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Doctor Charged with Molesting Patients

Posted by shadmia on July 24, 2008

Dr. Kevin Antario Brown, 37, was charged with a total of 19 counts, including rape, performing a lewd act on a 15-year-old child, sexual battery by fraud and sexual exploitation. All his victims were former patients including an undercover officer who was investigating the case. If convicted he could spend more than 25 years behind bars. See TV news coverage here.

Dr. Brown is a general practitioner medical doctor formerly practicing medicine at the Crenshaw Expo Medical Center, 3631 Crenshaw Boulevard, Los Angeles.

His problems all began when an unidentified 18-year-old girl complained to the police, in June 2007, that Dr. Brown had touched her inappropriately during a medical examination. The police launched a year-long investigation, using an undercover officer to pose as one of his patients. She was also molested.

Dr Kevin Antario Brown was arrested July 8 at his Los Angeles home and was initially charged with sexually molesting a female patient and a female undercover police officer. He was subsequently freed on $50,000 bail.

However, after his arrest more people came forward, claiming he also sexually molested them. Dr Brown was arrested again, this time on 19 felony counts including: performing a lewd act on a 15-year-old child, rape, sexual battery by fraud and sexual exploitation. The alleged crimes occurred between Nov. 6, 2006, and this May 31 2008. Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Ann Marie Wise, of the sex crimes division, said:

“Since we filed the charges, we have been flooded with phone calls, both from other alleged victims and from other agencies, saying: ‘By the way, we are looking at him for this.'”

Ann Marie Wise also said that there were more people involved than anticipated and that the investigation was not yet over and more charges were likely.

“We were certainly expecting additional women to come forward, but the number has been probably higher than we would usually expect in this sort of investigation. We didn’t want to rush and file all of them [alleged victims] all at once. We have finished interviewing some of the women, and others have come forward in the past two days and we haven’t spoken to them yet.”

Bail was set at $4 million as requested by the prosecution. They considered Dr Brown to be a flight risk. His father, Ewart Brown, is the premier of the island of Bermuda and they feared that he might try to flee there to avoid prosecution.

According to reports, an affidavit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court says that Dr. Brown is being investigated for allegedly over-prescribing the opiate painkiller Oxycontin. No charges have yet been filed in that case. Investigators are also probing Dr. Brown’s alleged role in a multi-million dollar medical fraud, the affidavit says. In recent years, doctors have been convicted of making fraudulent claims to Medi-Cal and Medi-Care – two bodies set up to provide medical aid to the poor.

Special Agent J. Timothy Fives,
of the Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse unit in the California Attorney General’s Office, said that during a raid on another doctor’s home in October, investigators obtained a list of those allegedly involved in the fraud. Dr. Brown’s name was on the list, Mr. Fives said. He says that doctors already convicted of fraud have told him that Dr. Brown recruited them into the scheme adding:

“Physicians have stated during interviews that they paid Dr. Brown a percentage of their income from fraudulent Medi-Cal and Medi-Care claims in payment for him setting them up in business.”

On top of his work as a doctor, Dr. Brown runs the Urban Health Institute, a charity set up to provide disaster relief in the U.S., Africa and elsewhere. The charity attracted controversy earlier this year when it was revealed Premier Ewart Brown used taxpayers’ funds to help sponsor a party thrown to benefit the charity. The Premier was a guest of his son at the charity poker event, held at the Playboy Mansion in L.A.

Premier Ewart Brown of Bermuda continues to have faith in his son saying: “I have been in touch with him and he denies the charges and we trust that he will be exonerated.”

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38 Responses to “Doctor Charged with Molesting Patients”

  1. Brianne said

    “On top of his work as a doctor,”

    Do you mean by pulling his dick out and raping some half-wit? Is that what you refer to a being “On top of his work as a doctor”

  2. cousin said


  3. Leena said

    I find it strange that we all could read the same news story, and some readers defends this low-life. His patients went to him for medical assistance…not to be sexually aggravated! He is guilty as sin! The nail in his coffin is that he even sexually assaulted/molested the undercover officer.

    What a shame for his outstanding parents who apparently believe in their son. All of these women/girls could not be lying. He is the liar. May justice prevail!

