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CEO Killed by Mob of Ex-Employees

Posted by shadmia on September 23, 2008

Lalit Kishor Chaudhary, 44, CEO of Graziano India Pvt Ltd, an Italy-based multinational, was beaten to death by a mob of ex-employees in Greater Noida, India while trying to resolve a dispute between them and management. After being attacked by the mob with hammers and sticks, Chaudhary was rushed to Greater Noida’s Kailash Hospital, but the doctors there declared him dead on arrival. According to Senior Superintendent of Police R K Chaturvedi as the clash erupted, a security guard opened fire in air. Click here for TV coverage.

Six months before this incident some employees of Graziano had demanded salary hikes and permanent status and staged a sit-in at the gate of the company. During the unrest some of the protesters vandalized the company. Graziano India Pvt Ltd responded by dismissing over 250  people. The case was taken up by the Indian Labour Commissioner, who ordered the company to take them back.

On the Monday following the Commissioner’s decision, some of the fired employees returned to work and got into a heated argument with the management staff. Things got out of hand and the returning employees went on a rampage. CEO Chaudhary, realizing there was a problem, went outside in order to calm things down:

Chaudhary, eyewitnesses said, tried to broker peace but some workers allegedly hit him from behind with hammers and sticks. “I was working inside when I heard a noise. I went to see what was happening. Before I could react, I was hit with sticks and rods by a mob. I have a leg fracture and head injuries,” said Amarpal, a staffer. “Around 250 people barged in, snatched the stick from me and started beating me,” said Hriday Anand, a security guard.

In their defense the dismissed workers claimed that they were verbally abused and made to apologize when they went to rejoin the company.

“This is false. Such behaviour was the reason for their dismissal. They did the same thing today,” said K C Jain, director of the Graziano board.

Sixty-three people have been arrested. The violence left at least 50 executives and workers injured. Of the 44 staffers taken to hospital, 34 of them were yet to be discharged Monday night. Of these, 10 executives of the company remained in the intensive care unit.

Graziano officials complained about the slow response from the police. Security personnel and some other employees were forced to shut themselves up in the plant while waiting for the police to arrive. They said that hours after all the violence had subsided only about half a dozen Provincial Armed Constabulary personnel were posted outside and there was no officer with them. Which meant that, in case of an emergency, there was nobody there to order any action.

Police officers were not available for comment, until 9.45pm, when area superintendent of police, Babu Ram, claimed:

“We had sent force within 15 minutes of getting information. Later, we also arrested 63 persons for murder, rioting and other charges. We had even earlier received a note from the Italian Embassy about trouble at Graziano.”

The plant, a 100% subsidiary of Graziano Italy, specializes in making gears and transmission systems for vehicles. It was set up in 1998 and commenced commercial production in 2000. The CEO L K Chaudhury had been in charge of the company for the last 10 years , he is survived by a wife and a son.

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4 Responses to “CEO Killed by Mob of Ex-Employees”

  1. Sunil Malik said

    This is what, “Biting the hand that feeds you!”
    Shame on this country!May we are not cursed by the departed soul!

  2. Munee said

    Such incidents should always be denounced. Country has lost another IITian who chose to stay back and serve the country. Perhaps there could have been better way of handling the whole affair. Police can no doubt provide the security to the staffers and management, but managements should also adopt some pro worker attitudes and keep the dicussions open so that things do not get out of hand. I am not aware whether such mechanism was resorted to, therefore I won’t be able to say much on the subject. IITians in country

  3. IIT Alumni said

    This is a sad moment in the history of this country, and the worst that I’ve ever heard of. A respectable man, CEO of a multinational, killed brutally for doing what was right. This is a national shame. The repercussions can be disastrous for industry. May God give strength to the family of Mr. Lalit Chaudhary.

  4. Manoj Soni said

    This is one of the WORST tragedies in the history on Indias post manufacturing era .A gruesome act commited by the antisocials in Greater Noida & this incidence is a blow to the development of this part of the country supposed to be the Manufacturing Hub .

    Clearly it indicates the negligence on part of the local administration & we need to condemn such acts of voilence which has been driven by antisocials who have done what they wanted to do & have left a family shattered for the life time

    I would appeal to the UP Govt to take steps to nab the culprits & punish such acts with better controls on the adminstration & the law & order in the state of Uttar pradesh !!

    Lalit who was a close friend & a great professional & is a great loss to me personally.
    I pray for him & his bereaved family .
    This loss is unrepearble & I sincerely pray to the Almighty to give strength at this juncture !!

    God Bless !!

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