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Father Rapes His Infant Daughter

Posted by shadmia on September 4, 2008

Reginald Davis, 18, of Forrest City, AR, has been accused of raping his 8-day-old baby daughter. Police also charged him with second-degree battery, because the baby also suffered a fractured skull in the attack, which occurred on Labor Day, Sept. 1, 2008. He was sent to St. Francis County Jail. At his first court appearance, the following Wednesday, the judge, citing the severity of the crime, raised his bail from $50,000 to $100,000.

According to police Davis was visiting with the 15-year-old mother of his daughter. The mother went into the bathroom to take a shower before going to bed. When she came out she found blood on her newborn baby. The girl and her family, accompanied by Davis, took the baby to Forrest City Medical Center where she was treated for rape and a fractured skull. The hospital also notified the police. It turned out that the little girl’s injuries were so bad she was transferred to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. The police arrested Davis.

Investigators say that at the time of the attack, there were other people in the house. The case is still under investigation and it is unknown if any other arrests will be made. Reginald Davis, according to the police, has had no criminal record since turning 18. They could not comment on whether he had a juvenile record because that information could not be released under Arkansas state law.

Reginald Davis’ mother said in a telephone interview that “he suffers from mental health issues.” According to Dr. Allen Battle, a psychologist with the UT Medical group:

“Seeking a baby is extremely rare.” He says “so many of the patience have been exposed to this behavior themselves. When they were kids in their formative stages.”

According to the Children’s Advocacy Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, recent reports of child sexual abuse is staggering:

  • 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys have been abused, with the average age being 3-years-old
  • 96% of the abusers are someone the child knows, loves and trusts
  • 75 cases were reported in 2000, 471 cases were reported in 2007

Davis is being held on a $100,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in circuit court on September 17.

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62 Responses to “Father Rapes His Infant Daughter”

  1. WTF?

    • Mellisa said

      How can someone do this to such an helpless INNOCCENT child. A father is there to protect. Not do to this! They say that the morjority of child morlesters have had it done to them. They say that the morjority of these acts have been done by a family member or a close friend. Yes I believe that should have there balls cut off as this hopefully would stop them feeling what they feel to comitt these horific acts. Women who do this should never be able to have children. Do you believe they will never do it again???? Because they will because they are sick in the head. They can’t control what they do. They think that this is their excuse and that people should forgive them. No, how can we when they do this. People should be vigilant watch for any signs that this could be happening in there family. Watch your children and believe them, let them know that you believe them when they come to you. Let them know that you will always love them and they can tell you anything. Shield them but tell them that these people are out there and how to try and protect themselves. I have a child and I have always let them know that they can always come to me no matter what. These people give us a life sentence, we are the ones who have to try and live with what they have done to us, not them as they just go on to do it to someone else. We are the ones who have to see people to help us cope with everyday life. Who hopefully pick a husband or a wife who treats us good but some of us pick volent people to marry because we feel that we are not worth having anyone who is good. The law needs to change and to punish these people to make them not be able to have children and stop them from feeling they need to do this.

      • carlotta said

        i agree with that how come a father can dothis to an 8 day old child he just took her child hoodaway just bearly.

      • Deidre said

        I cant believe how many sick people there are in this world, including most of the people who responded with hatred. Yes this guy is an absolute waste of space. I do not believe he should be raped, beaten, castrated, or any harm should be done to him. Bastards like this may find some sort of pleasure out of this type of extreme torture. I do believe he should never get the privilege to see sunlight again. He should either live in solitary confinement or have the fastest death possible. It seems almost as if i sound contradicting but he should not keep his life, and if he gets to have that he should be held away from everyone so that he can face what he did every day all by his lonesome. That is good and justifiable in any means.