  4. Eve said

    The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Kevin’s brother Maurice is serving time for armed bank robbery. His father Ewart has the luxury of using Bermuda taxpayer’s money to throw lavish parties for his friends, all in the name of Bermuda Tourism. It would not be surprising if ivestigations in California turned up Ewart too. Ewart did have dual Bermuda/US citizenship but he was supposed to give up his US citizenship when he took public office in Bermuda but there is some doubt he did. Read Bermuda newspapers for more on Poppa Doc (Ewart) Brown, it is a daily soap opera.

  5. Teresa said

    I want to know whatever happened to all this crap about you are innocent until proven guilty. You know what i grew up with Kevin in a small town in Arkansas, and i can tell you he worked very hard for what he has accomplished. You all have the rights to freedom of speech, the prosecutors and alleged victims can sometimes make people seem anything but innocent. I hope each and everyone of you guys that have already put the nail in his coffin without knowing all the details of this case, NEVER EVER HAVE TO sit on the jury of your peers, because you all have it very twisted, and yes i can tell you that as horrible as this case sounds, yeah we are all human and guess what HUMANS LIE AND DESTROY LIVES. Kevin I will be praying for you and the family. Tell the media and everyone else to keep your dad out of this.

  6. ilena said

    you people cannot ignore the fact that a police officer was molested by him. to dr.b i just want to say this ‘STOP LYING AND ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YOU WILL END UP IN JAIL BECAUSE WHAT YOU DID IS WRONG’

  7. Veronica said

    Eve is hilarious, downright comedic in her writings. She lacks knowledge, of course, but that is expected from her kind.After she is isolated on a dot for goodness sake! In America you are innnocent until proven guilty. Perhaps where Eve is you are guilty until proven innocent.
    Eve, grow up or at least be truthful. I shall pray for you so that Bermuda can be a better place.

    Now Illena:

    There are no facts. Only charges. Wake Up. Go to dictionary, P-L-E-A-S-E.
    Unless you live in this world alone, be careful. You have family members and you can’t vouch for everyone. Anyone can stand accused. Watch TV someday, if you doubt it. Try re-runs of Matlock. Perhaps you don’t have TV where you are so I understand. Go to the Library and read a good novel!

  8. Michelle said

    Dear all:

    I just read this doctor’s bio and I really cannot believe he would throw away his life for a meager “feel”. I mean, why? This doctor has cared for me and my father and never (and I stress never) has he been inappropriate with me. He is a very good looking man and a professional. It would not be a problem for him to get a date or woman from any walk of life. Why would he waste his time trying to get feel up women that do not equal him. It really does not make sense. If he had to do a physical examination this would require that the patient dress down (meaning no clothes) and expose her body to the physician. He would do what is required with an assistant in the room. Are all of the 19 allegations stating that there was not an assistant in the room when “supposedly” the doctor took advantage of them? I know women, when rejected, can be conniving and maniuplative. Overall, I really feel sorry for this doctor.


  9. MD said

    This whole things sounds really fishy. I have met this man and have talked with him several time. I have been to his house and seen his family. I know about him and his charities. I cannot believe that he would touch a young girl. He has kids of his own.

    If there were one or two people, then I would take it more seriously than 19 people or more. The police, who are not always credible, did not treat him fairly by asking people to come forward. The flood gates are open.

    I don’t know how old many of you are, but this sounds like l
    I do however, consider it more believable that he has improperly charged medical. I think every doctor has to hustle these days to make a buck.

    Lets wait for the final result before we crucify him. The state is correct to suspend his license until this investigation is completed.

  10. Ailan said

    According to the medical board of Calif. Dr. Brown’s license is still in “good standing”. There is nothing there to indicate anything about this investigation. Many times it takes years for the board to react or investigate any misdeeds about doctors, leaving the doctor to continue practicing freely. That’s the problem with the board, it’s made up of doctors protecting their own kind. If it wasn’t for the ability to do searches on the net, the public would be in the dark about any medical misdeeds.

  11. catherine said

    what happen?!!!all of a sudden this young Dr.becomes a sex pervert? I don’t believe it. The “victims” smell money. The investigators are all speculating.

