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Thief Gets Covered in Feces

Posted by shadmia on September 3, 2008

Lorenzo Earl Knight, 22, was arrested by Tampa police on two counts of burglary of a vehicle and one charge of grand theft. He was released from the Orient Road Jail on a $6,000 bond. It is uncertain what kind of punishment he faces if found guilty, but I’m sure that he feels he has already been punished enough.

Police said Knight broke into a truck (a 1999 Ford F-150 double cab) in the parking lot of the International Plaza, Tampa, Fl. taking a $500 digital camera and the owner’s manual. He had just jimmied the door of a second truck (a 2002 Ford F-150) parked next to the first one, when its owner spotted him. Realizing that he had been seen, Knight took off running, leaving behind one of his shoes and the screwdriver he had used to break into the trucks. Following behind in close pursuit was the owner of the second truck and a friend.

Unable to completely elude his pursuers, Knight came upon a construction site and decided to hide in one the portable toilets on the site. The two men however, discovered where Knight was hiding. They tipped over the Port-O-Let with Knight still inside. All the contents of the Port-O-Let came spilling out on Knight covering him completely in a mixture of feces and urine. The two men held Knight in the Port-O-Let until the police arrived. When the officers arrived, they found Knight still inside the toilet, soaking wet in its contents.

For the sake of the arresting officers, I hope that they got a chance to hose Knight down properly before arresting him. Trying to cuff him otherwise, would not be an enviable task and just think of what the partol car would look (and smell) like after they got him out of it.

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