  2. 9056kay said

    how can this happen……??????????
    what could possibly be sexy or a turn on to any man on an infant 8 DAYS OLD ………….he needs to just be shot and done with …no trial no heaing or anything. why should he go to prison for us to have to pay to keep up………ok so he has a mental problem. if he could do this to an infant 8 days old and he is 18 yrs old then he is not going to get any better he just needs to be shot……………

    • Worried said

      This f$%^& bastard need to be hung by his balls with his ass cut open and just pour the hottest hot souce down his ass.
      Mental problem or no mental problem he knew fu^%$# better sick ass bastard
      Give me just an hour w/his ass this is some fucking sick shit just brings tears to my eyes.
      8days old come on now not 8mos r 8yrs old but 8days n
      No child deserve this 2b done to them no matter what age..
      His mama need to be killed herself 4 raising a crazy, sick, stupid ass fucker like him ughhhhh

      • UPset in mississippi said

        This is a shame that somone would do something like that because how could he do something liketis and know one knowsa about and how it happened and also if the mom was in the bathroom where was the other people in tha house becasue with a 8 day old baby a grandmotyher or somebody should have been there and another thing why was his ass niot in jail anyway becsuae he is toold to getting on if t mother anyay so he should have been in jail and this would not have happened but that man would be getting burned alive if it was me,

  3. peaches said

    Kill him. Rip off his balls and let him bleed to death.

  4. Sissy said

    I say you put him in a cell with lots of big guys and let them rape him to death. But make his death VERY PAINFUL AND SLOW!!!!!!!!11

  5. Gina said

    Most likely he will sit and rest in a hospital ward for the mentally ill, instead of getting what he really deserves… A SLOW & PAINFUL DEATH. Ocurrences like this make me pray that there is a HELL for him to BURN IN!

    • Leigh said

      I so totally agree with this. May I assure you; according to my faith, there is a hell. This man will most definitely be there and he’ll get what he deserves.

      Mental health is no freaking excuse for this or any other felony. If you are sick enough in your head to rape a child, or anyone for that matter, you should be in a mental institution. Not living in the world with normally functioning people. Because, if you are, stupid crap like this happens.

  6. disgusted said

    this is just i cant even describe it some bigs guys should rape him and then he should be shanked until hes dead and then be shanked some more.

  7. grace4 said

    castration!! no meds to numb it

  8. ashley said

    castrate him through his ass take his balls and pull them out of his fucken ass then rip his dick of put it in a meat grinder and feed it to the wolves!!!

  9. jane said

    this guys is fucked up in the head

    • Muchpoetry said

      Personally, I believe he knew what he was capable of doing to the child, and now that he is going to be convicted; he is using the mental condition AS A PLEA. Some people may say, “he has to be mental to do what he did to his daughter, but that is not necessarily true.” He may have always wanted to RAPE a baby, but never had the common knowledge to do so. So, he decided to get a 15 yr. old pregnant (RAPE), and then rape his child, and use insanity as his defense. I AM ANGRY, APPALLED, AGGRAVATED, DISGUSTED, DISMAYED, & SICKENED by this horrible act of VIOLENCE!

  10. Sky said

    he deserves life in person. I highly doubt he will last in prison, there are ALOT of fathers in prison, when they find out what he’s in prison for he’s DONE. someone in prison will either kill him or rape him or both. he will go to hell for what he did….that kid deserves to GET RAPED IN THE ASS!!! HE NEEDS 3 BANANNAS IN HIS BUT HOLE RAPE HARD CORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE WILL NOT LAST IN PRISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. osaka said

    im not saying this is awright, but i think serial murderers and torturers are quite worse than this kinda of thing. in ammounsts of suffering caused of curse. sure, you could say “its an 8 year old infant” blah., no matter the age ppl can suffer the same.

    i expect hate from this. :3

    • Jennie said

      I very rarely respond to or comment on things I’ve read on the internet…but are you actually undermining what this monster did? You say you are expecting hate for your comment…well, your expectations are warranted 100% as it is absolutely foul that you could justify in some way/shape/form what this beast did.

      No one said that serial murderers and the like were any better than him…YOU brought it up…YOU…no one else. The amount of disgust I have for you right now is similar to the amount I have for the man who committed this act.

    • sickened said

      He is a sick f***…. He should be castrated, raped, beaten, and tortured to death for what he did!!!

      You are also a sick f***!!! You gonna take his side????? Mayb we should castrate you too! You f***in bastard!

  12. Ms. Bork said

    As someone who was raped by her father when I was 5 and other sexual abuse when I was younger, and also raped later in life by a neighbor, I feel able to make some comment on this crime. I have to say that things are more complex then the revenge mentality you mostly seem to share. My feeling are that this boy should receive the mental counceling he obviously needs AND He needs to be confined in some way so that he can never do such a heinus thing again. And that’s all.

