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Baby Flushed Down the Toilet

Posted by shadmia on August 2, 2008

This is the story of how 27-year-old Rita María Peña with the help of her 67-year-old mother, Elodia Núñez, flushed Rita’s newborn baby boy down a toilet.

This is one of those stories that make you wonder just how cold-hearted and ruthless some people can be. In fact after reading this story for the first time I thought these people can not be human, they are devoid of the emotions and intellect that separate us from animals. And to call them animals is an insult to the creatures that belong in that class; because, come to think of it, even animals care for their young. The only redeeming grace that I could find here was, that when confronted, they did not try to deny the heinous act perpetrated on a young, innocent, defenseless life. Below is the story of how an innocent soul was deprived of life almost before his first breath was drawn.

Police in Guadalajara, Mexico arrested Rita María Peña, 27, for allegedly flushing her newborn baby down the toilet, killing the boy. Rita’s mother Elodia Núñez, 67 was also arrested as an accomplice. The police say they found the baby’s body in a sewage pumping station. Suspicion fell on Rita after local residents reported that her pregnancy had ended, but she appeared not to have the child.

When questioned by the police, Rita told them that she went to live with her mother after she became pregnant and was having problems with her boyfriend, the baby’s father. On July 29, 2008 she began feeling labor pains and went to the bathroom where her son was born. However she was still angry at being separated from her boyfriend and threw the baby down the toilet. It was at that very moment that her mother, Elodia Núñez, came in. Elodia then proceeded to help her daughter fill the toilet with water in order to flush away the baby.

Elodia Núñez, also said that just days before the baby was born, she caught her daughter with a knife, unsuccessfully trying to cut herself in the stomach.

An autopsy perform on the baby showed that he died of a contusion of the skull, he also had bruises and cuts on his arms and ears.

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One Response to “Baby Flushed Down the Toilet”

  1. JOJO said

    I agree that comparing these 2 monsters with animal, is such an insult to that species, which are known to protect their own with their own lives if necessary…..

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