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Kerstin Fritzl Reunited with her Family

Posted by shadmia on June 20, 2008

Kirsten Fritzl, 19, of Amstetten, Austria who had been in a medically-induced coma for several weeks, has finally been reunited with her mother and siblings. Her father, Josef Fritzl, remains in jail having being accused of repeatedly raping his own daughter, who bore him 7 children (including Kristen) and holding them captive for 24 years in a cellar. See the Fritzl story here.

Kerstin’s doctor, Dr Albert Reiter said: It was an extraordinary moment when Kerstin, holding my arm, and I were able to walk through the door into a new home, crossing the threshold into a new life.The entire family is very happy that they are all together for the first time.“ See the press conference here. The Fritzl family now lives in an apartment on the grounds of the clinic where they are being taken care of.

Kerstin’s recovery has truly been remarkable. She was rushed to hospital in April after she fell desperately ill and was placed on life support systems including a respirator and dialysis machine. Her condition became worse and she was eventually put into a medically-induced coma to help her organs recover. In May her doctors began reducing her medication and she was brought out of the coma in June. Elisabeth, her mother, was at her bedside regularly encouraging her to fully come back into the world.

As she lay in bed, medics gradually started to help her to use her muscles again – including teaching her how to eat and speak again because of problems caused by the length of time she was connected to the respirator. Finally she was allowed out of intensive care and was taken by ambulance to start a new life with the rest of her freed family.

She is still suffering from symptoms associated with prolonged bedrest, including muscle waste and deterioration of her bones. But she has already managed to walk and received vaccinations to prepare her body for the outside world.

The Fritzl family is now all together: Kerstin; Elisabeth, her mother; Rosemarie, her grandmother; her brothers (Felix, 6, Alexander, 12 and Stefan, 18); and her sisters (Monika, 14 and Lisa, 16);

Family lawyer Christoph Herbst said Elisabeth, 42, is now determined to keep the family together.

“The family all want to live together. There is a real desire to be with one another. To be together is something very precious indeed. Everyone involved couldn’t anticipate that this could happen so quickly and so positively.”

But he said their freedom of movement was severely restricted by media besieging the clinic and appealed to journalists to respect family members’ privacy.

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9 Responses to “Kerstin Fritzl Reunited with her Family”

  1. michael said

    I think someone that knows robbie willams..should ask him if he would visit kerstin..I think that would help her so much…

  2. Michele Kalina said

    Dear Elizabeth, You are a beautiful, strong woman. My sister was also raped by my father (he and my mother are now divorced, thank God). I think of you often and pray for you, your children, your mom and your siblings. Don’t worry, honey, everything will work out. I hope someday you will find love with a nice man. You certainly deserve the best of everything. We love you. Sincerely, Michele

  3. Sarah Winters said

    Dear Elizabeth
    I am so happy for you and your whole entire family. I am appauld that your own father could do something so horendous and violating.
    You are an inspiration to all rape victims and to women around the world.
    With that nasty creature (I am sure you take no offend to this) you call a father, behind bars, I hope, wish, and pray for all the best things in life to come your way.
    Raise your family well and I hope you can recover and become a stunning addition to society.
    I hope you find a loving and gentle man to take care of you and your family.
    With Sincere Devotion
    And A Bunch of Great Big Hugs To You and Your Family …

  4. BQ said

    To Elisabeth and children:
    May God heal the emotional and physical scars. We celebrate your freedom with you and extend wishes for peaceful and joyful lives.

  5. Ebony said


    I learned about your story not long ago and I can’t shake it from my mind. My heart feels deeply pained by just knowing the surface of all the brutality and cruelty you and your children faced. I truly wish you well. You’ve already demonstrated your strength and intelligence – I have no doubt that you and your children will find happiness and success.

    I know that the others who posted notes to you mean well, but when they say things like, “I hope you find a loving and gentle man” to take care of you and so on, please disregard that. You don’t need anyone to “take care of you” in that way. You’re an adult. Do what feels best for you and your children, period whether that includes a man or no man, taking care of yourself or having someone else do that for you.

    I’m ashamed that our world produced such behavior from your father. I’m so happy for you that your daughter is better and that you’re physically free. Emotionally, I and no one else will ever know. What matters is that I want you to know that I feel for you, I will pray for you and your children, and that even without knowing you, I believe you have the rarest and most powerful strength of anyone…the type of strength only given to special people who were meant to be an inspiration.

    My best wishes of everything to you.
    – Ebony

  6. Lena said

    No one an fathom what has happened to you. How you survived this hell on earth for so long and yet managed to have 7 babies and raise them in that dungeon is unexplainable in my mind! I have constantly thought of you and what must have been ever since I read of you. I am beyond amazed that you are so logical in your thoughts and how you have been so strong for your children.
    The doctor who saved you from this filth may God bless him. May God bless you and your children now and always to live the life you deserve. You are so strong you are beyond inspiration. Please take care of yourself and enjoy every minute of your freedom. Explore the world – leave as far away as possible from that town. You and your family need to see everyth

  7. cat said

    Elizabeth, you are a reminder of how strong we can be as humans , I applaud you for the love and education you provided for your children, there is so much love for you and your children in the world, please realise that there is true love for you from people who don’t know even know you, we all wish that you find peace in your new life with all your precious children, may god be with you always.

  8. Claudia said

    Dear Elizabeth,

    I am deeply sorry for what happened to you and your children. Nobody deserves this. I can’t stop thinking about you and your torturous hell. I do not know how you survived all that and still came out a strong woman out of all that. Like somebody already put it, you are BEYOND inspiration. I wish you the very best life has to offer for you and your children ALWAYS. I, too, hope you move as far away as possible from that place and start a new life without ever looking back. I wish there was a way we could help you. You and your children will always be in my heart, and my prayers. I don’t care much for your mother, though. Not much is said about her, but how could she not know?



  9. charlene ssali said

    elizabeth dear,
    what happened to you wads such a ghatsly thing…to imagine how you feel is totally impossible….!!!!i pray that you will be able to enjoy the rest of your life ,for i believe you have seen more than enough….!!!i hope you make peace with everything that has happened to you….oh i hope you do…your an amazing and extremely strong lady….i dont even know yo but you are…my your family be blessed…and may you ‘father’rot in jail……no offence.God bless you…and i hope you manage to get to live your life….your strenght amazes me and inspires me to be stronger than i am no….CHARLENE….a very inspired 22 year old.

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