    I never wanted my father terribly hurt [or even mother – who damaged me in worse ways then my father- though always after he did something nasty to her]Anyway – I desperately wanted it all to stop. or that I could leave them while they made their own living hell. But I only wanted my father dead when I’d been caught running away and beaten for it. And that was ONLY because I thought I’d never get away. But eventually I did and I didn’t much care to hurt him- oh , I would have liked some acknowledgment of what he did. Maybe some “I’m sorry for not believing you and getting you help and a way out of that household” And certainly some small punishment- or at least some forced counceling and some type of monitoring or comfinement so he could never do it to anyone else. But mostly I just wanted him gone- out of my life.

    – So you see as both a child and an adult, I’ve never wanted the sort of brutality you are calling for.

    It’s interesting – I remember my father saying things like what you say- “Kill him. Rip off his balls and let him bleed to death.” and all the others like it. He had a mindset of revenge toward those who hurt children- despite the fact he raped me. I can remember the last time he did it- He was always drunk when he did it- and he finally SAW what he was doing to me- I guess it was because it was the first time he had left severe bruises and enough blood that he had to change the sheets a couple times to hide my blood. It was Ironic because he had just been ranting about some guy who’d beaten his kid to death and Dad had been freaky angry about it whenever it was on the news. But whatever dad said about the other guy he was still changing my bloody sheets that very night.

    Anyway- the point is, he was always loudly calling for some brutal end to come to anyone who touched a kid- so when I look at your nasty endings for this sick young man- I wonder why you would want brutality that would cause more pain for all the innocents involved[ parents, friends, even the child herself? Are you hiding something too? Do you want this cycle of violence to continue?

    As an abused child- it was hard for me to be a good parent- I tried . And I don’t think I was bad- but I know I wasn’t as good a parent as my children DESERVED. Because there would be instinct that I sometimes followed [until I realized who I was coping as a parenting style

    • Micki said

      Mrs. Bork


      lAST POINT:

      • Charlene said


      • luz said

        I have to say this and this only. I have been touched by many men that were my family at that and believe when I say they are pigs and I personally don’t care what type of mental problems they have, because all I know is they robbed me of my childhood. So for all I care they should be treated the same raped , killed whatever you want to call it. That is straight nasty and wrong and no child that is only 8 days old should have to experience such a thing. You need help!

    • PC said

      You are Right! I am equally sickened by the responses here as with the crime! I too am a victim of Rape and Incest and sexual abuse by boys in grade school, an alcoholic bum at the corner store, co-workers! The problem is SEX and it’s heinous mis-muse since the beginning if Humankind. SEX was not meant to sell cars, clothes, jewelry, promote shows, to fill the tv cable screen, books, magazines, commercials, trade shows, conventions, broadway stages, THE INTERNET. I am not old-fashioned nor prudish, I love my father because I understand why he did what he did and worse was done to him but there was also no one to educate him, especially in the West Indies back in the 40’s; this is an acceptable way of life, Old West Indian men with the mindset of See, righteous access to their Girl Children! THAT IS WHAT IS REALLY HORRIFIC! EDUCATION IS THE KEY! All the new laws and death sentences and prison regulated death-squad mentally will change NOTHING! EVERYTHING WHO POSTED WITH OBSCENITY AND RAGED FILLED “Graphic” intensity seriously and painfully truthfully need to take a couple of steps back and honestly ask “Have I ever done anything like this or thought about?” and if the answer is No, then ask yourself, “Why didn’t I say something sooner???”!!!!! EDUCATION IS THE KEY! most importantly, we MUST teach our young to SPEAK UP!!!! NO MATTER WHAT! my best friend died as a result of abuse by both her parents, from age 5! She grew up with a heart of gold, as an lost, scared alholic and addict. EVERYTHING SINGLE ALCOHOLIC/ADDICT FEMALE I KNOW, and I know over 10,000, was molested, raped and or touched inappropriately, as. CHILD by a MAN! Including this one! My addiction did not start until after I reached 30 years of age. My first abuse was before age 7. I’ll be 46 next month, if I live that long. I have no children and I’ve been pregant 6 times! I married my husband at 21 after meeting him at 19 and divorced him at 30! He is West Indian! My family is West Indian! I am An American Woman still suffering! My older sister is living in a wake state coma for the last 20 years, with no colon, rectum, uterus, all surgically removed from the onset of Crohn’s Dis brought on by childress stress and trauma. When she complained of an “upset stomach” FOR YEARS, my mother and father said it was car sickness so she would have to sit up front with my father! YEAH!!! Exactly! If I had only known THEN!

