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Man Calls 911 for a Taxi

Posted by shadmia on May 25, 2008

Kevin Lewis Waits, 25, of Hillsboro, Texas could be described as tenacious. He could also be described as hard-headed, obstinate and a host of other uncomplimentary adjectives. However I think the most appropriate characterization would simply be: Stupid.

Kevin was having a hard time getting a taxi, so he decided to call 911 instead. In fact he called 911 a total of 15 times in a row! Each time Kevin called, the emergency dispatcher told him he had to call a taxi service and that the police could not help him, said Waco police officer Steve Anderson.

Kevin did however manage to get the attention of the police. They eventually went to his apartment complex and found a taxicab waiting for him. The only problem was that Kevin did not have the $26 to pay for the fare. He was trying to get to a friend’s house in town.

Kevin was arrested after being taken to the hospital because he told an officer that he had used methamphetamine, officer Anderson said. He remained in custody awaiting bond on charges of harassment and theft of service, according to the McLennan County Jail.

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2 Responses to “Man Calls 911 for a Taxi”

  1. Big Mac said

    We need mor chlorine in the gene pool. The problem is that this fool will probably breed!

  2. Ghost Frog said

    I know this guy. I’ve worked with his father for years. His mom spoiled him rotten and he’s got this huge sense of entitlement now. He’s also dumb as post. He’s never even held a job more then a week. He lives off his parents, which shows how screwed up they are also. He is gay however so hopefully he won’t pass his stupidity on to another generation.

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