  12. Kay said

    This makes want to throw up. You know, does anyone really believe that Dr. Kevin Brown is innocent? So, Medicare and Medi-Cal are big fat liars too, and are they jealous like the victims you claim would go to all the trouble to trouble of turning him in when, (What was that again, jealous?), :::lauging so hard at stupid ignorant, mentally sick people, hmmm…also, this is not Dr. Brown first arrest for this very same crimes. It takes a lot of evidence to “charge” and arrest someone. We are not Bermuda, the police are not allowed to arrest you until they have enough evidence to prove you have did this alledged crimes. Unfortunately for this country our laws protect the guilty, so, you know what, you friends, family and relatives just keep tooting your horn about what good person he when it doesn’t really matter, you opinion that is. Oh he not at all good looking, he looks like an elf. He is unusally short. I find nothing about that man attractive especially his personality. But it does sound like some of the previous post have the hots for Dr. Brown. Oh, by the way you might want to google, Dr. Kevin Brown’s arrest and on July 18th or around that date there was a news report where they do not have Dr. Kevin Brown in good standing with medical board. Why do christains lie so much? You know it is one of the commandments. Why does Christains think because they go to church that gives them the license to be the judge, the jury, the investigators, the victims, and because they have a Bible in their hand, that they obviously have never read, or was able to comprehend what the life of Christ really means, and everything they is the truth, because they can recite a line or two out of the bible. I think you all need to take a good look inside and wonder why you even are wasting your time with defending a criminal, because maybe you are one too, if you believe what he does is that of a good man, then you must be using that same gauge on yourself, which makes guilty as him, meaning you a criminal too. And everyword that comes out of your mouth or typed is supporting that life style and practice the very same practice. How dare you even judge a 15 y.o. as being jealous and wanting the Dr. Kevin.

    So get off you soap box, and clean you own house. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, at victims.”


  13. John S. said

    The only money the victims smell is that of Dr. Kevin Brown is the money aledgedly stole from the disabled and elerderly, and the tax payers, of United States

    I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING KAY SAID, yes, his brother is a criminal too.

    Do you know that he is being accused perfoming sexually lewd act on a child, molesting, rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, no he did not just turn into a perv over night apparently they are victims dating back ten years ago, and oh, Howard University must have something to say, because all of this is what I heard or read on ABC NBC news. I believe there were some problems at college as well.

    I also believe he has a short man complex, in addition to father being successful, and like eve said, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Meaning,I am sure everyone involved is corrupt including the posters here.

    I agree with Kay, yeah, in the orange outfit he looks like a brownie elf. I am a man but I know women don’t like midgets as boyfriends, and Howard Medical University must of had a lot better looking men than that, I don’t believe what anyone says, again, blaming victim like being jealous, and undercover cop, is JUST STUPID, crazy, and I also agree why and how could even be stupid enough to write that the victims are lying because they are jealous and want him. That is just not normal thinking, whomever wrote that either commit yourself to a mental hospital, or if you doing the same things that Dr. Kevin Brown is accused of then I would yourself and go admit your crimes to police and have yourself incarcerated with your buddy Dr. Kevin Brown.

  14. Regina said

    I knew Dr. Brown from 2005, and I don’t have any one bad word saying against him, I believe this is all one big BS created by who knows whom… because some one who probably didn’t like him so much for some reason, and sitting very high couldn’t find any better reason just this big time BS. Some one said already about him and I can add: He is educated, nice looking! guy with nice looking wife and beautiful children , its NO reason to fall for a patient/patients, even the young ones , because if they are patients its mean they are sick! and there are many healthy, beautiful, same level as his women will fall for him. People can lie, and who is police? same human being as you and me, and who knows what order/orders she got against him, because some one wants to put him in jail so badly. You see corruption in every district, and no one said this district better than any other one.

    And for you Kay:
    Don’t judge people who think about him in the positive way , and I do spend time to writing this and I don’t feel what you were saying in your BS writing if I’m on his side, and if you spend so much time on writing about feelings,his look, and by the way how possibly you can say he looks like elf ?! if he is a good looking young man ! and where are your eyes when you were saying about his height? so 5″10-5″11 its not tall enough for you or maybe you are 6″5 yourself and no one for you tall enough , and everyone unusually short or you never saw the short ones, so you never go outside and you see people thru the window or TV only, what’s wrong with you? OR!! he turn you down and that why you are mad on him ? So if you are spending so much time on this… maybe look deeper inside of your self before judging anybody.
    And if his family will need me as a witness, I will not turn them down , I will stand on Dr. Browns side, and I will tell how good his personality even from that short time I knew him, but I believe he is not guilty with those charges against him.

