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Teen Kills 4 Family Members

Posted by shadmia on April 27, 2008

Nathaniel Casey Dickson, 18 of Easley, S.C. was arrested on Saturday, April 26, 2008 around 8:30pm. He is accused of killing 4 of his family members earlier that day.

Dead are: His father, Samuel Andrew Dickson, 46; Samuel Dickson’s wife, Martiza Hurtado Dickson, also 46; her daughter, Melissa Jiliam Salazar, 19; and Taylor Alex Dickson, 14, son of Samuel Dickson and brother of the suspect. They all had lived in a tan and blue house at 153 Pine Lake Drive.

Nathaniel Dickson was arrested at a home in Belton about 20 miles from where the bodies of his family members were found. Anderson County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Susann Griffin said investigators have not determined a motive for the killings and declined to say if the teen was cooperating with the authorities, but Sheriff David Crenshaw is confident that they have the right person under arrest:

“We are not seeking any other suspect in this case nor do we feel anyone else is in danger” Crenshaw said.

Nathaniel also has an older brother and step-sister who both live outside their parents home.

It all began when someone called 911 to report that it seemed as if someone had fallen out of their car. The paramedics arrived around 9:30am to find the body Nathaniel’s father lying in the yard near the roadside. They called the police who entered the family home to find two dead women, one in a bed and the other in a chair. They also found the body of 14-year-old Taylor Dickson shot to death behind a clothes dryer where he was apparently trying to hide.

Nathaniel Dickson graduated from Wren High School last year and had moved out of the family home, but according to a neighbor, Melissa Funk, he had moved back just a few weeks ago. She said the teen played video games with her 16-year-old son and never appeared to cause any problems. Fred Gilbert, who has lived in the neighborhood for more than 20 years, said a man who lived at the shooting scene usually stayed in his yard. “He seemed like a guy that worked hard,” Gilbert said.

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One Response to “Teen Kills 4 Family Members”

  1. april said

    strange cuz i grew up with this guy. you think you know someone and then something like this happens.

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