  13. pm said


    as disgusted i am from having to look at his face, and as horrendous and awful this torture – and it is! i believe his mother has to take some blame for not getting treatment, meds, etc. it is terrible


    • Muchpoetry said

      I absolutely agree with you! If Davis mother was aware of his mental condition, then she should have gotten him some help. But, everyone with mental conditions are not criminals! R. Davis is a criminal…point blank!

  14. MARI said

    i was sooo mad while reading this news…..
    but to all of those who are saying to kill him…..
    i have some news for you guys…..
    this guy is going to HELL once he dies, and there is going to be the real suffering… he’s guna be burning in HELL for the rest of the eternity… and so are all of you guys if you guys dont repent of your sins and accept Jesus as your savior…!
    God bless all of you guys…

    • Muchpoetry said

      Sorry to have to tell you this…But, he can repent, and get it right with GOD; only if his mental stability allows.
      We are not his judge…

  15. lindzayp said

    Thank you Mari for stating that because you took the words straight from my mouth…its by human nature to want to see the guy suffer for his actions but who are we to judge? God says his sin, as big as we may think it is, is no bigger than for us to lust after someone, or drink alcohol, or lie, or think bad thoughts!! Jesus died for ALL sins for EVERYONE but you have to accept Him as your saviour and repent. Now granted he will be penalized by our justice system and they’ll do whatever to him but if he gets himself right with God the spiritual justification is done and for all you “professing Christians” if he does take that leap of faith then be prepared to see him in heaven :)…JUSTIFICATION = just as if it never happened.

  16. Dutchess said

    I am completely speechless/disgusted/outraged and so many other things I couldn’t say them all!!! Seriously, what in the hell is this world coming to!!! What is wrong w/ people??? The boys mother claims he is mentally ill, well I guess so!!! Does it take this to happen for someone to get this kid some help?!!! Mari, I agree w/ you. I believe that, as hard as it is, we are not in the position to judge anyone. “He who is free of sin shall cast the first stone”. I know that most of our sins are not as severe as this boy’s sin is but that is not for us to judge, that is for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to judge.

    On another note, I don’t know if I would have the same opinion if someone, anyone, had done (or ever does) this to one of my own children. I would probably spend the rest of my life in prison for killing the person myself. I have three beautiful children and I don’t know what I would do if someone ever hurt them in any way as severe as this boy did his own innocent daughter!!!

    • Muchpoetry said

      I agree with you! We as Christians never know what we will do until the situation presents itself. I have a niece that was just born, and I know, I would have killed any ‘bastard’ that would have raped her…Sorry! God forgive me! I am totally upset, angered, appalled, and saddened at the same time! We need to pray for our country!

  17. Allie said

    This is one of the sickest stories I have ever heard.
    First of all, the baby is 8 days old, she must have only been HOME from the hospital 6-7 DAYS. This disgusting “man” had to have been near this TINY precious infant when he had the disgusting idea to remove her DIAPER and have sex with her. It’s sick. He should be raped with a hot curling iron numerous times. See if he likes it.

  18. Anonymous said

    Is anyone not concerned with who else was in the house at the time this occured. I’m sure others would have heard the baby’s cries… why didn’t anyone do anything??? Something about this story sounds odd to me.

    But I feel horrible about the baby. I am a new mother and it brought tears to my eyes reading this story… I don’t know what I would do if someone had done something like that to my daughter….words can’t even discribe how disgusted I am with this!

    • Muchpoetry said

      I totally agree with you! Were the other individuals in the home drunk, or on drugs? Or, is this story missing some important information. A baby in pain, suffering, or agony will scream at the top of their lungs. Did Davis turn the television volume up? Or, are there other people involved in this sickening act of criminal violence? I don’t know! But, I wonder about the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

  19. bobby said

    Medical castration should be the only course of action upon the first instance of pedophelia, child incest or rape.

