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Call For Help Brings Cops

Posted by shadmia on September 21, 2008

Evelyn DeLeon of Trenton, NJ wasn’t home Wednesday morning when her neighbors heard desperate cries coming from her house. Calls of “Help me! Help me!” in a woman’s voice caused so much concern that they called the police fearing someone was in terrible trouble.

When the police arrived at the house, they too heard the persistent pleas. They knocked on the door, no-one answered, so believing that someone was in serious trouble, the cops kicked down the door in order to provide assistance.

Instead of finding someone in dire need, the cops were confronted by a 10-year-old caged cockatoo named Luna. It appears that Luna was just practising a new sound she had picked up. According to Evelyn DeLeon, this was not the first time Luna has caused an alarm.

About seven years ago Luna was practicing her “baby crying” skills. She cried for hours and hours, causing people to believe that a baby had been abandoned in the house. This prompted a visit to the house by state welfare workers. DeLeon says her bird learns much of her ever-growing vocabulary from watching television, in both English and Spanish.

Hopefully Luna can be taught about volume control, while increasing her vocabulary, maybe Evelyn DeLeon should turn down her TV set…..remember what happened to the boy who cried “Wolf!”

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One Response to “Call For Help Brings Cops”

  1. TRENTON – A 10-year-old female cried out “Help me! Help me!” and police and firemen raced to the house and kicked in the door.

    But no one in this South Ward home needed help because the damsel in distress was just a crazy old bird named Luna – with white feathers and wings and a beak – who was trained to do this kind of thing.

    Luna is an Australian cockatoo owned by South Ward Committeewoman Evelyn DeLeon. She’s something of a neighborhood celebrity who serves as the mascot for the local neighborhood watch.

    Her bird touched off the scare when two people approached DeLeon’s home on the 400 block of Centre Street about 9:50 a.m. Wednesday. Neighbors said the resulting scene was a panic, withthe typical emergency response.

    DeLeon said she was out at the time, and the two young people were there seeking information about the Alert Driving School, which is run by her husband.

    After receiving no answer at the door, DeLeon said the strangers were soon frightened by what would have been a common sound for neighborhood residents – Luna’s cackles, chirps and yes, talking, coming from inside.

    The pair reported to police that they heard what sounded like a woman screaming out “Help me! Help me!” inside the home.

    DeLeon said yesterday she wasn’t surprised to hear that her pet screamed out for assistance, as she taught her the phrase when she was 6 months old.

    She said she trained Luna to yell out for help by taking the pet bird in the shower with her, teaching her to say the phrase if she was getting wet. DeLeon said she wanted Luna to know the phrase so that if the bird was outside playing in the yard and a storm approached, she would yell for her owner to come bring her to safety.

    Now Luna shouts the phrase, and many others in English and Spanish, indiscriminately. But the pair seeking driving lessons had no idea such a well-versed bird lived inside, and neither did the cops who showed up to investigate.
    Police said officers arrived to find the two callers waiting for them and that they could hear for themselves the sounds of a woman screaming for help.

    The officers, police said, sought a way to enter the home, but the front door was locked, and the backyard had a chained stockade fence. Also presenting something of a problem was Deleon’s 11-year-old white German shepard named Mieko, who the officers spotted roaming inside.

    Police said officers were ordered to kick in the front door, while another cut his way through the fence to enter the yard, where he was able to lure Mieko out through an unlocked side door and away from danger.

    The officers checked the entire house, from the basement to the roof, in an effort to locate the source of the screaming and any possible suspects. But only after beginning a second search of the house did they find the culprit, as Luna once again began screaming out “Help me! Help me!”

    DeLeon said she was panicked over the situation as she raced home to find the police in her house. She was relieved that all ended well and that she and the officers could have a good laugh over the whole thing.

    “My bird is OK, my dog is OK and my home is OK,” DeLeon said.

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