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JetBlue Sued Over Toilet Seat

Posted by shadmia on May 20, 2008

Gokhan Mutlu, of Manhattan is suing the airline JetBlue for $2 million. He claims the pilot forced him to give up his seat and sit on the toilet seat in the bathroom for over three hours while on a flight from California to New York.

On Feb. 23 2008 Gokhan Mutlu was returning from San Diego to New York on a “buddy pass” ticket. This is a free voucher that JetBlue employees give to friends and family who are willing to fly on a stand-b y basis. Initially, Mutlu was told a flight attendant had taken the last available seat on the plane, but she had agreed to sit in the “jump seat” which is a seat reserved for JetBlue employees only. This meant that Mutlu could catch the flight and use the seat the flight attendant had given up.

About 90 mins into the 5 hour flight the pilot approached Mutlu and told him that the attendant was uncomfortable in the “jump seat” and he would have to relinquish his seat to her. He also told Mutlu that he could not use the “jump seat” because it was only for JetBlue employees. The pilot suggested that Mutlu “go hang out” in the bathroom.

When Mutlu objected to having to sit in the bathroom the pilot said:

“He was the pilot, that this was his plane, under his command that (Mutlu) should be grateful for being on board,”

When the aircraft hit turbulence passengers were directed to return to their seats and Gokhan Mutlu had no choice but to sit on the toilet seat, with no seat belts to use. It was hours later when a male attendant knocked on the toilet door and informed Mutlu that he could return to his original seat.

Mutlu’s lawsuit, filed in Manhattan’s State Supreme Court, says JetBlue negligently endangered him by not providing him with a seat with a safety belt or harness, in violation of federal law.


I would like to know if anyone tried to use the bathroom during the three hours Gokhan Mutlu was in there!!

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