  15. cynthia brown said

    kay first of all dr. brown is not short. why do looks matter anyway. i’ve worked with him and he was also my daughter and my grandsons doctor. how can you judge a person you know nothing about.does anyone remember the case where this wealthy man and his female friend had eleven counts against them of druging these women and sexually assaulting them. all eleven turned out to be liars. after the first charge women started coming out of the turned out they were all lying.dr.brown is the only doctor my daugther felt comfortable daughter is very beautiful and he never did anything out of line to her. even with and undercover agent stating that he touched her inproperly. what does she consider an inproper touch. was an assitant in the room at the time what kind of exam was being done. and what was being said when this occured.i’ve seen people look guilty when their not. so get off your high horse and your judgment seat you don’t know him or his accusers. i’ve known him for 9 or 10 years.but i dont’t know his accusers.opinions don’t really count. because opinions can be wrong. only the truth let God be God.this man and his family are going through enough. don’t make his children and wife suffer from your unkind words, and your unjust judgement. Don’t throw stones.

  16. cynthia brown said

    hey john again your theory is wrong you must be a fool of some sort . doctor brown is not short silly so why would he have a short mans complex do you have an idiot complex. because you sure seem stupid.

  17. cynthia brown said

    stick to the subject at hand. i wander what you look like john since you want to judge looks. are you short because your thought process sure is short. and what would be wrong with being short. would that imply guilt based on height. doctor brown is not short are you jealous

  18. cynthia brown said

    kay why are you attacking christians now have you ever sinned or lied. how would you know who read a bible. the word christian means belongs to Christ. are you saying that only christians lie. are you bitter because you’ve been hurt yourself.God loves you. i mean that sincerely.i’m a friend of doctor brown. you don’t know him yet you judge him and anyone that is a friend to him. more important then all of that is that you find out who christ is. ask God with all your heart and trust him to tell you even if theres not a single christian that you like. find God for yourself and he’s sure to tell you. Gods got wonderful plans for your life God Bless you kay.

  19. cynthia brown said

    kay do you know the life of christ because God loves us seem full of hate. and thats not of God. you should read the bible yourself and stop being hollier then thou. i’m sure your no better then any one else all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.. GOd is Not willing that any should perish he loves dr brown too not just you. don’t think more of yourself then what you are the same jugment that you used for others will be used for you too. so check yourself. get that beam out of your eye before you get the speck out of some one elses

  20. cynthia brown said

    did the under cover agent come on to doctor brown did she lure him. did she invite him. and yes 15 year olds do lie a 15 year old said my son raped her it turned out she was lying ,but in the mean time he had to sit in jail. she said he raped her twice the police found her to be a liar but it does’nt give back the time he did in jail. could it be the the same fifteen year old that accused dr brown?i knew a fifteen year old when i was 12yrs old she lie and said these six guys raped her lined up and raped her these six guys were friends she admitted to me on the phone that she lied i got her on tape it was presented in court and the charges were dropped but they sat in jail waiting. my ex-husband just recently was accused of rape the women lied on him. so yes people do lie of all ages. im not attacking anybody these are just facts

  21. cynthia brown said

    why did 19 women wait all this time to come forward ? if he molested them ?why did they continue to visit the doctor for medical care? why did the undercover agent have to go there for one year wouldnt one visit have been enough is this mass hysteria?why did’nt any of these women come forward sooner they didnt notice they were being molested some one had to tell them they were? they didnt report it when it happend now their so eager to come forward what? they do look back and say any touch is molestation any exam any touch at all could be twisted into an inproper touch.

  22. terry livsey said

    Dr. brown, should be respected and considered innocent until proven not. For the comments that have been directed towards him should not be until then. I have not heard the jury of his peers say he is guilty. For those of you who are not judge and jury shut up. Think of his kids please.