  20. Tanya16 said

    omg. how cud someone see their baby daughter, 8-DAYS-old and look at her sexually?
    Damn right he must be mentally challenged
    And his baby mama is 15 years old? That right there shud be problem enough
    Thats so nasty

  21. julie micucci said


  22. Muchpoetry said

    The bible states, “suffer the little children to come unto me.” What was Davis thinking? In my opinion, he is using the mental condition as a crutch, and not as a real problem. He impregnated a fifteen-year old girl, and ‘no one’ had anything to say about it…HE RAPED HER! What is wrong with our country? Why are we allowing our children to be mistreated by adult men and or women? I am appalled by this entire situation. I do not care what anyone believes, but what is wrong with our African-American men? Where are the father’s of our male children? My heart is totally broken and saddened over this indecent discrepancy. I don’t care what anyone says, “WE NEED TO PUT “PRAY” BACK INTO A MAJORITY OF ORGANIZATIONS.”

  23. Meescha said

    Ms. Bork…

    Thank you for your compassion and clarity.

  24. Donya said

    My GOD take care of him as he is fit too!!

  25. Terri said

    his mom is just as stupid as him they always say they have mental issues no hell they dont they know what they are doing. Stop making excusses for these idiots! and give a the death penalty so we dont have to pay for them to sit in jail

  26. Vinny said

    Chop “it” off in little pieces and feed it to him.

    Kill him already.

  27. Micki Anderson said

    This is absolutely disgusting,Someone that can do that to an infant can not be fixed can not be changed through GOD If they have an attraction to a child that will never go away just as me being attracted to my bf who is of the same age as me,A person takes away a childs innocence like that doesnt deserve anything,They no longer deserve to have rights,That infant will most likely be damaged for the rest of their life,Undeserving of something that gruesome.Anyone involved in that should be tortured a slow painful death,They should have their worst nightmares befall them.Its ridiculous that so many pediophiles get away with what they do, I have two children and no one would ever get away with doing that to my child, I dont care if he had mental issues or not if he was that messed up he should have been in an institution somewhere locked up what the hell was he doing sleeping with a 15 year old,No one thought to supervise this psycho. I am apalled Anyone that condones this by saying hell go to hell and get what he deserves for his sins thats ridiculous because chances are hell never go to hell and pay because there is no heaven or hell,You can have faith but sorry you will never know for sure. Then if there is a hell for him to go to what about the meantime before he goes there how many more innnocent little infants or children will he harm. Hes caught now before he can ever be free he needs to be dismissed from this world!

  28. Shin said

    I will go to jail just to be in the same fucking place as him, this is just beyond fucked up

  29. ashley said

    wow how fucked upi is that? what a man huh? Not that sick muther fucker needs to be tortured

  30. ashley said

    what a sick bastard.. how can you help create a baby to torture in such a cruel way. some one needs to get him alone and have their way with him and let him be tortured. what we alll need to do is pray for the sick mother fuckers and hope that something will be done. he should not get just a slap on the hand… severe punishment

  31. Sarah said

    All this being said yes he is sick, but can anyone find anywhere how the baby is. I am more interested in know that she is still alive. It is awful it happened, I just hope she pulled through without to much damage!

  32. burgundy said

    this is a sick act beyond belief!

  33. mia said

    What a piece of garbage!!! Just give him the death penalty cause he is serving no purpose for being alive other than to tourment!! American citizens dont’t need to paying for his lazy a!@ in prison, futhermore, his mother (an enabler) should kill herself too!!

