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A Tribute to Iman Morales – Tasered to Death

Posted by shadmia on October 1, 2008

Iman Morales, 35, died Sept. 24, 2008. He did not die a natural death. He was tasered while he was on a ledge outside his apartment building and fell 10ft, headfirst to his death. He was a disturbed man who had not taken his medication and according to reports “freaked out”. The circumstances, especially the actions of the police, surrounding his death are being investigated.

I posted the facts concerning his demise on this blog. One of his longtime friends happened to read my blog and contacted me. His name is Raul Anthony. I invited Raul to write me and give us all a better understanding of who Iman Morales was. Raul wrote back and I am posting his letter and pictures of Iman here without any further comment, except to say: Thanks to Raul for caring and giving us all an insight into a human being who so tragically lost his life. You are a good friend. God Bless you.

Raul Anthony’s Letter

Iman was one of the best friends I ever had…I rarely used the term”best friend” however with him I did.
We had so much fun together dancing and laughing at ourselves  and each-other…we had our own language…some of the most memorable times of my life were spent with Iman.he was so silly and goofy…he was very much like a little boy.he LOVED going to the movies.we had movie nite every Tuesday…rain or shine. he also LOVED Twizzlers and Dr Pepper…that was a must have. he was always stopping to say hello to dogs and cats out on the streets…sometimes he even carried cat food in his bag to feed to strays… he was always concerned about my well being and constantly told me that he believed in me and that I was “super talented” in his own words. he was so generous to me with his kind words and encouragement. I am a make-up artist and have always been one ever since I have known Iman.

I was signed to be represented by Ford artist a few days ago.It has been a dream of mine to be represented by a big agency for the last 10 years…and it finally happened just days after Iman passed away.

I moved to NYC to live with Iman in Sept of 2007…it was his thought that living in NYC and working on my portfolio would be very good for me…I was ready to leave back in March…it was very tough for me to be in NYC…very little money sometimes eating one pack of Ra men noodles a day…extreme whether and the general hostility in the air were we were living in Brooklyn was just too much for me.It was Iman the talked me into staying and finishing what I had started so that when I did go back I would be more “valuable” as an artist and have a really strong book to show…I stayed and worked my ass off to complete my portfolio and came back home to San Francisco on Sept 11 2008…  Iman died on Sept 24 2008 and on Sept 29 2008 I was signed to Ford.

Getting signed was a bit confusing for me because I was happy however I was also very sad that I was not able to call Iman and tell him the great news. because of all the people I know in this world…he would have been the happiest to hear that news….and it would made him smile really big.

Iman wherever you are I want to to know that because of you and your unconditional love for me my future looks brighter than it ever has. I thank you for that from deep down in my heart. thank you for the gift of friendship…it will be cherished within my soul forever. I love you. I miss you.

Always your friend…your brother and one of your soul mates.


P.S.Thank You Shaun.

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3 Responses to “A Tribute to Iman Morales – Tasered to Death”

  1. Sharizma said

    On behalf of my family thank u for posting something so beautiful about my cousin……

  2. Mr. Kloon said

    A bad deal. One damm fine cop for one wack-a-loon spic.

  3. Andrew said

    I bet the cop was having fun tasering that poor man. Did he have to taser him, NO! Obviously the victim was disturbed and the cop is guilty. I just saw the picture of the cop, and he looks like those racist yankees wreaking havoc and injustice everywhere they go. Fucking white trash moron, no wonder he killed himself stupid idiot. What kind of stupid excuse is “so that I don’t leave my family and go to jail”?

    To the cop, who’s most likely in Hell being sodomized by pricks of stone and lava, don’t worry about your family. Surely one of your white buddies is taking care of her FOR FREE ;-).

    And to Mr. Kloon, someone should send you to your fine cop. You fagot!

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