  23. Thank you Cynthia Brown for speaking so eloquently about Dr. Brown. I worked with your office for a while and I have been wondering when someone from the office would have a voice. I wasn’t going to put a comment on here, but I know that I stand for truth and I too believe in Dr. Brown. What you have experienced is proof that any of us could be wrongfully accused. Even when we allow the system to decide, it is not always right, so all we can do and yes I am a Christian and I was totally thrown off by Kay’s comments. I know that God will work this situation out. Dr. Brown knows the truth and so does God. That is between him and God in the end, but I believe in him because I knew and respected him. Keeping praying and keep believing people, and always to God be the glory for He has done great things. We pray for the Brown family for their peace and strength during this time.

    God bless us all,

  24. Michael said

    In a make believe world it would be nice to see these charges be false and Kevin Antario Brown go back to business as usual. He has been depicted as a pillar of the Los Angeles community and philanthropist throughout the world…BUT THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN PEOPLE. You are right…God knows!

    People please read the handwriting on the wall…HE IS GUILTY! His conscious should be eating him up alive by now…if he is consciously thinking? The contributors to this column seem intelligent enough to know that the police dotted all of their “i’s” and crossed all of their “t’s” before arresting this doctor. That is why they set up the sting operation by sending one of their own as a patient. Kevin Antario Brown put the nails in his own coffin by molesting the under cover agent!!!!!!!!!

    HE IS GUILTY AND HE SHOULD BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW! How can you naive people keep defending this criminal when the facts are here in black and white? The people who say the know him and knew him growing up…do not know what kind of a deviate he became. It is sad that you will be shocked and devastated later when this sicko pays for ruining the lives of trusting patients who came to him for health services and got sexually mishandled and abused.

    All of you supporters of Brown make sure you read the papers or go to his trial and get the answers to your questions by listening to the testimonies of the victims and do the math for yourself. Even if you still want to stick to your warped belief that the victims wanted something from him…why did he molest the (new patient) under cover agent?????????

    Shame on you Kevin Antario Brown you broke your vow to the doctors code of ethics! You did the crime and you need to do the time. Stop the lies and confess so that your conscious, family and victims can begin to heal.

    Check out the blog and read the comments. The folks on there have way more common sense that these defenders of the fallen Kevin Antario Brown.–does-a-doctor-like-dr-brown-make-you-uncomfortable/

    PS Kevin Antario Brown is short & small in physique for a man!
    Maybe, the people who say he is not short are short themselves. Who knows? He may be 5’8-9…that’s a short man!

  25. Dee said

    In the beginning I wasn’t sure what to think about the alleged charges facing my doctor “Kevin Brown” however in light of him being released from jail in October he has since closed down his medical office. No type of letter of intent to close or information was given to his patients in advance. I am very, very angry that I have to wonder if I will be able to get my medical records from this office. We as patients of dr.. Brown have done nothing wrong but we are being punished for choosing a doctor that has a lot of legal issues to deal with and has no ethics about the well being of his patients.

  26. Regina said

    “Yes” Michael, you right , 5’8-5’9 it is definitely not basketball’s player height , but look around …what do you see? all 6′ and up ? you dreaming, he has average height, short would be 5’4-5’5 for a man. Be 5’6 myself and having a husband 5’10 I don’t feel uncomfortable with him and around people. And if your “P.S.” was direct to me..!?! well …I do think what I said before, nothing change , and like you said and many other people: “Only the God and Kevin knows the truth” and people can and do tell lies some times for any kind of reasons.
    And as long as I know he is out and I wish him “good luck”…

  27. cynthia brown said

    shame on you michael and people like you for judging a man to be guilty when you don’t have all the info. there are alot of people like you who lift themselves above GOD’S shoulder. who think they know everything and don’t know enough. But there are few people like DR BROWN.He’s a good man and thats a fact.Your the one with a warped mind twisted in your thinking making jugdements that are beyond your shallow mind.your cruel and just want to jump on any band wagon to point your finger of poison and spread your venom

  28. cynthia brown said

    DR. Browns friends stand with him thank you karla anderson for your word im glad Dr. Brown has friends out there like you and regina GOD BLESS YOU ALL OF HIS FRIENDS im with you in friendship

