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Teen gets 44 Years for Torture

Posted by shadmia on September 6, 2008

Cheyenne Blanton, 17, will not leave prison until she is 61 years old. Blanton and her boyfriend 17-year-old Joseph Nagle, both separately pleaded guilty to a number of felonies: Aggravated Burglary, Aggravated Robbery, Conspiracy to commit Aggravated Robbery, Felonious Assault, Vandalism and two counts of Kidnapping.

In handing down the 44-year sentence judge Nastoff said “This crime is utterly senseless and unspeakably violent.” She will serve her time at the Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation and Corrections.

Noting the girl’s criminal past that includes her own admission to violence with her mother and boyfriend as well as harming animals, Nastoff said when she is released from prison, “I hope you are out of gas.”

It happened in the 3100 block of Lanes Mill Road in Hanover Township near Oxford. The two teens had concocted a plan to steal the car of Sheila Clark. They broke into her home during the night and hid themselves in hopes of stealing the car the next day. Their plan was foiled when Sheila left for work early that morning. After finding out the car was gone, the pair went upstairs where they found Sheila’s disabled 18-year-old daughter, Ashley. She had been recovering from brain surgery.

They decided to take their frustration out on her. Throughout the day, Joseph Nagle and Cheyenne Blanton tortured Ashley Clark. She was beaten, with fists, with feet and with a baseball bat. She was beaten to the point where she had severe bruising and swelling all over her hands, arms, face and body, along with bleeding from her face and forehead.

“It is a terrible, terrible crime. Remember, I told you that she was tied up, and was moved from room to room to room. She told them, ‘Please don’t hit me in the head! I have had brain surgery, please don’t do that!,’ and they struck her in the head more than one time. They had no remorse they didn’t care,” said Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones.

Ashley Clark’s hair was cut off. She had been made to stand in the shower while Joseph Nagle and Cheyenne Blanton threw water on her. Once she was nice and soaked, they made her walk outside, over the snow-covered ground.

Ashley’s torture came to an end when her mother returned home. She found her daughter beaten up and her house in shambles. She called the police who were able to quickly the perpetrators who were hiding in a nearby field.

After being notified by the police that their children were arrested for torturing a helpless, disabled girl, both parents of the pair decided to leave their kids in jail. They even went further and issued a statement in support of Ashley Clark and her family, praying for a speedy recovery and hoping for swift and severe punishment for Cheyenne and Joseph.

At her sentencing Blanton offered a short apology to the victim’s family.

“I am really sorry for what I did,” Blanton said. “I am sorry for the pain I have caused Ashley and her family. I really want to change the way I am.”

Sentencing for Joseph Nagel, her boyfriend, and with whom she has a young child, is scheduled Oct. 14 before Judge Charles Pater in Butler County Common Pleas Court.

“We will live with this every single day of our lives,” Clark said. “No human being should have to go through what my daughter went through that day.”

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One Response to “Teen gets 44 Years for Torture”

  1. Neighbor said

    This horrific and disgusting act of terror occured across the street from my house, about 6 houses away on the opposite side of the street. I called Ashley Clark’s neighbor when I saw the multiple police cars parked up and down the road. When our neighbor told me what happened I felt violated and physically ill. We live out in the country and for the most part until this occured has felt quite safe in our home. I can’t possibly imagine how Mr. and Mrs. Clark and poor sweet Ashley felt. Ashley’s father could not speak much about the case for legal reasons. After speaking to him about what very little he did share with me and seeing his mental anguish, I could only pray that the Lord would see to it that these monsters were locked up. I feel saddened that Cheyenne and Joseph have a child together. Now she too has to deal with the reprocutions of what harm her parents caused. It is probably for the best though that her parents aren’t raising her if neither one of them are obviously mentally stable and or responsible. I suppose their child will be yet another child that my tax dollars will provide the care for. I now wonder if their child will grow to be just as much of a repulsive and horrible monster as its parents are or is it possible for two maniacs to produce a child, leave it for others to raise, and then that child be able to grow up and have a normal productive life and future. Cheyenne and Joseph had left their mark in life. I feel for their families who are left to deal with this incredible embarassment and now have to take care of that poor orphaned child.
    As far as poor Ashley Clark, words cannot express the sympathy I feel for her. It disgusts me that Ashley was treated this way by someone who was supposed to have been her friend. As if things weren’t difficult enough for her already.
    Our little neighborhood its pretty tightly knit, for the most part we all know one another. Since the abuse, kiddnapping, assult occured, we are all keeping our eyes open wide for each other. I honestly and sadly hope for KARMA to take “care” of Cheyenne and Joseph. I have seen the HBO series Oz, and thats the kind of taking care of I am referring to. Everything that has happened on that series would be too good for Cheyenne and Joseph.

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