 boys 1 girl all with there own familys. 9 grandchildren and have not nor ever been in prison. I do not drink or use any illegal drugs, nor have I ever abused a child, or have I ever been accused of such a thing until now. That my dear dumb ass is slander, since you are so inteligent I believe you know the meaning of slander. My husband ask do you know where our missing daughter is, as you are the only one who is prevy to us having a second daughter, something we are unawre of. Has it sunk into you damaged brain that I am not whom you assume I am. Of course not you are to ignorant to figure that out. So miss mouth be prepared to have the cops at your door with a citation.You owe me an apology which I would not be inclined to accept. Oh and by the way thanks for the laugh I was almost sure you would step into making yourself look more ignorant than you first displayed. Do you do this often or do you just want to piss off the world, there is a thing called suicide have you ever thought of it, no one can be as mean or stupid as you without having it cross there minds. You do need help they do have free clinics for people like you, please look into it, you need help badly. Have a miserable existance as this will be my last contact with you, until we meet in court.

  20. michellefrommadison said

    If you were referring to me, there Linda, thanks for proving yet again my points about uneducated and uninformed people. And, you are welcome for that. And, according to many experts, the change in the death penalty is not because the evidence has changed, but is a means of attempting to get a plea from Casey. The experts are still not wavering in their conclusion that a conviction of first degree murder against Casey Anthony is still highly unlikely. After reviewing the evidence in this case released to the public, I agree, based upon the evidence, extremely unlikely.

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