  29. Anonymous said

    All I will comment on is that I have known Kevin for over 10 years. When I heard the news of the charges against him, I was not surprised. As a matter of fact, I called a friend, who also knows Kevin well. When I shared the information with this person, we both stated our shock but lack of surprise with the charges. I believe in the justice system, and that we are innocent until proven guilty. Thus, I am not certain as to whether or not the charges are true. But, what I can say is that Kevin’s character is questionable. I vividly recall some of our acquaintances years ago, as well as acquaintances he’s had with friends of mine. While he was a pleasant person, he came off as having a sense of entitlement (particularly for women) and arrogance. Kevin is a hard-working individual that deserves all the professional accolades and success that he has. I pray that all of his efforts are not depleted based on his current situation. But, on the same token, if he is guilty of the charges against him, he deserves to be held legally accountable for them. I just pray that he and his family are maintaining during this difficulty ordeal.

  30. Dee said

    Does anyone have Dr. Kevin A. Browns new office information? I really need to get my medical records.

  31. A fellow Physician said

    I dont think Dr.Brown is guilty of these charges. As is the custom in the police and courts, they thrtow the whole universe of possible charges hoping that something sticks. Truthfully much of the accusations are rooted in legal definitions and not specifics. I am not supportive of any type of abuse to a patient but I will not suport the destruction of a good mans reputation just for the District Attorney’s need to make something stick. Dr.BRown has a history of integrity and comes from a very strong line of excellence, professionally and morally, His father is a very sound thinker, and a solid Doctor with a reputation of the highest integrity. THEre are people who are angry because he fights for justice and threatens their comfort. Especially racist who control media, money, medicine and more. They are very vicious and dangerous. They have tried to destroy the father but he has withstood them. THE son is going to come through this eventually and he will be just fine. Until then lets be constructive and protect patients but remember until proven guilty the most important patient ins him and his family…I have not heard of any patient suffering as he is and if he has been uncareful I think he should pay price commensurate to his crime but otherwise I dont wish to participate in his premature crucifixion….He still has a lot to offer the world….

  32. i met Mr.Brown ten years ago in Bermuda, he was very nice and respectful. i can not believe that he would or could do what he is accused of doing. i pray for him and the victims that god will reveal the truth. i just got back from Bermuda and heard the story i was very hurt to think that it could be true.

  33. Barry said

    I belive This Dr will have all charges against him dropped as a deal has been made with his father to accept 4 guantanamo bay inmates into Bermuda, lets see what happens next….

  34. From Bermuda said

    Barry, you are a very astute person. As we in Bermuda know, has father is similar. Arrogant, has a sense of self-entitlement and has an “I do it because I can” attitude. But do you think his other son, Maurice, will be let free from prison for the armed robbery?

  35. I know said

    I knew Kevin when he was a student at Howard University in the early 90’s. He was always a nice and charming guy and I innocently ended up in his dorm room at about 3:00am (Stupid I know) He lived in the Howard Plaza Towers room 36E. I remember vividly, because I escaped being sexually assaulted or worse by him in that room that night. After the event I stayed away from him like the plague. When i would see him, he acted like nothing ever happened and my blood would run cold. From that point on I referred to him as the “rapist”. I later learned that he had done the same thing to one of my friends. I also heard that he had raped a woman on campus, but his father got him out of trouble. (that part of the story I do not know 1st hand, because someone told me this story, so I can not swear to it.)But the rest I can.

    I went on and lived my life. Every now and then i thought about the incident, never lost too much sleep over it though. One day a Kevin Brown friend requested me on a group similar to facebook. It all came back to me, fresh and raw, and I was annoyed. A few months later I heard about this, AND I AM NOT SURPRISED. I am Sad for his family, wife and children because they do not deserve this. Sad for the people he helped heal as a doctor, because apparently he helped a lot of people and was a good doctor. But I am here to tell you first hand that he has another side to him.

    • 1victim said

      Iknow? I do know what ur talkin about & as of now his wife knows too. i just hate it had to come to this.i do pray for Mr. Brown & i hope hecan become a better person after all this coz he didnt have to be apart of this. he bottom line choose this.we have all had are say now lets keep him in prayer & let god do the rest.

  36. black press said

    what is the current status of this case? has it been dropped in exchange for the accepting 4 guantanamo bay inmates into Bermuda?

  37. 1victim said


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