  34. Sad in Toronto said

    Yes its unbelievable, horriific, destroying of hope and faith in people. It isn’t the only time this type of abuse happens, and killing him isn’t going to make any difference in the world. As a mother of 3, and a psychologist, I am also enraged and think his life is not worth saving or protecting. But I can’t wrap my mind around how someone could do this, long enough to decide iwth my LOGICAL brain, what would be the best thing to do with this guy, ie. “kill him”. I can’t help but be heartbroken for his own mama, for the tragedy of his wasteful life…what if, for example, his mama was raped all her life, did crack when he was in the womb, did damage to his brain, and he can’t tell right from wrong? I mean, anyone who could have basic human instincts wouldn’t do something like this. But if you have F.A.S. (fetal alcohol syndrome) or other brain damage from abuse or harm that happens when you are in the womb, you can go through life looking relatively normal until you have to make decisions and judgements (adolescence)…add your own drug abuse to the mix and something like this, I guess, can happen. I’m just imagining what might have led to something like this. Killing him may satisfy outrage but doesn’t solve the social problems that led to it. WE ALL NEED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for HELPING people who have needs, who are poor, who are uneducated, who are sick or addicted. Judgement is what leaves these people (I’m talking about the 15 year old, and her family, and the family of the criminal) alone to make horrible decisions and cause further harm. We can kill him, it might be best…but we can do more. We can be in contact with out neighbours, we can trust children when they tell on their abusers, we can provide support to families in need, we can give our time and our energy to helping people get their lives together, get away from abusers, etc….in the long run that is the only thing that will protect other children from harm – our ability to HELP rather than only reacting with blame to avoid our own pain and responsibility to DO SOMETHING.

    • PC said

      You are Applauded LOUDLY! I plan to speak OUT in my Community! SILENCE is the real tradedgy! We ALL need to speak out. Form a Nation Wide movement, similar to MADD. we need to start coming together to Heal Our Collective Wounds because this Cruel, Unhumane Heinous CRIME occurs WORLD WIDE! I was sexually abused by: my father, one of his brothers, two step uncles, my ex-father-in-law, a bum at the corner store, right on the street in broad daylight, 4 boys in the 4th grade during recess, a boy at the after school program, 3 colleagues at work! I’m 47 next month, divorced, no children, single, abstinent and celibate! I recommend the book by MacKenzie Phillips! It’s in stores now and I GUAREENTEE after reading her book, there will be a Collective GASP and CRY FOR HELP, heard around the Earth! Mothers, You MUST start doing a better job, raising your Sons. STOP, letting them sleep in your bed as babies, stop getting dressed/undressed in front of them, Do Not Ever bath with them and Please, Teach Them about Sexual Identity and Education, the Right Way! WE ARE ALL TO BLAME FOR WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS DEFENSELESS, UNNOCENT 8 Day year old Soul and Human Being. And if any of you thinks for one minute that This Child will not remember, You are wrong! My parents tried to abort me when I was conceived after by mother was raped by my mother, TWO WEEKS after she gave birth to my older sister! I am still suffering from the Shame and Guilt my parents still feel to this day, everytime they look at me because I KNEW! I was practically MUTE as a child; maybe Autistic! Now, you can’t Shut me up and I’m never going to stop Talking about what happened to me! IT IS TIME WE ALL STARTED RUNNING OUR MOUTHS! Our Young Boys and Men are equally abused and there’s goes more unnoticed! THIS is at the Core of the Problem! I’M READY TO HEAL BECAUSE I DO NOT WANT TO DIE BEFORE I TURN 50 FROM MY SELF-DESTRUCTIVE PERSONALITY. I had 15 years of Therapy and I love my mother and father because I Understand why they did what they did. I’m still trying to learn how to Love Me but it hurts too much on some days! Please pray for me as I pray for the Rest Of The World! KEEP GOD FIRST IN YOUR LIFE AND LOVE WILL ALWAYS FOLLOW!

    • Shelly said

      You said you have three children and my guess is that if this had happened to one of you kids when they were 8 days old you would not be sitting there saying ,oh this guys needs help maybe he didn’t know better. It is a proven fact that with people who abuse children it is not a sexual thing and is not curable even chemical castration will not fix the urge to do the things they do. This man should should be put in general population in prison and let the other inmates take care of him.

  35. Lois Naimon said

    Death and Hell aren’t even bad enough for this creep.

  36. anna said

    The bond was too low. I hope he gets raped in prison and dies!!!

  37. Jess o. said


  38. Sensible said

    This guy needs the deepest, darkest prison hole that can be found, where there are 300 pound muscle bound butt busters waiting to turn him into a bitch for life, complete with everything designed to destroy him. After six months of that abuse, this bastard should be tied down in the cold, naked and have chicken guts poured all over him so that the red ants can give him some agony before the buzzards smell him and eat his eyes and brains out!

  39. A. Davis said

    How could you even get an irrection from a baby let alone your own daughter????? Mental issues or not, he needs to be held down and raped and feel the pain
    His baby went through and never be allowed to see her again!!! Just my opinion…..

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